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    Acting and Directing with Zach Curtis

    in Entertainment

    Paid Actor Radio host, Trena Bolden Fields, talks with Zach Curtis about his career and working within two mediums.

    Zach Curtis is a professional actor and director in the Twin Cities, with close to 200 productions to his credit.  He is currently entering his ninth season as Artistic Director of the Paul Bunyan Playhouse (Bemidji, MN), Minnesota's longest running summer stock theater.  He has performed with the Guthrie Theater, Park Square, Mixed Blood, Illusion, Ten Thousand Things, Theatre Latte Da, Torch, Theatre Pro Rata, and numerous other companies.  He is currently appearing as Charlie in the Walking Shadow area premiere of The Whale.  He is a proud 14-year member of Actors Equity Association.

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    Is Ferguson a dress rehearsal for directing rage against “white privilege”

    in Politics Conservative

    Is Ferguson a dress rehearsal for directing rage again "White Privilege?"  Our guest Dr. Jane Orient, M.D. will discuss this and other subjects.


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    Community Investor Taking the Lead on Your Retirement by Self-Directing your IRA

    in Finance

    Joining Host Larry Muck this week on Community investor is Jack Kiley, Managing Partner of MidAtlantic IRA and a CPA. He brings over 30 years of experience in public accounting to the table. He has extensive knowledge in developing tax, retirement and financial planning strategies for high net worth individuals and closely held businesses. He spends his days educating potential clients about the ins & outs of self-direction along with overseeing the “Trust” side of the business.

    He is also the “technical” expert with regard to self-directing your IRA. Jack feels strongly about his clients’ having the ability to “self-direct” their retirement. Jack’s reputation for “speaking in plain English” regarding complex concepts gets him invited regularly to speak on these topics to groups across the country – and especially on the topic of self-direction.

    His knowledge makes him the expert to turn to, particularly when a complex scenario is needed for the purchase of real estate, mortgages, leases and other cash flows that the IRS allows in an individual retirement plan.

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    Directing Your Destiny-Interview with Jennifer Grace

    in Self Help

    “If you were given the chance to write your own future, and direct your own destiny, how would your life change?”
    Join Cloris Kylie as the interviews acclaimed Hay House author, Dream Coach, public speaker, and radio show host Jennifer Grace! Jennifer will share insights to help you align with self-love, creativity, peace, and empowerment, and to dramatically reimagine your reality.
    About Jennifer:
    Jennifer Grace is the Resident Dream Coach at The Standard Hotel and Spa in Miami, and acclaimed author of Directing Your Destiny, published by Hay House. She’s also the host of Live Your Dream on Hay House Radio.
    Jennifer spent eight years on Wall Street in investment banking, then crossed over into the creative world and became a SAG actress, filmmaker, and screenwriter. In the last few years she has taken her business knowledge and creative expertise and blended them into becoming an Executive Business and Media Coach. A strong advocate of community giving, Jennifer volunteers her time and services to Women in Distress, The Sober House, and donates part of all proceeds to different causes each year. She is currently leading workshops and courses in Miami, Davie, Fort Lauderdale, Online, speaking globally and leading retreats.
    Visit Cloris’s Blog: www.cloriskylie.com
    Follow Cloris on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cloriskylie

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    A conversation with director and playwright Ebony Custis

    in Entertainment

    In the first of a series of interivews, The King of DC Media welcomes director and playwright Ebony Custis, who has written and is directing the inspirational play, BOXES, which opens at Bowie Performing Arts Center, January 8, 2015.

    Your Host from the Coast, William Powell, has the honor of being a BOXES cast member! Tune in next week, when I interview the cast.

    "BOXES centers on the lives of ordinary people who have allowed their ordinary problems to ruin their lives in extraordinary ways." - http://boxestheplay.com/

    Read more about the play here: Local play thinks outside the "Boxes"



