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    Shivanee Patel an internet extraordinaire shares top marketing strategies

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    Overprotective leads to becoming an internet extraordinaire! 

    From rocks and stones, paper and pens, to iPads and iPhones, the next generation will be apart of an online world. An individuals online presence will soon determine how successful their business will be. IT is true, there is an app for that! 

    With highly overprotective parents growing up, Shivanee Patel was restricted from socializing with the outside world. After years of being stuck within the walls of her bedroom, she knew she had the World Wide Web in her hands. By 15 years old, Shivanee Patel was an internet extraordinaire! By senior year of high school, college graduates and professionals were requesting Shivanee's services for Resumes, Social Media, and Graphic Design. 


    Strategies of Success
    Host Brian A Cohen



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    7 Principios del Marketing Digital en el 2014

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    La Dra. Carmen Delia presenta los 7 principios del Marketing Digital para el exito empresarial en el 2014.    Antes de contratar los servicios de un agencia de marketing, es de crítica importancia que la empresaria líder protega los intereses de su propia empresa  conociendo  estos principios.  El conocimiento práctico le va a permitir  hacer decisiones sabias sobre como crecer la empresa utilizando las más modernas plataformas, herramientas y redes sociales.

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    El Marketing Digital en Blog Talk Radio

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    La doctora Carmen Delia Ortiz presenta el nuevo show de radio online  El Marketing Digital".  El show de Sabia Talk Radio se reinventa para seguir inspirando y empoderando a emprendedoras y empresarias con un compromiso social  a crear empresas milagrosas que construyen un mundo mejor.  En éste programa la Dra. Ortiz comparte con su audiencia  los objetivos del show y las herramientas y estrategias del marketing digital que estará presentando durante el 2014.   El programa se lanza como parte del nuevo projecto Coaching Marketing Digital,  dirigido por la Dra. Ortiz y su grupo de expertos del marketing digital.  Para informacion visiten www.coachingmarketingdigital.com

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    The Best Marketing coach Strategies

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    Association Executive and Start-Up Business Coach, ShaChena Gibbs, is the founder and president of Real Sisters Rising Women Business Association. Her tireless work of empowering influential women to become self sustaining via entrepreneurship has resulted in her international recognition as an expert in direct sales and professional development.

    ShaChena is a sought after speaker, social media marketing expert and networking guru. She spends the better part of her day “Helping Women find the Diamond in their Destiny.”  Through her company, ShaChena provides coaching sessions and resources to the high profile women entrepreneurs in her community. She speaks throughout the country at various live and virtual events and at her organization’s chapter meetings; the RSR network boasts members of various ethnicities and professions.

    Her leadership experience helps her excel as a leader various MLM companies, like AVON; a company known for the personal and professional development of women and Former Chapter President for Black Business Works (Bronx, NY).  She has been featured in numerous publications, including The New York Daily News; her articles have been broadly published throughout the world wide web. Ms. Gibbs has also been nominated and won various trade awards such as the Shorty Awards and Unlock Your Dreams Conference.



    Author of The CEO System | Building Business Mastery
    Co Author of Confessions of a Welfare Mom & Confessions of a Domestic Violence Survivor
    Marketing and Advertising Director for All About Us Youth Magazine
    Podcast Host for Teen Talk Podcast Network’s Business Insider
    Contributing writer for Change Gospel Newspaper in the business section.
    Blog Contributor for The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur and Identity Online Magazine.

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    The State of Digital Affairs

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    What's happening in our Digital Life as it relates to our business and our human interactions?  Enjoy Episode 1....We'll talk about a basic understanding of how to use Social Media for your Business and your Digital Footprint or Brand.  How all your Digital vehicles work together and how you can get it to work for you.

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    Digital Marketing with Rosh Sillars

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    Rosh Sillars joins us On The Dean's List to talk digital marketing. 

