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    Love And Hip Hop New York Cisco Rosado & Beyonce Mrs Carter Dancer Miss Ksyn

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    Love And Hip Hop New York Cisco Rosado & Beyonce Mrs Carter Dancer Miss Ksyn are todays guest on Have A Seat Talk Show. 

     If you haven't been watching season 5 of Love And Hip Hop New York then you are missing out on the drama with the new cast. Cisco Rosado is caught up in a 2 year love affair with Darryl Strawberry's daughter Diamond and things get pretty ugly when she moves from LA to New York to be with him. Cisco discovers she has been keeping a secret of having a six year old daughter from his for two years. The thing is Cisco failed to tell Diamond about his 6 month old son with his first baby momma. 

    Miss Ksyn is one of Beyonce's hottest dancers and she has been on traveling the world with the pop star on the Mrs. Carter and On The Run Tour. She has worked with some of the industries best like Pharrell and more. She is also an actress, model and blogger. 

    Be sure to tune in because as usual it's going to be a great show. 

    Welcome to Shadeville! 

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    The Vampire Diaries - "Woke Up With A Monster" - On Air Recap - 6.11

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    Join The Vampire Diaries hosts every Saturday as they discuss the highlights of the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries - E-mail your thoughts on the episode and the host will read them on air. Join the LIVE chat-room while the LIVE Review show is airing, Saturdays at 2pm EST.

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    Summary: More powerful than ever, Kai holds Elena captive while he learns to control his newly acquired magic. At the Salvatore mansion, Liv and Alaric try to prepare Jo for the impending merge ceremony with Kai, but they quickly realize Jo is weaker than they thought. After bringing Sheriff Forbes home from the hospital, Caroline travels with Stefan to North Carolina in search of a cure for her mother’s cancer. Meanwhile, Stefan, who has his own intentions for traveling to North Carolina, is caught off guard when Enzo shows up demanding to know what Stefan is hiding. Lastly, when Damon discovers Elena has been kidnapped by Kai, he is forced to rethink his strategy after an unexpected visitor throws a wrench into his plan.

    Variety Radio Online – bringing you all things entertainment including news, reviews and interviews. Check out our website, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. 

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    Gotham Talk Podcast Show #12 - "What the Little Bird Told Him Ep. 12 Season 1

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    Jack Gruber and Aaron Helzinger escape from Arkham Asylum and are on a rampage through Gotham. James Gordon promises the Commissioner he will arrest Gruber within 24 hours and he is reinstated as a detective for that time. Edward Nygma tells Gordon and Bullock that Jack Gruber is an alias of Jack Buchinsky, a former bank robber for the mafia who was betrayed by Salvatore Maroni. Fish Mooney makes her move against Falcone and "abducts" Liza. Gordon and Bullock put Maroni under protective custody to use as bait to attract Buchinsky to the police station. Falcone discovers that Mooney is behind Liza's abduction, and is offered a deal. Falcone is to sign his crime family over to Mooney's gang in exchange for the opportunity for him and Liza to leave for Italy. Buchinsky attacks the police station in search of Maroni. Gordon, protected by rubber boots provided by Nygma, is immune to the initial attack and thwarts Buchinsky's bomb. Before Falcone goes through with the deal, Cobblepot informs him that Liza was always working for Mooney. Falcone confronts Mooney and Liza at the former's club, and strangles Liza to death. Victor Zsaz and several mercenaries working for Falcone then take both Mooney and Butch Gilzean prisoner, while the Don gives Cobblepot a chance to mock his former boss, as he has inherited her nightclub as well as what is left of her gang. For living up to his end of the deal, Gordon is reinstated as a detective.

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    THE FLASH TALK Podcast Episode 10 - S1 Ep 10 REVENGE OF THE ROGUES

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    As Barry works on improving his speed through various training exercises, Leonard Snart returns to Central City with the freeze gun and a new partner, Mick Rory, to set a trap for the Flash. Barry discovers his plan, and agrees with Dr. Wells to not engage Snart in the hope that he goes away and no one gets hurt like the last time. When the Flash fails to show, Snart and Rory, who now has a gun that can emit absolute hot temperatures, kidnap Caitlin to force Barry out of hiding. Cisco and Barry realize that if they can get Snart and Rory to cross the streams of their respective weapons it will cancel out the effects. The Flash meets Snart and Rory in the middle of a city for a showdown, exposing himself to the media. After multiple failed attempts, Barry eventually gets them to cross the streams with Eddie's help, successfully damaging the weapons and disabling the criminal pair. While in transport to Iron Heights Prison, Snart and Rory are broken out by Snart's sister. Meanwhile, Caitlin investigates the cause of Ronnie's transformation.

