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    Debut Romance Author Catherine Herzog Joins Kori on the Back Porch

    in Writing

    Cat Herzog began writing as a teen to have a way of dealing with a turbulent childhood, afraid someone might read what she journaled, she fictionalized it so no one would know she was talking about herself.  Those stories turned into what would become The Key to Her Heart, but it would take another thirty years before she published The Key to Her Heart.  Now she is working on the sequel Patrick's Rose.

    About the book: The Key to Her Heart (The Heart of a Family Book 1)

    As Anna's life spirals deeper into the abyss she doesn’t know how to escape, Patrick may be the only thing standing between her and complete destruction. 

    In her quest to achieve her dreams, Anna becomes a successful model in California in the early seventies and attracts the unwanted attention of powerful, ruthless, Matthew Wolffe, the eldest son of the fashion world’s biggest tycoon. His attention twists into a dark obsession-- Not just harming, but distributing abuse beyond Anna’s worst nightmares. Patrick Rueschel is the boy she left back home when she ran away. His love promises new life. 

    Between her dark secrets in California and her father’s vow of revenge on The Rueschel family years before when she was a teen, Anna realizes there is no way for Patrick to be part of her life. 

    As the stakes are driven ever higher, she must choose the dream she wants to pursue and what cost she is willing to pay. Meanwhile, Matthew plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse that threatens to find her no matter where she may run. 

    Is Patrick's love strong enough to save her? Or must she run away once more—and leave everything behind? 

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    Combat Corner's Debut Episode on the Inscriber Radio Network

    in MMA

    There is plenty to talk about tonight for the debut 2 hour episode of Combat Corner with your Hosts Phil "Champagne" Clark and "The Professor" Scott DelleFave at 8pm Eastern!

    In hour number one we will pull no punches and start off with a blaze of fire:

    We'll start off with the shocking knockout of Ronda Rousey by Holly Holm and the rest of the card of UFC 193 this past weekend.

    We also will be talking about the big boxing card tomorrow night that's head lined by Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez

    Pro Wrestling lost a legend  this past week as well and that's how we'll close the jam packed first hour.

    In hour number two we will be talking all things WWE as they have their 29th annual Survivor Series and make predictions for that 

    Also as it relates to Survivor Series Phil and Scott will discuss notable teams that were assembled for WWE's fall classic event and also some infamous matches that were amazing and some that stunk up the joint as well.

    Phil will end the show with a 5 minute special comment.

    This week we will not open the phone lines as we are debuting but going forward we will gladly discuss anything and everthing combat sports related with you.

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    The Eric Priest Show - Episode 31 - Pirates For Sail Debut

    in Current Events

    Greetings all

    The RennRock Radio Network presents - The Eric Priest Show. In today's broadcast, I proudly showcase the debut of the music group - Pirates For Sail. Two of their members played at our wedding at MDRF, back in 2011. So hoist the flag ye mateys....there be pirates here..........

    Scruffy The Boondock Saint 

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    Debut of RnR Sportz podcast

    in Sports

    The debut podcast from RnR Sportz. We will touch on LSU's stud RB Leonard Fournette, Michigans heartbreaking loss to MSU, NBA Predictions, and much more...Tune in!!!

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    Writing A Debut Best-Selling Novel with Yangsze Choo & Crystal-Lee Quibell

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    Crystal-Lee Quibell speaks with author, Yangsze Choo on how her debut novel, The Ghost Bride, became a NYT best seller.

    Malaysian author Yangsze Choo’s 2013 debut novel, The Ghost Bride, was Oprah.com’s Book of the Week and a New York Times bestseller. Set in 1890s colonial Malaya and the elaborate Chinese afterlife, with its ghost cities and burned paper offerings, it’s about a young Chinese woman who receives a marriage proposal from a dead man. After graduating from Harvard University, she worked in various corporate jobs and carried a briefcase before writing her first novel. Yangsze eats and reads too much and can often be found doing both at her blog http://yschoo.com

    Crystal-Lee Quibell is an aspiring writer and book coach with a particular love for memoir. She is a champion for the written word and an obsessive book collector with a serious case of wanderlust. A self-described mermaid and witchy woman for life. Follow her travels and book publishing journey by visiting Crystal-Lee at www.crystalleequibell.com

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    WMRJ - Jazzin at Mr. J's - Debut Broadcast

    in Entertainment

    Jazzin at Mr. J's offers true lovers of jazz and blues and classic R&B a diverse collection of songs by industry legends and new artist. Styled after satellite stations we offer a minimum of commentary... In other words little talk and more music. Special live broadcast will feature live performance and deejay record spins on location at Mr. J's Jazz and Blues Lounge - Milwaukee's premier location for Live Jazz, Blues and R&B. Located at 4610 W. Fond du Lac Ave. in Milwaukee, WI

    Jazzin at Mr. J's -.is a production of Mr. J's Jazz and Blues Lounge.

    Program Hosts and Executive Producers: Arlis Jones and Michael Kern. Created and produced by P. Thomas Thadison III aka "Thad"

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    Your Social Media Radio Promo Show 3.0 Debut Special Guest

    in Marketing

    We go over what it takes to get started as there are so many apps to choose from throughout the Social Media world.  The many channels and ways to handle them properly in order to benefit from them is key and we will be discussing on how to take that first step to getting your business back on track whether a newbie or a seasoned internet marketer, we will offer tips in order to help you get on the road to succeeding within your own homebased business. 

    We will have a visit with the founder of PictoMoney Phila Vocia, who will share about her success with her company.

    Please support our great sponsor, who helps support myself and my efforts with blogging and generally a wide range of tools and support for my online marketing efforts..  Click Here

    We do provide VoiceOver Services as well, that you can check out>>> VVO

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    The New Element: Ninja Scroll Album Debut

    in Entertainment

    10/17/2015..... Tonight, join Renegade Smith as he welcomes, Ninja Scroll to the show, for the debut of his new album, Land of the Lost! Album release date is, 10/21/15. Ninja Scroll is a very talented, independent Hip Hop artists that delivers a message of truth in his music. Show starts at, 8pm ET, 5pm PT. Listen live over the internet, or call 347-850-8229 and listen live over the phone. Press 1 to join the show.

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    IHWE Radio: Chaz Taylor

    in Wrestling

    We welcome GWF Alumni Chaz Taylor. We'll talk about the El Chazo project, his debut in the Pacific Northwest, and more. Plus, all the NWA news and events. Only on IHWE Radio!!

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    The Rob Legend Show

    in Relationships

    Join me on the Rob Legend Show Wednesday from 7-9 pm as we debut a new rap artist and his hot for ladies underground single.  I heard it and the women are going to melt. Or shake and maybe quiver.  Also we are going to talk about them haters.  Who, where and when to be aware of haters.  Tune in at www.blogtalkradio.com/roblegend or make the call at 773-896-3989... This will be fun!