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    Aunkh Aakhu*Brilliance for Life w/Kemetic Yoga & Better Marketing Mastery*

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    *Welcome to Dimensions of Quantum!  We welcome a new family member on our upoming episode, Kemetic Yoga Master Aunkh Aakhu. What he is bringing us is thrice as nice because we are going to present 3 power-packed topics in one 2-hour program, so every minute counts.  First we are exploring Better Marketing Mastery as Aunkh connects ancient science with modern marketing techniques in a way that is uniquely practical, yet based on the esoteric principles of our Kemetic ancestors.

    Then we are staying in Kemet, but taking a journeying into the realm of Kemetic Yoga, an ancient, yet modern, form of connecting the various aspects of our beings: source or essence.  Brother Aunkh will connect us with the principles of healing and rejuvenation that exist within us as our birthright.

    And finally, certainly equally as exciting and inspiring is Brother Aunkh's upcoming Awaken the Maroon Within 13 day Activate your Natural Brilliance Kemetic Yoga Retreat and certification in Portland Jamaica.

    Join us to ask your question about any of these topics and join the family as we are inspired, energized by Brother Aunkh's powerful energy being.

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    #Reconstruction Reparations and Black Townships Yesterday and Today#

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    Welcome to Dimensions of Quantum!  On our upcoming program we are looking at the complex topic of Reconstruction Reparations, exploring exactly where these Reparations occurred and who precisely took advantage of them.  We will also touch on the current reparations movement.  

    In addition, we are exploring two black towns City of Lithonia, Georgia via an interview with Mayor Deborah Jackson and Jewell, which became Lake Worth, Florida via an interview with Priestess Yogini NuRaDina.  We What are the similarities and the differences between them?  What were some of the experiences of the founders of these towns and what legacy do they leave today?  How can we draw on their experiences in our own pioneering efforts?

    Join us for this intriguing and inspiring topic as we celebrate the accomplishments of our ancestors and create a legacy for 7 generations!

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    *Dr Jata Abdur-Rahim shares 'The People's Medicine: Our Healthcare Sovereignty*

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    Welcome to Dimensions of Quantum!  On our upcoming episode, we welcome new DofQ family member Dr Jata Abdur-Rahim of Naba Wellness Center, Fort Lauderdale Florida.  Dr Rahim is showing us how to regain our health and wellness sovereignty through the practice of The People's Medicine, accessible, affordable wellness care that enhances and empowers our lives.

    Call in to ask your general health and wellness questions.  818-688-6620.


    *We are here to empower you and provide you information that will allow you to take charge of your health and build a competent wellness team.  We cannot, over the air diagnose any disease, which would require the services of a healthcare professional. This program is not intended to replace a relationship with your healthcare professional."

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    Reverend Julianne Robertson - Opening the Path of the Holy Spirit

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    Welcome to Dimensions of Quantum.  On our upcoming episode we have the honor of welcoming a new Dimensions of Quantum Family member, Reverend Julianne Robertson.  

    Reverend Julianne M. Robertson is a mother, interfaith minister, spiritual counselor and Washington, DC attorney.  She comes from a long line of spiritually-focused, deeply intuitive women. Her work is intended to promote compassion, peace, truth and unconditional love.  As a lawyer and minister, she possesses a unique analytical ability that allows her to see and interpret life events and major strengths and life challenges of each individual. She is a master Prayer Practitioner who works to invoke the power of the Holy Spirit and the Angelic Realm in very specific ways to address situations which call for Divine intervention. Julianne has been an attorney for over 20 years, and has counseled private clients, government agencies and political leaders in a variety of roles. She considers prayer, healing touch, angelic channeling, and dream interpretation to be God-given talents.


    Reverend Julianne reminds us that, "Divine Spirit is the source of the love and support that we need."

    Join us for a truly healing experience!

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    True Science and Geometry of Love(MR or MUR).

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    Sculptor artist , Sharologist, Geometrician and Reserarcher Garth Harvey makes his returns to Dimensions of Quantum to share another installment of his Human Domestication Theory.  Tonight’s topic is a on the True Science and Geometry of Love(MR or MUR).

