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    African Prodigals Invented Religions Disconnect Your Senses From The Universe

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    In accordance with this book; "The Restless Universe," by Nigel Henbest and Heather Couper. Because we are a fledgeling hybrid modern people there are much to learn. And in this view astronomer Freeman Dyson asserts: The more we discover about the Universe, the more we comprehend that we are an intergral part: the Universe is not something "out there", divorced from the rat-race scrablings of Man on this planet. To the contrary, man is as much a creature of the Universe that made him as he is of the planet that has nurtured him. The Unervise is part of out existence, as relevant as the air we breathe, and as close and unspoken as the bonds of family kinship: it is our Universe.


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    The Pioneer's Table : The Disconnect From All Things and People Familiar

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    As painful as it may be, there will come a time in all of our lives where we begin to disconnect from any and all things that are not allowed to go with us into our set place, at our set time. For whatever the reason, everybody can't go where God is leading you and where destiny is pulling you. Tune in with us this afternoon at 12pm for our midweek refuel, and allow the Holy Spirit to expound on this subject. I look foward to speaking into your eargates real soon. I am Pastor and Prophetess Regina Harrell, I love you with the love of Christ.

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    THE GREAT AMERICAN DISCONNECT: JED MOREY the publisher of the Long Island Press, a cultural arts and investigative news journal. Morey authors a column titled “Off the Reservation” and is a staunch advocate of Indian rights. He received his undergraduate degree from Skidmore College and an MBA from Hofstra University. www.americandisconnect.com

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    The Heretics's Hour: Greek and Russian Disconnect from Reality

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    Part 1:  Carolyn speaks to the way the (Jewish-American, leftist) media portrays Greece vis a vis Germany. And why tying “Grexit” to euro zone failure, thus to EU failure, is a lie;

    Part 2:  Who attended Sunday's first “Russian International Conservative Forum” in St. Petersburg, sponsored by the Rodina nationalist party? It was openly billed as a gathering to “defend the interests of Russia” in the ongoing occupation-dispute over Crimea and Ukraine, so there were very few antifa protestors.

    Notice: The first 8 minutes of this pre-recorded program sound like I'm in an echo chamber. But after that the sound is normal. Sorry for that.

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    Do you have a disconnect between what you say and what you do?

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    http://blogtalkradio.com/hollischapmanshow our special guest Elisabetta Faenza-Do you have a disconnect between what you say and what you do? Does your brand authentically represent you and your deeper purpose in life?
    Having trouble communicating who you are to your clients and staff?
    Are your teams living up to their potential? Is your communication engaging, authentic and addictive?
    Elisabetta is an expert with a difference. With 30 years experience as a performance consultant Elisabetta understands the intimate relationship between what goes on inside your head and your results in the real world.

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    One Big Disconnect

    in Christianity

    One Big Disconnect

    Today's show is about one big disconnect. Bigger than a set of doubles uncoupling on the interstate. Bigger than a train engine loosing 100 train cars. It's the disconnect of men. Disconnected from one another, and from the next generation.

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    Week 36 1st Segment~ State Of Our Union: "UNMASKING BALTIMORE"

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    1st Segment ~ State of Our Union:

    TOPIC: "UNMASKING BALTIMORE"  This week we take a serious look at the Stories BEHIND the STORY happening in Maryland, Whats the disconnect, whats the antidoe, what the answer and then IF and WHEN it's found whats... NEXT? The Riot V.S the the Rage, what changed the landscape of quiet and calm to a maelstrom of civil unrest?


    2nd Segment ~(Man Of The Hour)

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    Exploration Of The Five Love Languages

    in Romance

    The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate by Gary Chapman is a wonderful book and concept that you can easily apply  to all the relationships in your life. The concept is elegantly simple and can have a powerfully dynamic effect on how you appreciate, love, and deal with people.

    The core concept is that we all receive and give love in different ways. We most often give love to others in the ways we prefer to receive love. While all the Love Languages should be a part of your significant relationships, people often have dominant preferences. This can unknowingly cause a disconnect when the giver and recipient have different love languages because acts go unnoticed, under appreciated, or miss the mark completely. 

    Come explore them with us.

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    Your host in Orlando, Viyahta, is joined by Moma Azee in Arizona to bring wisdom, knowledge and over-standing to overcome NDD (Nature Deficit Disorder).  NDD is recognized as a legitimate dis-ease caused by a disconnect from the nature that intended to balance and bring healing.  Moma Azee has many years experience of listening to the "stones" or "godfathers" and brings a uniques perspective on drumming and Native American rituals to balance our souls.   The journey to heal invlolves a mind renewed and aligned with The Creator's elements.

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    A Kind Voice on Movies

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    Melancholy is an honest attempt to illustrate the true experience of an individual dealing with a major depressive disorder. It does away with the stereotypes that often plague portrayals of depressed characters in TV and film.  

    The film focuses on one night in the life of Sara, a typical twenty-something going through a severe depressive episode while trying reach out for any kind of catalyst to pull herself free, searching for help through friends, faith, and medication. Through Sara's eyes we see the despair, hopelessness, and fear that can cripple the life of an individual fighting a major depressive disorder. Sara's boyfriend, Graham, provides the perspective of the outsider. He struggles to find some way to help the woman he loves but can't find a way to break Sara out of her cycle of lethargy and depression. The relationship between Sara and Graham demonstrates a common example of the misunderstanding and disconnect between any couple in which one person is suffering from depression. Melancholy explores this disconnect and provides an emotional insight into the struggles of both Sara and Graham.

    Our guest this episode will be Writer/Director Nathan Edwards to talk about this project.

    Check out the Kickstarter campaign for this film here.

    Hosted by William Battle

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