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    African Prodigals Invented Religions Disconnect Your Senses From The Universe

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    In accordance with this book; "The Restless Universe," by Nigel Henbest and Heather Couper. Because we are a fledgeling hybrid modern people there are much to learn. And in this view astronomer Freeman Dyson asserts: The more we discover about the Universe, the more we comprehend that we are an intergral part: the Universe is not something "out there", divorced from the rat-race scrablings of Man on this planet. To the contrary, man is as much a creature of the Universe that made him as he is of the planet that has nurtured him. The Unervise is part of out existence, as relevant as the air we breathe, and as close and unspoken as the bonds of family kinship: it is our Universe.


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    The Pioneer's Table : The Disconnect From All Things and People Familiar

    in Spirituality

    As painful as it may be, there will come a time in all of our lives where we begin to disconnect from any and all things that are not allowed to go with us into our set place, at our set time. For whatever the reason, everybody can't go where God is leading you and where destiny is pulling you. Tune in with us this afternoon at 12pm for our midweek refuel, and allow the Holy Spirit to expound on this subject. I look foward to speaking into your eargates real soon. I am Pastor and Prophetess Regina Harrell, I love you with the love of Christ.

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    Why Is there a disconnect between the Youth and the Elders?

    in Social Networking

    Tonight we listen to the viewpoints of the youth. A continuation of last shadow's show...

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    THE GREAT AMERICAN DISCONNECT: JED MOREY the publisher of the Long Island Press, a cultural arts and investigative news journal. Morey authors a column titled “Off the Reservation” and is a staunch advocate of Indian rights. He received his undergraduate degree from Skidmore College and an MBA from Hofstra University. www.americandisconnect.com

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    Digby: The Clown Car Chronicles

    in Politics Progressive

    Each week Digby and Jay Ackroyd recount the most recent crazee events taking place during the Republic Disconnect from Reality while Killing All The RINOs primary campaign.

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    Digby: The Clown Car Chronicles

    in Politics Progressive

    Each week Digby and Jay Ackroyd recount the most recent crazee events taking place during the Republic Disconnect from Reality while Killing All The RINOs primary campaign.

    This week, as the Orange one steps aside, lyin' Carly joins Crusading Cruz to double down on misogyny. Trump falters under Little Marco Rubio's needle, whicle Dr Ben solidifies his number 2 slot. 

    For background, see Paul Waldman.

  • Voices InJustice - Family/Parental Alienation, erasing your child's DNA

    in Current Events

    Welcome everyone to Voices InJustice Radio; a continuing outreach broadcast of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery. We hope to bring you conversations that matter; discussing those acts of injustice around the world and in your neighborhood. There are many influences we begin making on our children's lives and it starts developing when we are children. What does your voice of injustice see in your news headlines, in your church, in your community, your schools and your homes? You are invited to join Trish every Sunday evening at 7pm eastern/6pm central/4pm pacific time. Our phone lines are always open to bring your voice of concern to the public platform, call us at 929-477-3163 or log into blogtalkradio.com and join the conversation in our chatroom. 

    Tonight we are discussing the effects parents make on their child's identity when they go through divorce, and then inflict alienation; a different type of child abuse. Think of erasing half of your child's DNA; is their other parent a 'BAD' person or are they actually suffering behavorial or emotional influences from their own childhood? Are we doing this because we only want them to be the part we create in them, as we fill their heart and head with negative identity about the other half of their DNA? If that other parent is truly impairing the positive path of your developing child, is it your duty to simply disconnect any/all contact, even the entire other half of your child's family? How does this enforced disconnection to their WHOLE family influence your child's behavioral & emotional wellness, possibly even their physical health?

    This broadcast does not provide any spcific professional advice, simply entertainment & public discussion. Invite family and friends as we inspire new ideas and create action for change together!! #VoicesEndingFamilyCrimes

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    Spirit Alive Praise & Worship Experience For 9-27-2015

    in Religion


    The Spirit Alive Praise & Worship Experience

    Join Us: 9:00 AM (PST) -12 NOON (EST)
    Call: 714-364-4337

    The Spirit Alive Praise & Worship Experience is a virtual church where we are standing in the gap for those who can't go, or won't go into the building by providing a safe and loving atmosphere where they can simply hear the word of God. There's no fashion shows, no offerings, and no pomp and circumstance, all we offer is the love and light of Jesus Christ.

    There is a disconnect today between faith and a vital relationship with Jesus which creates attenders, givers, goers, preachers etc. Did you know that you can do everything that a believer is supposed to do, and still have no relationship with Jesus? This might be an indication as to why there is such out of control emotions even in the church today. 


    What I want us to understand is that emotions are not evil. We are created in the image of God and the Bible talks about His anger, passion, sorrow and even pain. Emotions allow us rejoice over the birth of a baby or grandbaby, celebrate friendships, milestones and victories. Emotions allow us to be angry at the evil of social injustice, or to sing the praises of the faithfulness of God. Emotions allow us to demonstrate a response to the world around us. 


    Visit our website at www.spiritalivebiblestudies.org

  • Leading & Succeeding With Your Inner Smile! with Maura Sweeney

    in Self Help

    Guest Speaker Maura Sweeney is a former award-winning manager from two national corporations, a home schooling mom whose daughter was at Harvard grad school by 19; and a suburban woman who reinvented herself into an international speaker at midlife.

    She is going to describe the disconnect she see's between publicly declared social values about leadership -- and the way they often play out in real life.
    Her mantra is all about "Living Happy - Inside Out". She will share why is happiness so important to her -- and how does it relate to being a leader? 
    And we are thrileed for her to tell us about the "Happiness Advantage". 

    She also has a special gift for our listeners...so join the call to hear more!

  • 'Darryl Clark's Progressive News Weekly': Larry Hamm, Ron Crenshaw, Kevin Porter

    in Spirituality

    Thursday September 17, 2015, 6:30 - 7:30PM EDT
    It's a time of reflection and restoration for us and for our nation.  In the wake of personal, national, and global challenges we must strive for economic equality, racial justice, and police civility for all Americans.
    This week we continue the dialog from last week beginning with Mr. Lawrence Hamm - community activist, civil rights leader.  Mr. Hamm returns to discuss upcoming 20th anniversary of the million Man March on Washington and the importance of demanding economic equality, racial justice, ad police civility for all Americans.  Also again joining us, Mr. Ron Crenshaw, a political activist, historian, and human rights advocate inspired  by the entire body of courage and work of Paul Robeson.  His no-holds-barred approach to assessing the societal landscape is both inspirational and empowering.  In addition returning will be: Kevin Porter (author, engineer, Executive Director of 'Man Made Mentoring', and educator).  Kevin will weigh in on the specific current state of African Americans (who are statistically disproportionately impacted by these societal pressures) with a focus on solutions.  Mr. Porter will also discuss the impetus behind his book: "Angry Little men: Hypermasculinity, Academic Disconnect and Mentoring African American Males".  You will want to catch this interview especially if you influence Black youth or care about them!Don't miss it!

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