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    The Error of Inclusion

    in Religion

    To paraphrase an old saying, "All that comes to you is not all that is for you."

    Among the difficult chores involved with living any chosen lifestyle is keeping those elements, that are inconsistent with that lifestyle, out. It is no different than tending a garden: those plants which grow most quickly and easily are not ones you seek to raise; they must be removed, continually, for your intended garden to thrive.

    Similarly, those who name the name of Christ need, not only to depart from iniquity, but also to identify that iniquity which must depart from them. They also must be able and willing to identify and reject that which easily comes to, but has no place with, them. Of course, this requires the dismissal of many fine-sounding ideas, and of the people adhered to them...

    Because it remains true, "Evil communication corrupts good manners."

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    #085 Kristi Vredeveld - My Backpack Tags School Dismissal System

    in Family

    The Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) Program is the largest school based father engagement program in the nation with nearly 4000 schools participating.

    Kristi, a mother of three young children, found that coordinating her children’s after-school activities was no small task and left a great deal of room for error. (Have you ever had your child on the bus while you are sitting in car line…? Then you race home trying to beat the bus! Or, how many times have you had to call the school office to relay a message to your child, or your child has called you during the school day?  Think about how disruptive that is to the teachers and your child?) With her homemade version of what was to become mybackpacktags, Kristi found the answer: Provide a child with the tools to be successful, and they will succeed! Every morning on the drive to school, Kristi and her children discuss their after-school plans. (Some days each child has a different plan!) Each child is responsible for changing his or her own tag and does so with confidence and pride. Kristi’s idea was so effective that teachers began recommending her idea and other families soon followed suit. Children were organized, prepared, and confident; Teachers were free of distractions about children’s after-school plans; and Parents went about their day knowing that their child would know where to go!
    Such a simple solution to a complex problem.

    Each week, WatchDOGS Radio host Keith Schumacher and co-host Chris Danenhauer discuss how this program is impacting families and schools across our nation and in three foreign countries.

    Please join our audience and call in with your questions and comments.

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    Sports Hawks

    in Sports

    Sports Hawks

    Will Hawkins, Brian Rojas, Tarek Brooks and guests discuss DC area sports at 7pm ET/4pm PT as follows...

    Devil's Advocate - Questions that will be debated by The Sports Hawks, callers & listeners.

    * Wizards Weekly:  Reviewing last week's results and what is coming up for the week ahead.

    * Capitals Weekly:  Reviewing last week's results and what is coming up for the week ahead.

    * Washington Nationals News:  Spring Training update

    * Redskins News:  Review all of the roster moves this week

    College Basketball Weekly:  Georgetown, Maryland, VCU & Virginia

    Other National Sports Headlines:

    * Kevin Durant out for the season after graft bone surgery

    * Derrick Rose feeling no pain or swelling in his knee and he is set to return soon

    * Federal Judge denies dismissal motion by NHL on concussion case

    * Justin Verlander believes that many pitching injuries are the results of teams being overly cautious with pitchers

    * NFL Free Agents & trade news

    * Randy Gregory fails drug test at NFL Combine

    * NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament update

    * Boxing on Showtime / Jhonny Gonzalez versus Gary Russell Jr / Kell Brook versus Ionut Dan Ion

    To listen to the show, go over to www.SportzAddix.com and click on the live radio player or to listen or be part of the show, simply dial 646-378-1303


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    2nd Chance for ex-offenders w/Vicki (Deferred Adjudications & Dismissals)-Pt 2

    in Radio

    Vicki's radio broadcast provides an open forum discussing support services and real issues for individuals who have been arrested, convicted or incarcerated and trying to re-establish themselves in society with housing, career, family, community and church.

    Vicki Hallman-Bowman, a native Dallas Texan who retired from TDCJ Parole after working 32 years in case management and executive leadership, is now the Program manager for Oasis Center, a 5013C non-profit organization where she coordinates the collaboration and communication with partners who provide reentry supervision, programming, and treatment for the formerly incarcerated, the disenfranchised, and the vulnerable persons in Dallas county and surrounding areas. Her additional responsibilities also include the supervision of the case managers and the oversight of the case management process to include all facets of programming provided to the clients and their families.

    She served as Regional Director for the Parole Division in the North Texas area. Her tenure in this capacity allowed for her to manage the development, implementation, and planning of all parole related functions in this area.  She has been the instrumental force in developing programs for the 22,000 parolees that reported in her area.  Programs that were gender based, cognitive restructuring, cultural based life skills, anger management and other influential curriculums that have provided impact and as result has received many recognitions throughout the country

    In July of 2014, the History Makers proudly announced that her documentary has now been made a permanent part of the History Makers Collection at the Library of Congress. 

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    in Religion


    The MASS is the SACRIFICE of the New Law in which Christ, through the ministry of the priest, offers Himself to God in an unbloody manner under the appearances of bread and wine. (a) The name MASS comes from the Latin word Missa meaning dismissal.

    "What is a sacrifice?"  The answer given is "A sacrifice is the offering of a victim by a priest to God alone, and the destruction of it in some way to knowledge that he is the creator of all things."  From the Baltimore catechism we can conclude that the mass is the offering of Christ by a priest.

