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  • 00:45

    Monetizing your Social Games Beyond the iPhone

    in Marketing

    In this introductory session we sit down with Andrew Gracie, chief strategist at dimeRocker Social Engagement Platform to discuss the opportunities out there for indie game developers to generate revenue beyond the iPhone.

    This is the intro for next week's Question and answer session during which we will have viewers call up with their monetization questions for Andrew.

  • 00:45

    Unity 3D Beyond a Game Engine

    in Technology

    Grow up!!! Not everyone is playing games or gives a damn about games! Let's talk about how Unity is being used in education, research, architectural visualization and medicine.
    Our guests on this episode are Chris Hart and Kyle G from Reaction Grid. They'll be showing a discussing of the use of Jibe for importing environmental factors to affect a simulated environment as well as controlling external hardware in reaction to virtual world events.

    We have to look into these alternative pathways because they might be the very opportunity that pays "that bill".

    Allow me the luxury of sounding like a broke record when I say... "We're gonna jump in early and hit it hard. That's where the advantage is."

    Your Unity expertise can be leveraged in so many ways. Don't limit yourself to just developing the next hot iPhone or facebook game.

    Join us as we hear from experts that have taken the alternate path to success with Unity3D.