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  • Ask Dr. Applewhite about Discrimination and Disability

    in Education

    The term discrimination is too often associated with racism versus disability. In addition, racism and discrimination are frequently related in the U.S. media to the victimization of African-Americans and other Non-White groups by White Americans. As a result, many Disabled Veterans and African-American students with mental/learning or physical disabilities are often overlooked as they face discrimination and the challenges of higher education and workforce success. Dr. Applewhite is joined by Special Guest Professor Kelmer Muhammad (Educator, Entrepreneur, Author) to discuss discrimination and realistic solutions. Mitch Caviness leads Vet2Vet talk with comments and news updates for Student Veterans. Visit whiteappleinstitute.org and click on Radio to donate and listen to archived episodes.This episode is a rerun previously aired in 2013.

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    Social Injustice or Just Racism

    in Current Events

    Prejudice, discrimination, and antagonism directed against someone of a darker skin color based on the belief that one's own race is superior has dominated the behavior of many Americans in the United States. Despite discrediting most of scientific efforts to elevate one race over another by people of European descent, small numbers of social scientists continue throughout the 21th century to argue the inborn shortcomings of certain races, especially Black people.  

    Recent news headliners have uncovered smothering hatred that “everyday” White Americans have for non-White Americans living in the United States. While talking to her family on November 4th at an Applebee’s restaurant, a Black American (immigrant from Africa) woman was attacked by a White American woman who smashed a beer mug into her face cutting her lip and nose badly. The White American objected to the Black woman speaking a language which was not English. Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, advocates building a wall along the United States borders to block Mexicans from crossing into America.

    There is a breakdown in trust between prominent Black community leaders such as ministers, athletic coaches and some parents and young Black Americans. The "twenty-somethings" are showing an awakening and a desire to confront the established racial practices in the United States of America. Recently,students at Yale University demanded recognition of disparities within that “austere” institution and "on-mass" addressed the newly appointed Black American Dean. Black American football players at Missouri University threat of a game boycott because of administration inertia about on-campus incidents of  racial slurs hurled at black students and feces smeared into the shape of a swastika on a wall in a residence hall resulted in an official's resignation. 

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    Reasons Why Racism Won't End

    in Motivation

    In this episode we will expains why we think that racism won't win in America. But we will also offer ways that we can help end racism. 

  • Racism On College Campuses: U. of Missouri And Other White College Racism

    in Politics

    On this episode of Field Afrikan Radio we will discuss the events surrounding the boycotts and protest that are happening on the campus of Missouri. Missouri's president and chancellor quit but is that a victory for the Black students who attend college there? We will discuss Mizzou specifically but we also discuss the culture of racism that exist on all college campuses in the USA especially when European Americans are the majority on those campuses. Mizzou isn't an isolated incident nor does it location have anything to do with the culture of racism White supremacy that exist on all college campuses. What are the solutions to combatting these European campus devils? Join us.

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    Is there a such thing as, Reverse Racism?

    in Education

    With the racial tension being what it is today, it has me thinking about racism, and whether or not reverse racism exist. I often hear caucasians use this term when describing "angry/outspoken blacks. Conversely, I've heard blacks say that it's impossible for blacks to be racist? How do you define a racist?

    Let's talk about it on Darryel's Daily Dialogue, "where positive words, manifest positive action."

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    "Power of Enlightenism to Overcome Spiritual Racism: (Part 2)"

    in Spirituality

    The Enlightenism light continues to shine brightly on this hot button discussion on Spiritual Racism. Join Malcolm as he continues to shine light on the darkness of racism and its corollary affects on your spiritual development. #ourpowerlieswithin

    Malcolm Kelly: Power of Mind Radio - "Power of Enlightenism to Overcome Spiritual Racism: (Part 2)"  | Tuesday, November 17, 2015 | 12:00pm PST/3:00pm EST | Listen Online:http://tobtr.com/8076101 | Call-In: (773) 897-6543 

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    Is Discrimination and Racism Ruining Your Life?

    in Motivation

    Have we really overcome racism and slavery?  What if America - the land of the free - is really the land of the slave?  How are we allowing our modern day slavery to continue in religion, education and government?  Join us for emancipation conversations.

    Our website is still under construction.  Jyude can be reached at www.jyudeallbright.com and Kika at ikak@juno.com.

  • The New Face of Racism in America

    in Culture

    This week we take a look at a subject that is difficult, but necessary to discuss - racism in America.  Have race relations improved since the Civil Rights Era?  Or have we just made ourselves believe that things are better because we have the first African American president?  Do we go overboard in "pulling the race card" or is it necessary?  (Rescheduled from a previous date)

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    in Culture

    Today we are going to be speaking about racism and discrimination not only among the Indigeneous race but also among all races.  This is not an Indian issue it is a human issue. No matter what race is affected by this horible issue, it needs to be stopped. We need to stop fighting against each other and begin to stand together to stop this issue in our communities.
    Join Hawk, Leonard, and George as they address some of the recent racism issues throughout Indian Country. Please feel free to call in and address these issues in your own community. The call in number is 858-777-5905
    What do you think can be done and should be done to stop this horrendous crime spree that seems to be spreading in all aspects of our lives today.
    Times: 5:30 ET; 4:30 CT; 3:30 MT; 2:30 PT.
    The views and opinions of the guests do not necessarily reflect those of Unification Of The People Radio.

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    Epigenetics of Ferguson and Structural Racism

    in Self Help

    After Michael Brown was a shot and killed by police officer, Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, the Economic Policy Institute on October 15, 2014 came out with a 40+ page report authored , Richard Rothstein entitled, THE MAKING OF FERGUSON: Public Policies at the Root of its Troubles.

    Rothstein written extensively about how poverty affects education and has spent years studying the evolution of residential segregation nationwide. He is a research associate of the Economic Policy Institute and senior fellow of the Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Law and Social Policy at the University of California Berkeley.

    Watch the Epigenetics of Poverty, Racism and Slavery:

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    #RacismIsntFunny Update and Deport Racism Joins Us (EXPLICIT)

    in News

    Earlier this week Deport Racism released a video that went viral and left many people on our Facebook page with mixed emotions. Luke Montgomery, a social media marketing activist and member of Deport Racism, will be joining us to discuss the group's motivation behind the video.

    Later, Juan Escalante gives us an update on the #RacismIsntFunny campaign.

    WARNING: In the first part of the show, our guest uses explicit language.