    Garth, will explore with us how today’s current concept of love is only one third of the process that is experienced by most humans.  He will also go in depth  on how not completing a love cycle can and will leave a person trapped in their own personal hell or bliss without progression of their soul .  This conversation will also detail Garth's thoughts on how the process of love has been used to strategically to domesticate humanity and aspects of nature?  While incorporating how does geometry figured into the process of love and finally, what does MR or MUR mean? And much more.

    So tune in as Garth Harvey answers these questions while taking  us on a journey into earth and humanity’s evolution through  using Garth Harvey's  most interesting concept of The True Science and Geometry of Love.

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    The Brain's Dark Matter: Glial Cells and Consciousness

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    Wellxome to Your Community Science Class, hosted by Dimensions of Quantum!  On today's program we are exploring glial cells, the brain's dark matter, and their connections to consciousness.  What are glial cells?  What are their functions?  What are their implications in conscious awareness and thinking? Why are we calling them 'the brain's dark matter?"  

    Join us with your questions, comments and insights

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    Physical Dimensions Introduction 2015

    in Education

    Dr. Kathryn (Katie) Stofer and certificate instructor Michelle Mileham introduce the Physical Dimensions course. 

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    *Melanin and Crystal/Christ Consciousness*

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    Welcome to Dimensions of Quantum!  On our upcoming program we present new DofQ family member TJ - Thurgood Marshall Jones, Jr, a multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer, inventor, khemist and scientist.  TJ - as he is affectionately called - brings us a powerful story of transformation, healing and love as he shares his poignant experiences that have brought him to such a powerful juncture.  This is a powerful program you don't want to miss!  Hear a personal story of overcoming and triumph.  Join us!

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    Other Realms and Dimensions: Do They Exist?

    in Spirituality

    It is believed there are many realms of existence. What are they? Do they exist? Do you believe in the Spirit Realm, Astral Realm or Faerie Realm? Do you believe in the theory of infinite dimensions? There is more to life than what we can see with our physical eyes. Join us as we discuss and explore the existence of different realms and dimensions.

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    Becoming a Cosmic Citizen Welcomes David Cowan: The Concept of Dimensions

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    David Cowan: The Concept of Dimensions

    Evolution Through Contact – Becoming a Cosmic Citizen.

    This week we have a special guest, David Ian Cowan BA CNC LSHC

    David is the author of: Navigating the Collapse of Time: A Peaceful Path Through the End of Illusion

    David is an author, lecturer, trainer and Licensed Spiritual Health Coach. Many years as a professional musician and teacher taught David the importance of creative expression. His later interest in psychology and nutrition led him to the practice of Quantum Biofeedback. After meeting his wife Erina 10 years ago, the Cowan’s explored Dowsing as a means to access and shift deeply held patterns in the mind. They discovered that the mind is the root of all experiences, and that by discovering and releasing hidden memories and patterns many peoples challenges were resolved.

    David combined research on the human condition, elements of ancient predications, DNA research, cosmological alignments and cycles, and individual spiritual awakening into what ultimately became the book ‘Navigating the Collapse of Time’ with the introduction provided by Barbara Hand Clow. We will be discussing these principles, focusing on the Concept of Dimensions tonight.

    David recognizes we are all in the most profound and significant period of change in all of history. Any tool that helps us navigate these changes is welcome. The most powerful ‘change agent’ we are all endowed with is our own minds. As we come together and recognize our common needs and common Source, there is a chance that we will ‘rise to the occasion’ and create the world we all truly desire and deserve.

    Call 646-478-3085 and press 1 to be put in the cue.

    You can also listen online at: www.BlogTalkRadio.com/Sierra-Neblina

    Don’s website: www.EvolutionThroughContact.com

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    The Internet is all abuzz about the restarting of the Haldron Supercollider. There are many opinions out there about this device and what it could really be used for. Science knows very little about space/time and what might lie outside the four dimensions that we live in. Will the collider open up a small wormhole? Will turn into something like a Star Gate that will allow travel to other realities? Why are so many notable people speaking about using this collider as being a dangerous thing. Let's talk some more about this tonight on Opposing The Matrix

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