    The word "mass" is derived from the Latin missa.

    "lump, quantity, size," late 14c., from Old French masse "lump, heap, pile; crowd, large amount; ingot, bar" (11c.), and directly from Latin massa "kneaded dough, lump, that which adheres together like dough," probably from Greek maza "barley cake, lump, mass, ball," related to massein "to knead," from PIE root *mag- "to knead" (cf. Lithuanian minkyti "to knead," see macerate.


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    Race, politics and basketball: The inside story behind Mark Jackson's dismissal

    in Basketball

    There were a number of issues in the wake of Mark Jackson's dismissal as coach of the Golden State Warriors, but below the surface was a conversation about racial dynamics that few were willing to have. Marcus Thompson, columnist for the San Jose Mercury News, wrote a nuanced column about the subject and we're happy to have him on the Drive & Kick to continue the conversation.

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    NFL news; NBA news; College hoops news; LeBron's world#

    in Sports

    NFL news

    Adrian Peterson reinstated
    Death threats to a Packer
    Big name releases

    NBA news

    Another injury to Rose
    Where's the Heat?
    Spurs getting beat down

    College hoops news

    dismissal of Louisville guard
    30 points in 4:38 and still loses?

    LeBron's world

    after Eastern Conference finals (cramps in game 1 and beatdown)
    move back to Cleveland
    recruitment of son?



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    Flavor of the Week 02/26/15

    in Sports

    Major & ALL-CAPS-MAX provide a colorful & insightful retrospective on all the yummiest morsels fit for your ears to feast on from the week that was & is in sports. On deck for this edition the guys will be joined by special guest Erik Martin formerly of Fox Sports as he will assist in choppping up the double-dip of LA's new stadium plans, the insufferable act of recruiting too young, former Louisville guard Chris Jones' recent dismissal, the art of court-storming and the myriad of NBA studs that have suddenly caught the injury bug. Broadcasting LIVE at midnight EST, portions from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA & more - subscribe on iTunes, download & stream or dial in & bring your bib - 917-889-9592!

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    Real World Politics - "Black in Blue": The Thin Blue Line of Racism

    in Politics

    The Real World Politics team is honored to sit down for an in-depth interview with special guest, retired LAPD Police Sargent Cheryl Dorsey. 

    Ms. Dorsey served honorably with the LAPD for twenty-years and is now a highly sought public speaker, author and police expert on important national headlines, regarding abuse under the color of authority. Cheryl Dorsey is the author of her critically acclaimed autobiography, “The Creation of a Manifesto, Black & Blue”, which is available on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00RVDRNRW).

    Also joining the conversation the team welcomes Ms. Cariol Holloman-Horne. Ms. Horne will discuss her dismissal from the Buffalo Police Department following her intervention in a fellow police officer's assault of a handcuffed suspect. 

    Join the discussion on Tuesday, February 3, 2015, at 5:00pm PST/ 7:00pm CST/ 8:00pm EST.

    To listen and comment by phone, dial (646)200-3148.  Or listen live from your computer at : http://www.hottopicstalkradio.com/real-world-politics.html or from BlogTalkRadio and join the chatroom conversation.

    *The Hot Topics Talk Radio Network is the parent company of Real World Politics, and is sponsored by Shades of Afrika (Corona, CA & Long Beach, CA)

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    in Education


          ANO-THOR DEBT SHOW RADIO BROADCAST. Our Spirited Lion of Judah Brother Sharif' will lead us out this Babylonian Jungle of Debt with Illumination in the form of Education, Entertainment, Mind Preparedness, Self Esteem Building and Awareness.

         Todays show will focus on recent news regarding Foreclosure, Credit an debt Collection, Economic Empowerment, Civics, Money, Consumer Law, and General News. Our Members and Listeners will provide Questions, Updates and Testimonials, Successes and Failures. We are also discuss our upcoming Private Webinar Class this Saturday February 7, 2015.

         Our Master Teacher will also share will the audience a very interesting exchange with a Debt Collector, Debt Collector Attorney representing the Debt Collector and the Court over a Notice of Deposition whereby a Deposition is demanded of a Consumer Plaintiff prior to the Debt Collector Validating the Debt and or providing Evidence of the Debt. Is this going to be allowed???? Well .............that type of request is ANO-THOR ridiculous demand from a third party nobody.....!! Stay Tuned..THOR HAMMER is LOCKED and LOADED!!

           Udpated on Tiffany Student Loan Case, the Debt Collectors are angry and has put Head right within striking distance of the "THOR Hammer". Plus new THOR student Khalif is on Foreclosure Dismissal number 6 in New York and still rolling, what is hge doing.

    Disclaimer: We are not attorneys are do not give legal advice in any manner. THOR is a Private Membership Association. To become a member email us at debtshow@yahoo.co


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    Mike on the Mic: Episode 2 - NBA All-Star Game reserves, Marshawn Lynch and more

    in Sports

    On Saturday's episode, Mike will talk about the NBA All-Star Game reserve announcements, including the snubs, Super Bowl XLIX and Marshawn Lynch finally addressing the media, Tiger Woods' return to the course, the Australian Open finals, Jayson Werth's reckless driving charge, Rasheed Sulaimon's dismissal from Duke

    Tune in!