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    Maria Gilardin produces TUC Radio from her off-the-grid home in Northern California.

    See: (http://tucradio.org/index.html)


    The anti nuclear campaigner and physician Dr. Helen Caldicott organized a two day symposium in February 2015 with an international panel of leading experts in disarmament, political science, existential risk, anthropology, medicine, nuclear weapons and artificial intelligence. They addressed the risk of accidental nuclear war, recently proven facts about a global nuclear winter that can be caused by the unleashing of just a few nuclear weapons, the expanding militarization of space, the power and pathology of the US military industrial complex, privatization of the US nuclear weapons labs, nuclear war crimes in the Marshall Islands, as well as two of the vibrant movements to abolish nuclear weapons, a divestment effort under the title Don't Bank On The Bomb as well as ICAN, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

    2nd hour: Dr. Michael Parenti, the progressive political scientist's unscripted reflections on capitalism, socialism, the role of universities, Cuban plumbers, Russian prostitutes, and his former running mate--and once close friend--Bernie Sanders. Plus commentary on capitalism, socialism, public utilities, popular rebellion, plutocrats in general, the Waltons in particular, Occupy Wall Street, and the monetary system.

    Also a brief recorded essay by Parenti from 2005--"Welfare for the Wealthy"--and relevant songs by Monty Python's Flying Circus and David Rovics. More details, photos, nice links, & other good stuff on the show's Web site: http://newworldnotes.blogspot.com

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    Negdog Radio Sunday Morning Special!-Episode 245

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    On This Sunday November 15th, Negdog @negdog is bringing you back to date with more Illuminati Exposed! As the social engineering continues on with the attacks on victim disarmament zones! We The Sheeple continues to fall for thier tricks! Wake up today with The Negdog Radio Network!

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    Getting Rid of Guns: Should America Disarm the Police and the Citizens?

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    May countries across the world do not have police who carry firearms. Nor do they have a citizenry that has permits to carry concealed weapons. In those countries where firearms are not permitted, accept by military personel, the crime rate and murder rate is very low. Doesn't it seem like the solution to America's crime problem is to disarm EVERYBODY - police included? The reason why people in the U.S. don't want to disarm themselves is the same reason why countries like Iraq and North Korea say they should have nuclear arms: "Why should I get rid of my weapons when you're still keeping yours?" They say to America. As long as anybody has access to a weapon, everybody lives in fear. So everybody wants to carry loaded weapons. But that's not working, the violence in America is higher than any other industrialized nation on Earth. Spike Lee is about to start filming his movie "Chiraq" based on the bloodbath of gang violence plaguing Chicago. We have a never ending cycle of violence, unless everybody simultaneously wakes up with sense in their heads. Guns are the problem, total disarmament is the solution. This Saturday, Rev. Jesse Jackson is leading a march against Chuck's Gunshop, in Riverdale, Illinois, known to be the largest supplier of firearms to Chicago residents. Is this pressure to close a gun shop a winning strategy?  If not, what do you think is a workable solution to end gun violence?

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    Walls In Our Minds

    in Current Events

    Is JADE HELM 15 a planned violation of Posse Comitatus?

    *JADE = Joint Assistant for Deployment & Execution*

    *HELM = Homeland Extermination of Local Militants

    Our special guest this week Dr. Jim Fetzer.

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    B.O.S.S. Military Grade Training Facility Staff answering questions

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    Join me Wednesday march 18th to cover our current situation with the rogue government and current events. 

    We have also some very special guest!

    Our guest will be the Staff and Trainers from B.O.S.S. The military grade tranining facility on Matagorda island Texas. It is a training facility open to the public and agencies that trains clients to be proficient as first responders in the event of a man-made or natural disaster on American soil. B.O.S.S. focuses on hiring veterans to train clients in the areas of food, fire, water, shelter, long and short range shooting, hand to hand combat and disarmament, field medic/basic EMT, situational awareness, and endurance. It is the only facility of its kind that offers this level of training to both agencies and civilian clientele They will be answering your questions concerning the curriculum and class availability don't miss out on this one! This is their grand opening- be sure to tell your friends to listen in. Your life does make a difference-

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    ISIS leaders killed in airstrikes (Second Coming Watch #561)

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    1. U.S. officials said on Thursday that two senior Islamic State group leaders were killed in U.S. and coalition airstrikes in northern Iraq over the last week as Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel approved new orders for several hundred troops to deploy to Iraq to train Iraqi forces.

    2. The mosquito-borne Chikungunya virus has long been diagnosed in travelers returning from countries in Asia and Africa, where the disease is widespread. Now, all countries in Central America have now reported local transmission of the disease, and the United States had 11 confirmed cases of local infection this year as of December 12, all in Florida.

    3. Iran and the Palestinian terror group Hamas have mended their political and military ties, which were strained by differences over the Syrian civil war.

    4. The Palestinians submitted a draft United Nations Security Council resolution on Thursday that requested a 12-month deadline to reach a peace deal with Israel and designated the end of 2017 as the final date for completing an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

    5. In Gaza, there is no serious reconstruction and certainly no disarmament. Instead, the Hamas-ruled enclave is gearing up for its next war against Israel.

