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    Fighting Discouragement

    in Religion

    We all do struggle with discouragement. What is it that gets us down and how are we planning on overcoming it in the new year. Do we have a strategy in place? Irene Thuku,Faith Muchiri,Miriam Musau and Charity Maina will give us tips on dealing with discouragement.

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    Destroying Discouragement

    in Religion

    What is discouragement - REALLY? And why does it come? How can we handle it?

    These are things every Christian needs to know!


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    Discouragement and Defeated

    in Christianity

    "Discouragement in the Life of a Christian" by Pastor Russell Long

    Discouragment in the live of Christian cause them the find themselve unfaithful to comments, and even at the point to totally giving up.  In this sermon you will see how God encourgages thoses who are faith to him.

    Music: "I Belong to You" by William McDowell


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    Dealing With Discouragement with Guest Lady Sagacity

    in Religion

    A stale marriage. A chronic health condition. A prolonged period of unemployment. Discouragement sets in when you start to feel a sense of hopelessness about your future - when it seems like the troubling circumstances you're going through won't ever improve. But if you look beyond your circumstances to God, you'll discover the real hope and better future that He promises you

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    in Religion

    DISCOURAGEMENT is one of Satan's trap to keep God's people from reaching what he has for them.
    But you have the key to walk through the door of discouragment in victory!
    Tune in and be blessed!
    1 Samuel 30:1-19

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    Overcoming The Spirit of Discouragement & Heaviness

    in Christianity

    Daily dissatisfactions will threaten to consume our emotional resources and deflect our attention away from God. We choose whether to walk in peace, joy or any other Christ-like attribute. Circumstances do not control us; Christ does. We never have to be the victim of our feelings or sabotaged by our emotions. It’s our choice whether to look to God, listen, learn, and move ahead. When we do……the wounded, dejected places in our heart and the scars of old dissatisfactions will melt away. The Lord has such great plans for us with more blessings than we can ever imagine. Let go of dissatisfactions and the anxiety of hoping and trusting again. God holds our future in His hands. Sometimes He allows dissatisfactions to occur so that we will learn to rely on Him even the more. Most of all learning… “to walk by faith and not by sight.” I heard it best said this way, “WHILE DISAPPOINTMENTS ARE INEVITABLE, DISCOURAGEMENT IS A CHOICE.”

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    #ALWeekly - 4 Steps to Conquer Discouragement/A Recent Failure

    in Self Help

    Discouragement is a disease unique to human beings, and it's universal -- eventually everyone gets it, including those in ministry. I have no doubt you've experienced discouragement at times, maybe many times. You might even be discouraged at this very moment.

    Do you know how often I have wanted to quit being pastor of Saddleback Church? Every Monday morning! So here's what I've learned about battling discouragement:


    #1 Cause - FATIGUE

    #2 Cause - FRUSTRATION

    #3 Cause - FAILURE

    #4 Cause - FEAR


    There's a fascinating story in the Bible about how a guy named Nehemiah mobilized the residents of Jerusalem to build a wall around the entire city. Half way through the project, the citizens became discouraged and wanted to give up -- because of the FOUR causes I've given.

    Here's what Nehemiah taught about defeating discouragement (Nehemiah 4):


    If you need a break -- take one! You'll be more effective when you return to work. If you're burning the candle at both ends, you're not as bright as you think!


    Discouragement doesn't necessarily mean you are doing the wrong thing. It may just be that you are doing the right thing in the wrong way. Try a new approach. Shake things up a little.


    Just ask Him. He can give you new energy. Theres incredible motivating power in faith.


    Fight back! Discouragement is a choice. If you feel discouraged, it's because youve chosen to feel that way. No one is forcing you to feel bad. Hang on! Do what's right in spite of your feelings. No feeling lasts forever.

  • Series 1- ''The Heart Of Nehemiah '' Rising Above Discouragement''

    in Religion

    Scriptures: Nehemiah (book); Joshua 1:6-8; Romans 8:35-39

    We invite you to join us every Tuesday and Thursday for the teaching of God's Word. Join us @ 10:00 Am Est.  call in and listen @ 347-237-5593 or join us on the web @ www.blogtalkradio.com/in-his-presence-ministrywe

    May God bless you as you take time out  to share in His Word!

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    Tackling the Spirit of Discouragement with Apostle Ivory Hopkins

    in Religion

    Why do we get discouraged? What keeps us in the place of discouragement? What tools does God make available to us in order to overcome in this area? This week on Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval we get into it with our special guest Apostle Ivory Hopkins. Known as the General of Deliverance, he brings a balanced perspective to the subjects of healing and deliverance with great authority. If you have been struggling with discouragement, this is a program you must hear!

    Apostle Hopkins is the Founder of Pilgrims' Ministry of Deliverance, Inc., Georgetown, DE, which he and his wife, Evelyn, founded in 1983.  Since that time, the church has become one of the largest, fastest growing churches in the area. He travels extensively all across the country and has written several manuals and books that have gone around the world. You can visit his website at www.pilgrimsministry.com

    Be sure to visit us at www.bridemovement.com!

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    Rising From The Pit Of Discouragement

    in Christianity

    Discouragement is something that most if not all of us will encounter at some point in our journey towards Christ. You know some of those feelings of despair, loss, sadness and emptiness that occurs, and you just can't seem to shake it off. But God's word has encouraging news for each of us who find ourselves in a deep spiral of depression, and seek to have freedom. The truth is His power is great enough to break the chains of discouragement and also tells us we don't have to own it or stay in it.  So what is causing you to despair, even of life? What lies is the enemy trying to trick you into believing? Perhaps your own sin is simply breaking you down. Join me as we tackle this difficult subject head on.

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    Episode 1793 - Winning the War against Discouragement - Idemudia Guobadia

    in Spirituality

    Episode 1793 - Winning the War against Discouragement 
    Recorded LIVE 9-9-2014 on Omega Man Radio

    Pastor Idemudia Guobadia 
    Overcomer's in Christ Faith Assembly - Brooklyn, New York

    Website is: www.overcomersinchrist.us/
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