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    Milli Dion smooching PURPLE Elephant music XclusiView!

    in Music

    If you are feeling our ENERGY than you must be feeling the #sideFX of our first ever takeover by our friends over at PURPLE Elephant MUSIC. Known for keeping a roster of the INDIE's most talented STARTISTS and for keeping their supporters satisfied, Purple Elephant MUSIC rises ROYALLY with hot new music and an amazing team that is making waves globally. Tune in tonite as we showcase MILLI Dion one of the few STARTISTS around that can perfect a great sound outside of mainstream monotony. Milli Dion represents a genre of music that is still evolving and he gives his personal #purple touch and a strong vocal ability that is a main attraction for a UNIQUE brand of listeners who are seeking HIS music WORLDwide. Join us for a LIVE Xclusiview as we start out BLACK History MONTH with musical #MINDedNESS from MILLI DION!~ #purplesmooches 626-213-5635

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    Dion E Cheese- Author- Businessman

    in Entertainment

    Dion E Cheese Urban author Dion Cheese is an African-American writer that penned Who Am I, The Chronicles of Cain, and Explain It To Her Momma. Formally a hip-hop recording artist, father, convict, and drug dealer, Dion was born in northern New Jersey. He is the 7th of 8 siblings. He was raised in the inner city West and East End sections of Plainfield New Jersey. His life was anything but a Norman Rockwell portrait; life was hard, cold and — at times — cruel. Along with his manager Bruce T Dugan, he has formed two predominate websites to promote urban fiction; C, and iUrban.org. My two novels, and websites for authors etc. iUrban.org is a magazine/social site, and dioncheese.com

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    Employment Agency Tips with Dion Georges

    in Jobs

    Today's topic includes tips on partnering with an employment agency.  Take a listen and connect with Dion Georges at www.forthrightstaffing.com

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    BTR #4 Janet, Dion, and Annette

    in Psychology

    First Annette interview Dion on LGBTQ veterans.

    Second Dion interviews Janet on TransRacial Adoption

    Third Janet interviews Annette on Child Care in the US

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    Race Fans Rock - Broadcast No.12

    in Sports

    On this broadcast of Race Fans Rock, hosts Infield Jen & Ronnie Tsunami will be speaking with Dion Rocko Williams, front tire carrier for NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Jeff Gordon, driver of the No.24 Hendrick Motorsports team. Dion has some very cool stories to share about what it's like to work at Hendrick Motorsports, what a typical day at the shop & at the track is for him. He will even share some of his cool interactions with some of the most enthusiastic 24 fans he has encountered! Make sure you tune in!

    When the phone lines open, Infield Jen & Ronnie Tsunami want to know YOUR thoughts about this years Speed Weeks at Daytona International Speedway, the Daytona 500 and everything that happened in between, including the topic regarding the lack of safer barrier walls!  Who do YOU think should pilot the No.41 car of NSCS Stewart Hass Racing & No.18 car of NSCS Joe Gibbs Racing & WHY??

    Call in number is 713-955-0744!

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    Interview with Tia McGraff

    in Music

    Described as having "a voice stolen from angels", TIA MCGRAFF first stepped into the international spotlight on a CBC TV special with Johnny Cash and June Carter. Johnny was so impressed with Tia, he invited her into June's dressing room to introduce the two. Johnny Cash wasn't the only one who recognized this shining star. Soon the likes of Randy Bachman (BTO), Dan Hill (Celine Dion), Andrew Gold, and countless others, were inviting Tia to write and record with them.

    Tia's most recent album is called Break These Chains and was produced by her co-writer/husband Tommy Parham. The rootsy melodies and honest lyrics have been produced with such integrity that listeners feel they are listening to something hauntingly familiar and refreshingly real. Perhaps it's because Tia’s influences include lyrical genuises like Joni Mitchell, Patty Griffin, and Mary Gauthier, or because she has drawn from the stories of those who have touched her heart.

