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    in Christianity

    What are some of the things we need discipline for?
    How does self-discipline help us get from point "A" to point "B"?
    Today's topic explores the many aspects of discipline and how we can use the Apostle Paul's analogy in our lives. We must strive for that single-mindedness  minus the distractions as we focus on our goals.

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    The Truth About "Church Discipline"

    in Christianity

    A 2 hour in-depth biblical assessment of  so-called "church discipline." 

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    Motivational Monday - The Necessity of Discipline

    in Motivation

    Nick and Erik are back again!! This week's episode of Motivational Monday will take you through the necessity of Discipline and give you six steps to obtaining your goal of achieving it.

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    Discipline is required for change

    in Spirituality

    DISCIPLINE. The discipline to look at all of your words, all of your actions, all of your thoughts and experiences, ALL of the time!

    It is not a short term consideration. This is a life time. Yes, a life time commitment from you to you. If you do not think you are worth it look again and again and again. You are worth it!  You are a god being… your birthright is to be in joy as you live this earth life.

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    Desire will be yor discipline

    in Spirituality

    Desire will be yor discipline

    You are going to bend and not break...
    He will anoint your head with fresh oil...
    Those that be planted in the house of the Lord shall florish.

    Fruit bearing in your old age...



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    Developing Discipline

    in Self Help

    In today's episode learn more about discipline and how to develop it.  Start living a quality life by using your discipline to bring you the best life has to offer.  The more you learn about discipline the easier it becomes to develop it and take control of your destiny.  Get started by putting your discipline into play.

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    Discipline as Nourishment for the Soul

    in Spirituality

    Conflict is like poison in our lives, painful and potentially ruinous, yet people will endure it for the soul’s nourishment.  Tune in this week as Nancy Herold and I discus discipline as the willpower and serious intent that advances spiritual work. Spiritual maturity trains and nourishes this power to build an invincible authenticity. Psychologically, we know that the ego is the adaptive function that nourishes, educates and controls various complexes within the psyche. But, this is only accomplished through discipline. The soul or higher-self orchestrates our lives internally but is isolated from direct physical involvement. Tonight’s show talks about the soul’s dependence upon the human ego to carry out ‘the Work’ in the physical world. Tune in and learn how discipline is the management of forces for the coordinated whole. As long as these forces are under the firm command of the ego, things proceed successfully. If this discipline breaks down, the ego loses control. 

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    The Power of Self-discipline (Think & Grow Rich)

    in Motivation

                                                           Master Key to Success

    My question for you today is this, "Do you want to succeed in this life, and get whatever you want?" Apply the principle of Self-discipline. In my show I will teach you how you can make this happen. Just know today the self-discipline is one of the ultimate secret of success. All the great men and women that ever lived applied this principle even Jesus Christ when He was on earth. Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Moses and others successfully applied it to achieve their desire goal.

    Tune in, and immersed your self in master key of success for your life will never be the same.


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    Discipline Is Love

    in Entertainment

    Tune-In to our show "Discipline Is Love" ! It's time to ask the tough questions about self-discipline. So listen as we empower you to reach goals and share insights to improving your life through love and making better choices! 

    When it comes to self-discipline how are you LOVING yourself? 

    Get encouraged, inspired and MORE!

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    in Lifestyle

    Control emotion. Use reason. Doing this allows a man to be in charge of his thinking, to use reason rather than succumb to decisions based on and effort to be happy.  According to Henry Kissinger, as a Professor he sought truth. As a diplomat he sought decisions based on contingency.

    Listen. Watch. Be silence.  Sharpen perception by learning to listen. The school of Pythagoras made much of this aspect. New students lived in silence for their first 2 years.  Afterall, one was there to learn.  How often do we hear a man speaking not because he has anything to say, but because he feels compelled to say something. Most of us do this, moreso as we get older.  Once mastered these tools, observance, listening and silence produce an insight that man must learn for himself. Initially, prepare to fail. Those who are diligent will pass through this stage.  This teaches as much about self, as it does about others.

    Be compassionate toward your fellows.  Be a gentleman. Debate but don't argue. A man who lacks the ability  to reason is not worth debating.  Critique is the step toward perfect curiousity.  Criticism is about curiousity, seeking to define and understand. If you mistaken this for an attack on your ego, you will remain lost forever.  Remember, there are many ways to describe the same thing. What makes you a capable judge to determine you are always speaking truth while others are false?  


    Be as generous with yourself as you are with others. Forgiving a friend is much harder than forgiving an enemy.  A generous nature does not mean the world changes. It simply means you live as a man of character.  The choice is yours.


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    Getting the Discipline to Exercise

    in Self Help

    It is almost impossible to be physically fit without exercising.  Of course, the key is maintaining the discipline to exercise.  In today's episode, Pat will share some tips on how to increase your discipline for exercising, so you can achieve all your fitness goals.   Also, tune in to "A Morning Cup of Tea". 

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