    You can read these stories in more detail and get more prophecy-related news at SecondComingHerald.com.

    The prophetic passage of Scripture we are looking at today is Exodus 12:11 which reads: "And thus shall ye eat it; with your loins girded, your shoes on your feet, and your staff in your hand; and ye shall eat it in haste: it is the Lord's passover."

    Our second coming quote for today is from John Blanchard. He said, "The certainty of the Second Coming of Christ should touch and tincture every part of our daily behavior."

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    Great Personalities of the World, with Dr. Madan Gandhi, PhD

    in Poetry

    Dr. Madan Gandhi, former visiting fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, is an outstanding educationist, literature and publicist who has been in the vanguard of many movements for sustainable environment, total disarmament, human rights and one-world mankind.  He is a moving, powerful voice in contemporary English poetry and has a unique place in the world of mysticism and poetry for peace.  A winner of Tagore Award in poetry, Dr. Gandhi is the Founder-President of the Poetry Society of India and authored eleven volumes of poetry.  He is recipient of numerous awards and honors and his biography finds a place in many International Who’s Who(s) and directories of world leadership.  Honored with Aryabhat and Varamihira Awards, Professor Gandhi is an authority on Yoga, Tantra and predictive sciences.  As an artist he has received international acclaim.  He is the Founder/Director of Centre for Third World Studies and Research, President of Gandhi Earth Vision Foundation, and President of Poetry Society of India. At present Dr. Gandhi is Editor of Collected Works of Lala Lajpat Rai, Earth Vision and South Asia News Letter.

    Dr. Gandhi has been a recipient of numerous awards and honors.  A few of them are: International Man of the Year; Most Admired Man of the Decade; World Intellectual of 1993; Five Hundred Great Personalities of the World; One-in-Million Honor; included in International Who’s Who of Poets & Who’s Who of Intellectuals; Member of the Board of Advisors of International Centre of Democracy, Maryland, USA; National Excellence Award for contribution in the field of Education and Literature by the United Citizens Council, New Delhi; nominated for Rajiv Gandhi Award for outstanding contribution to education and literature by All India Feroze Gandhi Memorial Society; Best Citizen of India Award for contribution to education and literature.

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    TRUNEWS 11/25/14: Larry Pratt & Harvey Organ

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    TRUNEWS host Rick Wiles talks with Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America about the impact that the Ferguson riots will have on our basic constitutional rights in the very near future. Later, precious metals blogger Harvey Organ calls in from Canada to discuss Google’s unexplained decision to remove his blog from the internet as well as why he believes China and Russia could be intentionally draining the Comex in order to cause a default in the west’s gold & silver Ponzi scheme.

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    in Spirituality

    One of the most informative shows - preparing for Change ...

    Invocation - Eating for Ascension... for our crystalline/silican bodies! We ARE what we think and what we EAT. Exciting information on eating regionally... easy raised gardens, "magic" greenhouses, perfect soil! - Magic gardening with the Elementals... devas, gnomes, fairies. Where did the missing children/babies go? - Protecting today's babies/children. The Garden Prayer. Preventing insects safely.-  48-hour White House meeting - All in agreemenmt. Watch for Lenticular clouds! - Obama and Galactics? Who will Announce? - - Q & A:  What will help our friends and family "hear" our Truth? - She's asking the Mer and Little People. - Can they still grab our Blessings? - When will we connect with our Mentors? - Adding consciousness to garden soil - Growing food indoors - Laminine is energetically transformed: safe for vegans! - Stem Fit vs Laminine? - Organic cafe's large following - Which video is a REAL Mermaid? - Where is "Heaven?" -  How know our destinations at time of the Gathering? - GCR: is ISIS a problem? - 3D concerns? Stabalize in Love! - Who has already Ascended? - An economic crash? - Annihilation? - Disarmament... now??? - Is Obama a clone? - Health/Healing testimonials... from Pulse, from products.

    www.HollowEarthNetwork.com  Follow: BREAKING NEWS


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    The future of the Nuclear Arms Race

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    A plant in Kansas City embodies the dilemma. It was built in World War II to produce aircraft engines and went nuclear in 1949, making the mechanical and electrical parts for warheads.Its replacement, eight miles south, sits on higher ground. Its five buildings hold 2,700 employees — just like the old plant .The administration  plans for 12 new missile submarines, up to 100 new bombers and 400 land-based missiles, either new or refurbished. Manufacturing costs for these forces,the total cost of the nuclear enterprise over the next three decades at roughly  $1.1 trillion. will peak between 2024 and 2029, according to a recent study by Dr. Lewis and colleagues at the Monterey Institute.It estimated the total cost of the nuclear enterprise over the next three decades at roughly $900 billion to $1.1 trillion. Policy makers, the report said, “are only now beginning to appreciate the full scope of these procurement costs.”New Times Times

    Una planta en Kansas City encarna el dilema. Fue construido en la Segunda Guerra Mundial para producir motores de avión y se fue nuclear en 1949, por lo que las partes mecánicas y eléctricas para el reemplazo warheads.Its, ocho millas al sur, se encuentra en un terreno más alto. Sus cinco edificios tienen 2.700 empleados - al igual que la antigua administración

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