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    Spaying and Neutering Your Pet--Advantages and Disadvantages

    in Pets

    With the epidemic of homeless animals wandering neighborhood streets, hungry and in poor heath (not to mention, the overflow of animals in shelters), one can easily see why spaying or neutering your pet would be a positive step to take.  But many people are still hesitant to bring their pets in for the procedures.  In this episode, we will take a closer look at what exactly is involved in spaying or neutering.  What are the advantages (other than cutting down on strays and unwanted animals)?  Are there any disadvantages?  Join us Saturday, February 28th as we explore this important topic.

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    Sox, Globe & Capitalism Gone Stupid

    in Politics Progressive

    Huge disadvantages of the fabulously wealthy include no one around with the guts and wit to say, "You're being stupid!" Another, more intractable one is the delusion if you are rich you must be brilliant...in everything.

    Over the past decade or so, John Henry has pushed his The Boston Globe and Red Sox to the edge of ruin and seems to have no sense of that. He is the ugly side of capitalism, or one of the ugly sides. He jacked up ballpark/ticket prices to the highest in basebaqll. Likewise, he is huge in expeneive newspaper paywalls and has made both home delivery and online Globe prices the highest in the nation, higher even than papers like the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times. Those two at least give you info to earn you money back and more. The Globe simply relies on its almost monopoly status (there is an asthenic Murdoch-owned tabloid for a weak competitor.)

    This past week, Henry blew it again. He's already pared the writing/reporting staff to the nub. Now he went after the delivery contractor, switching to a cheaper vendor. That makes perfect capitalistic sense; bottom line, don't you know. The problem is that the new contractor has already failed elsewhere and certainly plonked here.

    Let us consider Henry's empire and whether the delusional rich can ever objectively judge their decisions. I suspect you already know my conclusion. 

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    2016 Gym Reviews - Gyms That Suit Your Needs

    in Health

    There's a 1 in 3 chance that you are planning a weight loss or fitness resolution for next 2016. This likely means you are looking at joining a gym on January 1st or 2nd. But did you know that some gyms hope that you sign up and never come? I know right? Find out the advantages and disadvantages of each type of gym from small box gyms on up to large scale, full amenity gyms. Jason will review some of the biggest names in the fitness industry. Find out which gyms best suit your needs and support your goals.

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    Technology in Classrooms

    in Education

    This week’s discussion is focused on technology in classrooms, particularly tablets, and the advantages as well the disadvantages behind having these gadgets in our schools.  

    Should Computers be used in Schools? Listen to the episode here!

    Cellphones in Schools - Listen to the episode here! 






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    Roxanne Pappas Radio: The Case for Green Living - What Is It Really?

    in Environment

    We kick around the words, green living, renewable energy, fracking, carbon emissions, marine rewable energy, responsible consumerism and fossil fuels.  But do we really know what they are, what they do  and how they affect us and the environment?

    Join me on Monday when we define these words and phrases, an examine what they are, how they work, their costs and what benefits or disadvantages we and the environment face.  

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    Popular In Social Media

    in LGBT

    Hello everyone! Today on Girrl Talk we will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of becoming popular in social media.The relevant and irrelevant changes, steps to becoming popular,and how to stay fresh with the fans.We invite YOU to call into the show and go live with Bambie and Dusty for some TALK!

    (347) 887-8144 Friday's 12:30 PM  PST

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    Advantages & Disadvantages Of Being A Side Piece

    in Entertainment

    Affairs are  a very common thing now...Have you ever felt lonely? Or not satisfied in your current situation, then you've probably entertained the thought of going out and finding some extra little something something on the side...
    Well tonight we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being a side piece!!!

  • What Time of The Day Should I Workout?

    in Health

    Some research states that exercising in the morning burns more fat. Other research shows that it doesn't matter? So when is the best time to workout? Morning? Midday? Afternoon or evening? Does it really matter? We will breakdown the advantages and disadvantages of each a few timeslots and find let you decide which one is better. Afterall, we want you to see results and reach your maximum potential just as much as you do.

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    The Definitely Fresh Show

    in Relationships

    Join The Staff of The Def Fresh Show & Cast of Sex Battles will get together  as they discuss a different topic on Social Events, Rumors &  Love/Relationships. Our purpose is to show you the world through the eyes of the Urban Male.. So Pull up a chair and let’s talk.. TONIGHT ON SEX BATTLES......A UNIQUE EPISODE CALLED NETFLIX AND CHILL! WHAT THE FUCK IS NETFLIX AND CHILL?! HAVE YOU BEEN A VICTIM OF NETFLIX AND CHILL? WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF NETFLIX AND CHILL?


    Go click LIKE on The Definitely Fresh Show FB Page.


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    How To Make Better Choices

    in Lifestyle

    You ever wonder why your outcomes come out half baked?  Perhaps it's because your making choices with the wrong thoughts.  Not so much your heart, but you didn't ask the right questions.


    Todays show we will discuss a more productive way to make choices, be it in your relationships or career.


    Why,  Purpose, Disadvantages vs Benefits, Conclusion and last a mind provoking assingment for you to take with you.



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    How is Possibly not Breathing a Turn on?

    in Radio

    While discussing the topic's I will be covering with associates someone asked (how is not breathing possibly a fucking turn on?) I replied with well the male or female may feel the need to have more control of the segment. I researched some advantages and disadvantages to this fancy.

    Advantages: An emotional calm and possible a fearless experience 

    Disadvantages: the flow of air or rather oxygen may be cut off from entering the brain as well as the lungs; leading up to serious damages.

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