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    RePLAY: Meet Kareesh Forreal An Indie Artist Industry Leader

    in Lifestyle

    Blazing out of the Carolinas, (yet having the opportunity to experience international and city flare of New York City –as a second home), this exotic beauty was born with a fire in her breast that fuels her passionate drive to excel.  Embodying the spirit of a true artist, this fearless muse began theater arts training while in high school, in addition to writing and directing several plays & concert productions at various local churches, she soon discovered that she could sing every not on the piano w/more octaves than she knew to do with; and the power, precision & passion to back it all up!  Having both broke & set regional records in various events at the Junior Olympics & Division I in Track & Field competitions that found the natural born athlete in her element. Combining her love for adventure, proven athletic abilities and the dynamically sculpted feline physic it has afforded her, this onetime church soloist has rightfully opted to pursue a career in the arts.

    Certified Entertainment discovers and launches the careers of new Artists. Our philosophy is not only to shape, distribute, and sell a music product, but to help Artists create careers that can last a lifetime. Certified Entertainment does not just follow trends, we have developed a long-term, flexible approach to the music industry. We only accept leaders with a knack for creativity and provide high quality songs for our listeners’ pleasure. 

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    Interview with Erin Kerr Rooks for In Between Dreams

    in Books

    In Hong Kong, four friends are on a secret mission to retrieve a hostage named Mei from a dangerous triad. Halene is the leader, the creative mastermind. Daniel is the logical one and the client convincer. Sam is the translator. And last but not least, there’s Bailey, the comforter, who calms clients amid intense situations.

    After escaping with Mei, Sam and Bailey are left to watch over her while Halene and Daniel set the rest of their removal plan in motion. But a gunman discovers them and shoots Bailey in the shoulder…

    Bailey shudders, blinks, swallows—and wakes up. No gunshot wound, no Sam or Mei, no Hong Kong. Just another vivid dream.

    Suffering from an undiagnosed sleeping disorder, every month or so, Bailey falls asleep for days at a time, experiencing what are referred to as “sleep attacks.” During these episodes, she always finds herself on dangerous missions with the same three people—though she’s never seen any of them or done any of these things in real life.

    Soon after the shocking end to her last sleep attack, both her dream life and her real life take an astonishing turn…

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    In Faith Network Radio Presents: Rhonda McKnight

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    Join me Thursday, January 15th at 6pm EST for the first In Faith Network show in 2015!  My guest will be Award winning, and Bestselling author, Rhonda McKnight!  A Christian Fiction author, Rhonda belives in writing books that touch the heart of women, one story at a time.  Her latest novel, Unbreak My Heart, is Volume 2 in the Second Chances, Series.  With hearts broken, and words unspoken...Can Cameron and Gray find their way back to each other?

    Book Blurb:

    Cameron Scott’s reality T.V. show career is spiraling into an abyss. She’s desperate enough to do almost anything to keep a roof over her head and provide the financial support that’s needed for her daughter and ailing grandmother. When her estranged husband, Jacob Gray, reenters her life offering a lifeline she realizes she still loves him. Cameron has kept a painful secret that continues to be at the root of the unspoken words between them. She’s a woman of great faith, but regaining trust requires telling all and healing old wounds that she believes would destroy any chance for happiness they could have. Jacob Gray believed he’d spend the rest of his life loving his wife, that is until he discovered she was pregnant and there was no way it could be his child. He tried to put Cameron out of his mind and heart, but five years have passed and he still loves her. Jacob risks everything, including his fortune, in hopes of getting a second chance at love. Though he quickly discovers Cameron’s not interested in rekindling what they had years ago. Will Jacob convince her to forgive the mistakes in their past and allow each other to heal their broken hearts?


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    WithInsightsRadio.com Presents Rebecca Riley with Iggy Garcia. Air Date 4/23/12

    in Spirituality

    Show Aired on 4/23/12

    WithInsightsRadio.com…  welcomes to the show Rebecca Riley from Thirty by Thirty... 365 Days. 30 places of worship.  One Chance to Find Faith...

