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    Blessed Paul VI

    in Christianity

    In this episode, Sacerdotus will speak on the newly Beatified Pope Paul VI. He took the helm as the Vatican II council was still underway and implemented many new changes in the Liturgy. 

    He wrote the well known and prophetic "Humanae Vitae" encyclical in which he explained the dangers of contraception and other abuses of human life and sexuality. Paul VI was also the last Pope to wear the Papal Tiara.  

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    Forward Boldly: Guest Louie Verrecchio

    in Religion

    Louie Verrecchio, M.I. is an author, columnist and speaker living and working in the Archdiocese of Baltimore, Md.
    The Founder and President of Salve Regina Publications, Louie is one of Catholic News Agency’s longest running columnists (since April 2009). He is also the author of the internationally acclaimed Harvesting the Fruit of Vatican II Faith Formation Series which has been helping Catholics on four continents explore the documents of the Council since 2004.
    Louie is also the author of:
    •Ten Things Every Catholic Should Know About Vatican II
    • And With Your Spirit
    • Was John Courtney Murray Right?
    •The Most Holy Rosary: A Weapon of Mass Instruction
    Louie’s media appearances include EWTN, RealCatholic TV, Ave Maria Radio, Relevant Radio and numerous local affiliates. His website is HarvestingtheFruit.com.
    The title of the radio show is taken from the battle cry of St. Joan of Arc. Riding before her army, holding high her battle standard on which was emblazoned the names of Jesus and Mary, she would cry out, “In God’s name, forward boldly!”
    Like St. Joan, who displayed fierce courage in the face of the enemy, as Christians, we are also called to ride out boldly to fight on behalf of Truth, cutting down all enemies and rescuing souls from death, using the weapons of prayer, sacrifice, personal holiness, & evangelism through word and deed. And like this saint, we are called to take the offense. Not meant to sit back and ward off the blows that may come, we are, rather, called to ride forth to wage war against the enemy and attack, giving no quarter. St. Joan of arc, pray for us!

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    HUMANAE VITAE - The Prophetic Encyclical on Contraception

    in Religion

    The Catholic Roundtable with Ross and Margie

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    C012: Answering Questions about the Faith

    in Religion

    Negotiations with the SSPX Woman as Extraordinary Ministers Sexual Morality Holding Hands during the Our Father Is there Permissible Suicide (the Double Effect factor) Social Justice and ProLife Can a Nurse validly Baptize a dying baby Wife says no more Children after the 7th Blessing when not receiving Communion .
    Show Notes:
    Holding Hands: Clarifications and Interpretations of the GIRM "Notitiae" Vol. XI (1975) p. 226 Catachism on Social Justice: par. 2273, 1929-30 Why God is Father and Not Mother by Mark Brumley and God Has No Daughters: Masculine Imagery in the Liturgy by Leon J. Podles Couple-to-Couple League Humanae Vitae Blessing during Mass

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    Condoms and Catholics

    in Politics Progressive

    Due to vacations and the fiscal commission, I have not yet done a show on the latest on Condoms from the Holy See. Now is as good a time as ever to discuss this. Interestingly, this show is being held on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. We'll talk about that too.

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    Catholic Radio 2.0!: The Church & Birth Control: Humanae Vitae at 40

    in Religion

    Commander Craig re-examines Pope Paul VI's landmark encyclical on birth control. Author Karl A. Schultz, editor of an anthology of the pope's writings, joins the Commander to consider whether our society will ever heed the late pontiff's prophetic message.

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    "A Closer Walk" with Fr. Cohen

    in Spirituality

    SIGNS OF THE TIMES - LARGEST REPOSITORY OF TALKS BY PRIESTS AND THEOLOGIANS ON THE INTERNET--Join us for this interesting montage of various talks with pro-life priests interspersed in each show. Fr. Cohen discusses the Church document, "Humanae Vitae" and Fr. Barham talks about this important issue also.