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    power of perception writers with RC and JP Carter

    in Spirituality

    RC & JP Carter (Chris & Joan to their friends) have been married for almost forty years. They have five daughters, one son and thirteen grandchildren. Chris has been a full time air traffic controller for the last 27 years. Both Chris and Joan were also actively involved in Christian ministry for 20 years before retiring. They served as both associate pastors and pastors of their own church. They ministered deliverance to many people during that time. Even now during their paranormal investigations, they are often called upon to cleanse and anoint homes and sometimes the people living there.

    Joan first saw apparitions at an early age growing up in Massachusetts. She was always told that ghosts were not real, which didn’t stop the spirits from making themselves known. Chris was exposed to the paranormal with a UFO experience when he was young in Illinois. Now they both enjoy doing paranormal investigations in residential and public buildings when called upon.

    During their ministry they wrote many plays and skits. They took a troop of performers throughout southern California performing in churches and dinner theaters. Since they had a large family many of their vacations were full of adventure and misadventure. When they would return home from a vacation they would regale people with stories of their travels. People constantly told them “you should write a book”. Now many years later they decided to do just that.

    Their first three novels, The O’Rourke Series, are mysteries. These books have both strong male and female characters. In this series of books old school detectives solve hi-tech crime. The O’Rourke team are diligent, loyal, fearless, honest and hard-working people. They are the stuff America is made of.

    Book four of the O’Rourke Series is currently on the drawing board. .


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    Stability In Our Service To God

    in Religion

    Throughout his epistle, the author has exhorted his readers to "steadfastness"...

    a. With a warning not to drift away - He 2:1

    b. With a promise of becoming partakers of Christ - He 3:14

    c. With exhortations to be diligent - He 4:11; 6:11-12

    d. With a reminder of God's faithfulness - He 10:23

    e. With a promise of great reward - He 10:35-36

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    A diligent heart

    in The Bible

    In this segment I will minister on having a strong heart.

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    Changing the World One Youth at a Time with Spider Jones

    in Self Help

    Spider Jones is an energetic advocate of the 'Believe To Achieve' Organization, a youth outreach development and counseling charity. Many of Spider's events go to the benefit of 'Believe To Achieve' kids.

    Spider is also a highly popular motivational speaker who is much admired for his diligent work among the youth. His inspirational life story "Out of the Darkness" reveals his amazing rise from the impoverished, gang infested, inner-city projects of Detroit and Windsor and how, as a grade five dropout, he eventually returned to school at the age of thirty to become an honour student. Spider's favourite thing is talking to his Nighthawks, whether it be about sports, entertainment, or hot issues.

    Over the past 20 years, Spider has interviewed such notables as Muhammad Ali, Mark Wahlberg, Jesse Jackson, LL Cool J, Ron Howard, Scott Grimes, Doug Gilmour, Cito Gaston, Oscar De La Hoya, Roy Jones, Kris Kristofferson, James Brown, Guy Lafleur, Carlos Delgado, Jim Brown and countless others. Among his other claims to fame was to act as a sparring partner for such boxing legends as George Chuvalo and former World Heavyweight Champion Jimmy Ellis. Spider was also a member of Muhammad Ali's training camp back in the days when 'The Greatest' fought Chuvalo.

    To learn more about Spider Jones you can visit his website at  http://spiderjones.com/index2.html

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    in Islam

    Sheikh Ali Suleiman Ali’s Endorsing Comments Regarding:

    The Language of Revelation: Classical Arabic Language Instruction and Exercises with Qur’aan Commentary For Beginners & Non-Beginner’s By Siddeeq Jihad.

    I have read this detailed, scholarly work of our brother, Siddeeq Jihad.The book is basically written and structured to help anyone who is interested in learning Classical Arabic. The book is highly instructive and well organized.

    No doubt, the author Siddeeq Jihad  has a great love for Lughatut-tanzeel, the language of revelation. He has dedicated many years studying and teaching Qur’aanic Arabic.

    Allah has enabled him to share the knowledge He has blessed him with.  Siddeeq has had a long jihad  (exertion of diligent effort/time) in learning Qur’aanic Arabic.

    The book is extremely useful! It is an excellent guide for beginners and non-beginners and whoever is interested in learning Lughatut-Tanzeel: The Language of Revelation. This work equips and empowers its readers with a strong foundation to understand Qur’aanic Arabic. It can indeed lead students, male and female toward Arabic proficiency.    I strongly recommend the book for brothers and sisters who are interested in learning Qur’aanic Arabic as well as Modern Standard Arabic.

    Sheikh Ali S. Ali, Director of the Canton Masjid in Michigan www.siddeeqjihad.com  siddeeq@msn.com

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    Be diligent. Do as the occasion domands, because God is with you.

    in Religion

    Pastor Brad Morgan of New Life Beginnings Church in Pattison, TX continues speaking from 1 Samuel 10 about the annointing of Saul as King. God has something for everyone to do. God has a specific plan for your life, and with that plan there is an annointing for your life to accomplish that plan. There is a grace to do whatever God has called you to do.