    What happens when a nice, committed Evangelical gal discovers her religion doesn’t fit…and ditches God and faith? When the same girl leaves the church, never to return, yet wakes up nearly a decade later to the impossible: a yearning for a faith she can believe in? What happens when, at twenty-nine, she adds a full-fledge spiritual search to her already full-time life?

    Welcome to Thirty by Thirty, my Interfaith Experiment. In 365 Days and 30 Places of Worship, I’m hoping for one chance to find my own faith.I’m proof you don’t have to abandon your job, leave your family, or wander the world looking for spiritual peace. Most weeks I “travel” to a new region of religion with its own costumes, music and customs, but I rarely drive more than an hour from my home in the Midwest. It’s spiritual pilgrimage… on the cheap!

    For more info on Rebecca Riley visit: www.thirtybythirty.com

    For more info on Iggy visit: www.IggyGarcia.com

    USC TITLE 42 CHAPTER 21B § 2000BB–1

    USC TITLE 42 CHAPTER 21C § 2000CC

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    First Contact Radio 1/12/15

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    First Contact Radio 1/12/15 Show #1293 hosted by Joshua Poet


    FREE Astrological Chart Wheel

    Jewish Calendar

    Moon Phase


    This Week’s Sky at a Glance, January 9 – 17

    UFO News
    A Family In Australia Discovers UFO Near International Space Station

    Black and Purple UFO Flies Across Simi Valley, California

    UFO Filmed Over Mountain Peak in Switzerland

    Contractor See Saucer Shaped UFO - UK

    Multiple UFO sightings above Gualeguaychú, Argentina on 5th January 2015

    UFOs Flying Over Capital Hill During Live FOX News Report.

    UFO over Popocatepetl Volcano what are monitoring and guarding, January 2015

    NASA Claims The Mars Rover Has Amnesia...forgetting all the days data, Jan 2015

    A Recent Impact in Elysium Planitia

    Possible Reasons Why Aliens Visit Earth For Many Decades

    Daily Stories
    Book of Daniel Summary

    The Book of Daniel

    10 Dynamic Ways To Communicate With Your Guardian Angel

    The Angels January-10-2015

    Warrior of the Light

    FREE Meditation Music "Reflections"

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    American Daily Review: Terror In Paris, Cowardice In America

    in Politics Conservative

    Is Barack Obama really "stumped" on why the Castros are already double-crossing him?; Record numbers of earthquakes in Texas, Oklahoma, and the New Madrid Seismic Zone - can the next Midwest "big one" be far off?; The tragic travails of being in the wrong politicocultural "tribe"; The Obama Regime targets David Petraeus; Would you believe it's warmer on Mars than in most of the U.S. right now?; Obama's race war drives huge December gun sales; Senator Barbara Boxer gives up the political ghost; Illegal alien driver’s license (and voter registration) law takes effect in California, and they're picking up the tab for illegas' car insurance as well; Headline blast from the past: "Bill Clinton regularly attended pedofilic pal's orgies" - and Hillary is pissed; While fake economic indicators grow ever rosier, Obamaconomy continues to crumble; Obama’s royal proclamation announces "free" community college for all; Tea Party incompetence hands John Boehner another term as House Speaker; Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell discovers how to play the PR game; and a week of terror in France, and dhimmism in the U.S.

  • First Contact Radio 1/2/15

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    First Contact Radio 1/2/15 Show #1288 hosted by Joshua Poet


    Jewish Calendar

    Introduction to the Jewish Calendar

    Moon Phase


    This Week’s Sky at a Glance, Dec. 26 – Jan. 3

    UFO News
    Glowing UFO sighting recorded above Iquique, Chile on 31st December 2014

    Escape Pod Shoots Out Of UFO Explosion Over Brazil, Dec 28, 2014

    Kepler’s New Mission Discovers First Alien Planet Called The Super Earth

    Two Photographs Show A Horseshoe-Shaped UFO


    Daily Stories
    Massive 5,000-year-old underground city uncovered in Cappadocia, Turkey

    Archaeologists Have Unearthed a 6,000-Year-Old Mega-Temple Built by a Matriarchal Society

    jesus parables - Matthew 25:31-46 The Sheep and the Goats

    Why Raising Your Energy Vibration Is So Important

    SaLuSa January-02-2015

    Agape week of December 28, 2014

    the Warrior of Light

    Louise Hay Affirmations

    FREE Meditation Music "Reflections"

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