    He is president and founder of Image 3 Marketing, a digital marketing agency with a visual edge. On the broadcast, he will talk about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Remarketing and other tools that will get advertisers and marketers messages in front of publics looking for that information. Prior to establishing  Image 3 Marketing, Rosh was Director of S3 for Synectics Media for five years.  In his career, he has seen many of the changes in digital marketing and understands how to work with these ever evolving tools. Rosh is also an award winning photographer and founder of The Rosh Group, a photography and creative representation firm.  

    For more information about Image 3 Marketing's products and services: http://www.image3marketing.com/marketing-services/

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    El Marketing Digital Radio Presenta 7 Razones Para Crear Empresas

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    En este programa la Dra. Carmen Delia Ortiz presenta 7 razones para crear empresas en el 2014.  Avanzes tecnologicas, el marketing digital, los medios sociales y los aparatos moviles se han combinado para ofrecernos la mejor oportunidad de crear libertad personal e independencia financiera.

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    Marketing,Digital Marketing and Social Media.

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    Like to know more about Marketing, Digital Marketing and Social Media?
    Tonight I am joined by two people who can help.
    In this 12 minute broadcast I am joined by Andrew Crawford from Amber Digital Marketing and Anne Headon who has recently published the book 'How To Use Twitter To Grow Your Business'.

    I Look forward to you listening in tonight 8PM BST.

    Like to join us one night live on the radio or pre-record some information?
    It is so simple to do.
    email stevetwynham@networknorth.org.uk
    or phone 07833 627866

    Network North Radio.
    Helping business connect,share and grow.


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    Donna Duffy. Small Business Marketing and Online Strategies

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    Donna Duffy of 3E Marketing Solutions advises on how to educate, equip & engage small business with marketing strategies & solutions through workshops, strategy sessions, coaching, consulting, implementation and events.

    Donna Duffy is a visionary and entrepreneur who co-owns 3E Marketing Solutions, Academic Connections Tutoring Services, LLC and Memorable Milestones, LLC at: 3EMarketingSolutions.com  . She had the unique experience of living in Israel for almost 20 years. While there, she enhanced her Nazareth community by creating community programs and launched Bridging the Gap, a school for Arab-American children now celebrating its 16th year.

    Once becoming a small business owner in the United States, she recognized marketing as the business owner’s primary responsibility, yet often biggest challenge. She created 3E Marketing Solutions as a vehicle to educate, equip and engage small business owners with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary while coaching them to evaluate mindset, expand awareness, clarify their business and client needs and re-ignite their purpose and passion.

    She offers experience, knowledge, cutting-edge information in one-on-one coaching, workshops, public speaking, events and digital implementation services. In 2012, Donna received the Eastern University Alumnus of the Year award. An active member and contributor of the Bethany-Fenwick Chamber of Commerce, she was selected as their 2012 Inspiring Business Award recipient. In addition, she is a contributing author in two books, Inspired Women Succeed and Smart Women Know Their Why.

    In this global shift from centralized industries to diversified entrepreneurship, learn how you can use the tools already in place to maximize the effectiveness of your outreach.  Listen in!

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    Low Cost Marketing Strategies

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    Effective marketing is not cheap, however there are low or no cost marketing strategies to boost your profits

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    Saija Mahon of Mahon Digital Marketing Ltd

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    Mahon Digital Marketing Ltd was founded by owner Saija Mahon in 2010 in order to give Small and Medium businesses affordable access to digital marketing and advertising by real experts in the field.
    After more than 10 years working for some of the biggest media agencies in London UK, Saija decided that it was time to launch her own business focussing on what she loves most, digital and more specifically search engine marketing and social media optimisation.

    Since then the business has grown significantly in the UK with dozens of clients now relying on its digital services, from small businesses to large multinational companies. And thanks to Saija’s Finnish roots, Mahon Digital has now also expanded geographically with Mahon Digital Finland launching in November 2012 and growing fast. Saija has also launched a business networking event over in Scandinavia called The Caviar Club, which has rapidly become the most popular event in the quarterly business calendar. http://www.mahondigital.co.uk


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