    Pastor Brad give insights to the verses in 1 Samuel 10. Among them are: often you have to leave your family and go to another place; God may send you to a place that you never thought you would go to; there are many different people and tribes and everyone has a 'uniqueness' about them; when the Spirit of God comes upon you are going to be a new man, and God is going to back you. 1 Samuel 10:7 clearly says this, "And let it be, when these signs come to you, that you do as the occasion demands; for God is with you."

    God wants us to be diligant. The thing that He calls you to do requires work - steadily attentive with effort. Isaiah 54:14 says, "In righteousness you shall be established; You shall be far from oppression, for you shall not fear; And from terror, for it shall not come near you. Indeed they shall surely assemble, but not because of Me. Whoever assembles against you shall fall for your sake."

    Be diligent. Continue to move forward in a bold way. Desire fulfilled is sweet to the soul.


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    MBSFood: Portrait of a Past Life Skeptic with Detective Robert L. Snow

    in Spirituality

    What happens when a hard-nosed polic detective, devoted to evidence and hard facts, undergoes a hypnotic regression? He experiences a vivid awareness of being alive in three separate historical scenes, including that of Carroll Beckwith, a nineteenth-centurey British artist. It shakes the foundation of his world, radically changing his views on life, death, and the scope of reality. And he will be joining the conversation on Mind, Body & Soul Food to discuss the book he wrote after years of diligent research initially aimed at disproving reincarnation: Portrait of a Past Life Skeptic: The True Story of a Police Detective's Reincarnation.

    Robert L. Snow served for thirty-eight years at the Indianapolis Police Department, retiring in 2007 with the rank of captain. He has writeen fifteen books and his articles and short stories have appeared in Reader's Digest, the National Enquirer, Playboy, The Writer, Police, and Saint Detective Magazine, among others.


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    Trauma Triad of Death

    in Training

    We all love a good trauma call but we must make sure we are encompassing great quality pre-hospital care. As pre-hospital providers we must look beyond what we can see and treat our patients on the celluar level. The trauma triad is a serious and fatal cycle in a trauma patient. We have to be diligent and aggressive with quality trauma care. Hypothermia, coagulopathy and acidosis....... The Trauma Triad!

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    in Religion

    It is time that humanity MUST discern what was THE FAITHFUL EXPECTATION of the SAINTS ... BEFORE came the MURDEROUS DAYS of GREAT TRIBULATION that occurred from around 70 A.D-365 A.D.     The result of that PERILOUS ONSLAUGHT against the TRUTH ravages ALL MANKIND till TODAY!    The pluralisms that many generations have called "CHRISTIANITY" is NOT at all what the APOSTLES and the EARLY CHURCH believed!     In that the RULERS have preferred UNrighteousness, they have not had, nor have they taught a genuine diligent LOVE of the TRUTH!   The FOUNDATION of THE FAITH is NOT the diverse precepts of MEN! (Isaiah 29:8-32:8)     Trusting its LEADERS, a WORLD is long FALLEN from FAITH!    FALSE RULERS have entirely PERVERTED the TEACHING of the SCRIPTURES!    FEW discern the WAY OF LIGHT, LIFE and PEACE!     Indeed!   NONE remotely discerns the SALVATION found in Messiah Yeoshua's words, till comprehending Him as who the Early Church knew not as a POLYtheist Greco-Roman CHRIST ie. anointed of the unclean spirits of many!    Blessed are they who discern Him as SHAHSHANSHAH, the  promised KURTI-SHILOH! (Genesis 49:1-<8-12, Isaiah 40:27-41:4, Revelation 22:16, 16:12-21, 7:2, Malachi 4:2) 

    Isa 52:7  How beautiful over all the MOUNTAINS/ KINGDOMS ..  is the FOOT/ DOMINION of Him who brings the SURE MESSAGE!   He proclaims PEACE!   He brings a GOOD WORD to cast out CONFUSIONS!   He proclaims SALVATION!   He says to ZION, "Your YAH REIGNS!"

    The time is come to discern the TRUE WORD of YAH for the RENEWING of OUR ANCIENT FAITH in the TRUTH!    



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    The Vision of the Diligent

    in The Bible

    In this segment I will be ministering on the need to stay faithful and diligent regarding the vision God, has for you.

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    Cycles of Time, Cycles of Life with David Katzmire

    in Lifestyle

    This evening will be a Round Table discussing Time Cycles.  We have just passed the Winter Solstice and heading toward 2016.  But time cycles last from billions of years to nano-seconds in duration.  There has been fascinating research which confirms time cycle’s effects on the Earth, human consciousness and health.  Knowing more about these cycles gives us considerable leverage with each of these, which is why the subject is so interesting and so important.

    Dave Katzmire has been on A Better World Radio & TV numerous times and is a major friend and advocate of A Better World from its beginning.  Through diligent research,Katzmire has become a self-styled scholar of history in light of both major and minor time cycles that he was able to identify.

    Purchase Mitchell’s Interview with David Katzmire on Time Cycles

    Dave said: "The vision of KalaRhythms came to me in an instant as I was captivated to embrace the concept of oneness. Such oneness may be succinctly described with the axiom that, everything is in anything. That all things must change, and for every time there is a season, tells us that the Dance of Shiva is realized in many ways.*

    *Note:  Research scientist from New Zealand, Ray Tomes was initially going to join us but due to technical difficulties, wasn't able to join us.  But will in a future show.


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