    "Break These Chains is maybe her finest work to date. Sometimes by album number 5 an artist becomes complacent, satisfied with rehashing and redoing their past work.Same old wine in a different bottle. Fortunately, Tia has not fallen into that trap. She continues to grow and expand her talents as a songwriter and as a fine singer. McGraff has that quality, naturally, that singers strive for: believability." - Don Graham, Cashbox Canada

    Tia is here to share some brand new songs with us including "Baby's Got A Banjo".

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    Bellesprit Radio presents, Hollywood Psychic, Christian Dion on 2015- 2 hr show!

    in Spirituality

    Tonight on the Bellesprit Radio Show, Bellesprit Contributor Christian Dion, the Hollywood psychic himself!  This is a rare opportunity to hear Christian's 2015 predictions, and he will be coming to the show tonight! You dont want to miss him! Join us on the phones for an opportunity to speak to Christian. Join us in our live chat room to ask questions.  Do you have a quesrion for our guest? Plz email me, giarandolph1@gmail.http://giarandolph1@gmail.com, your 2015 question and we will try to get Christian to give us an answer. ( plz no reading emails, just 2015 questions)  each year Christian joins the Bellesprit Network for an "off the chain" predictions show and taking your live calls!

    plz visit his website for more info!  http://psychicgossip.blogspot.com/



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    Dion & Dey Dey Do America

    in Sports

    Dey Dey talks Sports; the latest NBA moves, updates from NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, and he gives you his thoughts on the Chicago Bulls chances for next season. 

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    (r)Evolution with HiC

    in Culture

    L*I*V*E On Air Readings ... skype in or call 646.716.5510 during the show to receive a reading L*I*V*E on the air with HiC !

    Enter the world and lore of the London occult with this month's (r)Evolutionary guest, Geraldine Beskin, owner of the world famous Atlantis Bookshop. PLUS ... our monthly Astrology Update and Living Well segments ... AND ... a Roundtable discussion on Desire.

    Geraldine Beskin is the longtime owner of the 92-year-old The Atlantis Bookshop in London. Located in the Bloomsbury district on Museum Street two blocks from the British Museum, the shop is the oldest and most well-known occult shop in England and quite possibly the world. It was « founded by magicians for magicians » in 1922 by occultist Michael Houghton. Some of the most well-known occultists and witches have passed through its doors including Aleister Crowley, Gerald Gardner, Dion Fortune, W.B. Yeats and so many more. In 1962, Geraldine’s father assumed ownership of the store. At the age of 19, she began working in the shop and then eventually took over as owner in 1972, sold the shop in 1989, only to return to London and repurchae it in 2002. News spread quickly that “Geraldine was back in town.” Today she and her daughter Bali together own and manage Atlantis, which also publishes its own material under its imprint Neptune Press just as it did in 1922. Geraldine offers lectures around the world on occult topics such as “Woman of the Golden Dawn,” “Aleister Crowley: The Man behind the Mask” and “Many P. Hall: The Murdered Mystic.”

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    Back on Tuesday nights as we get you prepared for the start of the upcoming NFL season as well as the " Real Season" with Major League Baseball Playoffs right around the corner. You can count on hearing great interviews with top professional athletes and sports fans. Also mixed in will be quality sport talk and a whole bunch of laughs. Your phone calls are always welcomed on the Bottom Line Sports Show Tuesday night show. Lead by Gerald Brown, Don Baker, Howie C and legendary rap artist Phife Dawg. 

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    BA Radio: Dion Hinchcliffe and Peter Kim on Social Business

    in Social Networking

    The authors of the book Social Business By Design will talk to us about what it takes to get moving in the direction of becoming a social enterprise, and what it takes to succeed. Dion Hinchcliffe and Peter Kim have decades of experience advising corporations on their enterprise strategies, and they bring deep historical insight to the challenges of the social era.
    Their book has garnered a 5-star rating on Amazon.com and is being praised by a who's-who of thinkers, doers, marketers, and researchers. 

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