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    Rex Sikes ' Movie Beat Chats with author/producer/director Rocky Lang EP 2

    in Film

    Rocky Lang, Producer, director author, PT 2. Rocky's new book "Growing Up Hollywood" is available at Amazon! He has been involved in the motion picture and television business all his life. He Executive Produced, “Racing For Time” for Lifetime Television starring Charles Dutton, which received a Best Picture nomination for The Image Awards. He has had 8 books published. Growing up as the son of veteran producer and Universal Studios executive, Jennings Lang ("Earthquake" "Play Misty For Me" and others), Rocky knew early on that he wanted to write/produce and direct. Lang set himself on a track that has seen him produce and direct documentary films including the award-winning "The Making of Tootsie", and directing the long-running hit show "Remington Steele" and three features, “Nervous Ticks”, “Race For Glory”, “All’s Fair”. His produced "White Squall” starring Jeff Bridges and directed by Ridley Scott. He also produced the Emmy-Award winning “Titanic", a 4-hour mini-series for CBS. Besides his directing career, Lang has had deals as a producer and director with Warner Bros., Universal, New World, CBS, NBC, ABC, Twentieth Century Fox, Cinecom, MGM and United Artists. He is an award winning screenwriter having received a dramatic writing award from the Houston Film Festival for his original screenplay, "The Low Post". "Crossing Memphis", was optioned by Quincy Jones and Columbia Pictures. "The Babe That Struck out Ruth" sold to ‘bel Films. Stay tuned to Rex Sikes Movie Beat for other great archived interviews, cast and crew listings, events, festivals, premieres, and more at http://www.rexsikes.com Visit and subscribe to Rex Sikes' Movie Beat Blog at http://www.RexSikesMovieBeat.me for articles and more about the industry we love and work in.

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    Total Entertainment with Jonny Vegas Namer & Bunny Stewart!

    in Entertainment

      The Entertainment Broadcast Network proudly brings to you another entertaining episode of "Total Entertainment with Jonny Vegas Namer & Bunny Stewart"! Our Network is POWERED by Ministry Of Lacrosse!

     On Today's episode, our Hosts, Jonny Vegas Namer and Bunny Stewart will be talking about all of their own projects, shows, teams, and more! Feel free to call in to ask one or both of our Hosts a question! The number is (646)787-8080! Make sure you become a fan of us on Facebook too!


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    Directing The Narative - Let's Tell Our Own Story

    in Politics Conservative

    In our content and internet driven society it is more and more important that entities and brand be capable of telling compelling stories that draw people to their products and causes.  Having somthing go viral only means that your story as you told it was compelling enough to get someone else to tell for you or share it for you. Today we will talk about the independent conservative narritive how it has been h-jacked by main stream liberal media. And how we have become reactive instead of proactive.


  • P&P Talk to the Twins live with Cynthia Wilson

    in Entertainment

    P&P Talk to the Twins live with Cynthia Wilson

    This dynamo has been bestowed many gifts, she is a master decorator, design engineer, inventor and now a playwright Cynthia Wilson’s Battered but not Broken, will launched its debut performance in Charleston West Virginia, August 24 -25, 2012. This phenomenal story written in just three months deals with the chilling story of Justina and Sebastian Blessing and their relationship as it relates to domestic violence and being able to escape in a safe, methodical manner. The story has garnered the attention of famous playwright Shelly Garrett, playwright, director and producer of the famous plays and motion pictures of Barber Shop and Beauty Shop and a host of others. Shelly Garrett is managing, directing and producing her play and taking it on a 50 city National Tour. This is one of many plays that Cynthia has written.

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    Universal Law #8 - "The Law of Intention"

    in Spirituality

    Rosie is going to discuss Universal Law #8 "The Law of Intention" on tonights show. Directing energy as intention is the first step of creation and desire, which results in manifestation.

    Rosie will be joined at the bottom of the first hour by Leslie Hale for the weekly "Astro-Talk" segment.  You can view Leslie's newsletter at www.lesliehale-astrology.com.

    The show is sponsored by Rosalea of Blended Herbal Treasures and The Psychic Meeting Place at www.pmp-advisors.com.

    Rosie will accept calls the last hour of the show.  The call number is 1(714)888-7516.

    *The opinions expressed by the guests are for entertainment purposes only and those guests providing comments are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Psychic Viewpoint Show or its host.*


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    The Divine Warrior Fights On Your Behalf When The "World" Will Not

    in Spirituality

    This episode of Pneumatikos will explore the Divine Warrior as the one who fights for the weak and powerless. He is the ancient one who ante-dates power politics and twisted economic agendas.  The Divine Warrior is not a True Believer in the tradition of Eric Hoffer.  He is, however, the one who circumvents and deconstructs the order of the cosmos.  He has fought with Rahab the primordial chaos monster throughout history.  And he is doing it today as the directing power behind the powers of darkness in this present evil age.

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