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    Faith Walk with Joyce White

    in Self Help

    Join me on Faith Walk with Joyce White Tuesday Apr. 28th from 7:30 - 8:30 pm EST.  This week's topic is entitled Live Your Faith Now.  Starting off the show will be Faith in the Workplace Minute with Miss Phyllis Wallace and special guest Marvin Chambers Principal & Leadership Coach will be sharing a strategy for those who may be experiencing job discontentment and want to change jobs. Next Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ Chad Nedland will be sharing with us his Christian site entitled Live Your Faith Now.  When we draw near to God, our minds are refreshed and our strength is renewed.  Log onto faiHYPERLINK "http://www.faithwalkwithjoyce.com/"tHYPERLINK "http://www.faithwalkwithjoyce.com/"hwalkwithjoyce.com or call 347-237-4648.

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    Exiting Spiritual Discontentment Through God's Power

    in Spirituality

    This episode of Pneumatikos will explore how spiritual discontentment is overcome by the intrinsic power of God's Spirit.  The creative power of the Spirit of God can make all things new in the heart of the one with the "hard" or "bitter" soul.  The Holy Spirit of God working through the Iesous is the only and mandated power in the Cure Of Souls.

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    Christian Submission and Civil Disobedience: Why the Two are Incompatable

    in Religion

    Episode #20150207

    On this edition of Cross Encounters Radio:

    1. Picking up where they left off, Tony and the guys will talk about Russell Moore's recent statement regarding the Latter-Day Saints' decision to soften its stance regarding same-sex unions and the associated governmental protections.

    2. Justin Edwards recently wrote a blog article titled: "Christian Submission vs. Belligerent Discontentment before Civil Authorities."

    3. Tony will talk about his recent blog article titled: "American Evangelicalism: Where Bad Things Happen."

    4. Chris and Rich present Tony with another scenario in the "Always Ready" segment.

    5. And the guys will announce the winner of.....a "Give Tony's Friend an Avenger Name" contest?

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    in Christianity

    This message will challenge you to live the Word that you are taught...Sunday after Sunday. Please understand that your traditions make the Word of no effect in the Church and outside the church as well. You have been around that mountain too many times. Are you ready to stop living a double life and truly experience the power of God? Yes! Well, you are in for a spiritual awakening that will ground you in faith and allow you to experience the fullness of God in every area of your life. No more will you be bound by depression, discontentment or confusion but the revelation of God's Word will ignite your thinking to be extraordinary. Journey with me through the scriptures to the passage way to freedom!

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    Ep. 4~When Life Hurricane Hits, Perseverance & Tenacity Will Set You Free!

    in Women

    Are you familiar with this scenario? Are you frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed out, stuck and want out of a job, or a toxic relationship? Are you desperately seeking how to balance your life and live a well fulfilled one?
    "I've worked some rough jobs and faced many obstacles and at times, different health afflictions, but I press on. I've known struggle on all levels, yet I've learned how to be thankful for everything I have. I'm a balancing act and a woman of perseverance and tenacity. I've been the woman that knows what it's like to balance 3-4 jobs all to keep food on the table and to pay the bills" ~~ Holly Tong

    Wait till you hear her story:
    When Life Hurrican occurs, perseverance & tenacity are key ingredients for thriving and surviving! This week, the Southern Warrior Sisters talk with Author~ Holly Tong about her childhood challenges as the most shy girl in the class. Holly Tong  represents the independent woman who has overcome struggle and learned how to thrive no matter what her relationship status or even her overall circumstances are.

    She recently released a humorous dating book called "Chick Flicks Lie" (Sugar-free Accounts of a Positive Pessimist), which is a light-hearted look at what goes on in the life of a single person today.
    In her own words, "I moved to Nashville when I was 20 because of songwriting dreams, but the Lord has had many other plans for me. I've rerouted and had to take many detours along the way..."
    Grab your coffee/tea!

    Join the Tribe with Questions/ Discussions at: January 24th, 2015 at (SATURDAY) 9 AM CST/ 10 AM ET ~ https://www.facebook.com/groups/warriorsistertribe/

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    Rebecca Hanson - Discontentment into Contentment!

    in Spirituality

    Join Rebecca Hanson, Founder of the Law of Attraction Training Center and Marlo Nikkila, a graduate, as they discuss the symptoms of Discontentment and how to transform them into Contentment.  This CONTENT-RICH, love-driven Radio Show will take you to a new depth of understanding the connection between your emotions and the Law of Attraction.

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    Adult Children of Alcoholics--Using Our Pain As A Way To Understand Our Healing

    in Self Help

    In this episode Lisa A. Romano, Certified ACoA Life Coach, Mentor and Author helps we wounded Adult Children from dysfunctional homes understand how we can use pain to help us transcend our wounds and how by 'reframing' how we experience our pain can also speed along our total recovery.

    If you have been lost, hang in there as Lisa explains the purpose of pain and how we can learn to appreciate duality in our lives.

    As Lisa explains, there can be no understanding of light without some understanding of darkness. There can be no integration without understanding ideas of separation.  There can be no experience of contentment without some experience of discontentment. It is our hope that by listening to this recording as well as many of Lisa's others, that your ideas about self, your past, healing, and about recovery will help you reframe your perceptions about pain for the purpose of healing completely.



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    B. Berry and "Clothesline Blues"

    in Books

    Mary E., and her team welcome B. Berry to ArtSees Diner Radio, Author's Corner. Berry is celebrating the release of an outstanding new release, "Clothesline Blues."

    In addition to CLOTHESLINE BLUES, B. Berry has written two murder mysteries, using Boston, Massachusetts as the backdrop. COLD CRAZY is a story of a young beautiful nurse who has been brutally and senselessly murdered. COLD SERIAL is about a serial killer who is terrorizing young women.
    Although B. Berry prefers to write about murder, her first book, EVEN NUMBERS is a story of a young girl who was molested by her father and then ultimately raised by him. She would like to keep the subject of child molestation and child rape in the forefront of our minds.

    "Bloody Sunday was an event in history that rocked the world as black people fought for the right to vote in America on the fringes of the Jim Crow Era. Hilda and Frank lived together in a small New England town. The couple had been relatively happy for many years, but when Frank’s discontentment caused him to become mean and abusive, Hilda knew it was time to make a major change in her life. She yielded to the advances of a younger man who was head of a chapter of the Black Movement Coalition..."

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    WWIAAL DJ Gatsby Interviews Author B. Berry "Clothesline Blues"

    in Entertainment

    B. Berry has created some amazing characters in Clothesline Blues. They display the emotions 
    we have all felt from time to time; love, passion, hate. The sisterhood that is shown between 
    neighbors Hilda and Pearl is deeply human, respectful, trusting and something we all want in our lives. Ms. Berry's backdrop of the turbulent sixties comes to the forefront of the page time and again, enriching the humanity of those who lived through it, while opening the eyes of a new generation to what really occurred during the civil rights era. This novel is one that should be required reading in schools and is destined for the best-sellers list. 

    Bloody Sunday was an event in history that rocked the world as black people fought for the 
    right to vote in America on the fringes of the Jim Crow Era. Hilda and Frank lived together in a small New England town. The couple had been relatively happy for many years, but when Frank’s discontentment caused him to become mean and abusive, Hilda knew it was time to make a major change in her life. She yielded to the advances of a younger man who was head of a chapter of the Black Movement Coalition. Hilda was determined to be with him and after many sleepless nights, she came up with a solution – she would get rid of Frank. She enlisted the help of Pearl, her best friend and neighbor. Although Pearl battled her own demons, she vowed to stick by her friend…no matter what. Bonded by secrets, lies and murder, it’s hard to imagine two women will find the peace and happiness they so desperately seek...or is it? 


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    How to Cope with the Slippery Slope of Discontentment

    in Relationships

    In this broadcast of "I Do Me Too", Dr. Aaron and Dr. Margaret  Jamal will address the dangers of "DISCONTENTMENT" in relationships.  This talk show for couples will feature role plays, (acted by Candra Chavda and Keith Brady) as well as discussion about the causes, symptoms and possible solutions to address poor communications in couples’ relationships.  Be ready to learn, grow, share, and have fun with The Jamals.

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    Do Some Men Secretly Despise/Dislike Women's Habits and Ways?

    in Relationships

    It is a valid conclusion that everyone wants to feel appreciated - no matter who you are! However, it seems as if more and more men are feeling less and less appreciated in their relationships - and especially so in their marriages. For the most part, most are not verbally saying it or are even able to put this on going discontentment into words; they simply act out the symptoms of it. Some of it is evident in the recent increase in the number of successful strip clubs and frequently visited online sites that are popping up all over America and on the internet. Another common symptom is men and cheating! Unlike popular belief, more men cheat from a place of feeling powerless and unappreciated in their relationships and marriages than all other reasons combined. The real question is: How can anyone feel appreciation from someone else who doesn't necessarily feel it for themselves and vise versa? Jion Nalagy & Jahwie this week as we discuss...Be there!