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    Interview: Gini Dietrich, Author of Spin Sucks on CorporateSocial Media Policies

    in Marketing

    What happens to the brand of a company, particularly its brand in social media, when an employee goes rogue and starts harming the company with something that they say or do? There can be so many scary things that could happen, perhaps that is the core reason your company isn’t even IN social media as a marketing tactic.

    In this digital era, your company cannot afford NOT to be in social media, as there’s a conversation to be pulled away by something your employee does? Well, we have a great article from Gini Dietrich, author of Spin Sucks: Communication and Reputation Management in the Digital Age. She’s going to go over 21 must haves in your social media policy.

    But that’s the start. We are hearing from her about her concept of developing an integrated marketing campaign. The OMNICHANNEL!!

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  • Bret Cooper Football w/Coaches Cooper, Riley, Chambers HBCU Sports with Mack

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    Bret Cooper Football with Coach Chambers, Coach Cooper, and Coach Riley. HBCU Tuesday with Mack Daniel. 

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    Freddie Howard A Conversation About The Heart of America with James Riley

    in Radio

    Freddie Howard 

    A Conversation About The Heart of America with

    James Riley  


    August 2, 1949



    Languages Education

    Indiana University

    Geography · Bloomington, Indiana

    Arsenal Technical High School

    Indianapolis, Indiana

    German · Ancient Greek

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    Riley Cooper: inefficient racist

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    Mind of Mansion Podcast Episode 157: Matt Kelley @fantasy_mansion marvels at Chip Kelly's behavior amid controversy. 

    Hakeem Nicks was in his prime last year and a 35-year old Reggie Wayne still crushed him in fantasy points per game. 

    Marques Colston and Vincent Jackson violate bogus rules of thumb derived from flawed reasoning -- draft them with confidence in the middle rounds. 

    Drafting Jermaine Gresham, because if Bruce Arians coached Rob Gronkowski, Gronk would still be a TE1 in fantasy. 

    Heath Miller is the best tight end that Bruce Arians has had the opportunity to coach. 

    Larry Fitzgerald's muted 2014 output can be partly blamed on bad QB play.

    Marveling at the 2-year anniversary of Riley Cooper racist remarks. 

    Riley Cooper was the least efficient wide receiver in football in 2014.

    The criticism of Jeff Janis' practice performances is rife with barefaced non-facts and blatantly contradictions. 

    Advanced metrics, prospect evaluations, and fantasy football information were provided by PlayerProfiler.com

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    Evening with Ella Curry, Vanessa Riley and Nicole Hampton

    in Books

    Unmasked Heart by Vanessa Riley
    Shy, nearsighted caregiver, Gaia Telfair always wondered why her father treated her a little differently than her siblings, but she never guessed she couldn't claim his love because of a family secret, her illicit birth. With everything she knows to be true evaporating before her spectacles, can the mulatto passing for white survive being exposed and shunned by the powerful duke who has taken an interest in her?


    Glimmer in the Darkness by Nicole Hampton
    For Shannon Johnson, full-time wife, mom and freelance writer, life as she knew it changed one spring afternoon with the ringing of her doorbell.  On the other side stood Vaneetra James, former mistress of Shannon’s husband, Daniel.  With two sons, Shannon resisted the urge to leave Daniel in order to keep her family intact. However, she refused to deal with the issues resulting from Daniel’s extramarital affair.
    When Shannon thought her life couldn’t get any worse, a tragic turn of events in Vaneetra’s life turned Shannon’s already fractured world upside down, sending her marriage into an even deeper peril.
    Feeling desperate and trapped, Shannon made a series of rash decisions that landed her in the arms of another man, bringing her already fragile world crashing downward.  Having to come to grips with the reality that the man she once thought was extraordinary was just ordinary, she had to trudge the road of forgiveness, while learning to love again and accept what she never imagined could ever exist.


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    I REIGN Blog Talk Radio w/ HOST MIn Annie Bell. Guest Brad Riley of I EMPATHIZE

    in Podcasting

    I REIGN Blog Talk Radio with HOST Minister Annie Bell welcomes Brad Riley of I Empathize. Make sure to tune in on Sunday at 5pm. 

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    in Wrestling

    Special Guests: Zane Riley, Ricky Reyes, Steven Frye 

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    WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Author Kasey Riley

    in Books



      Sparks fly…
    When they meet, Stephanie thinks Doyle rude, crude, and bossy and while he loves her long legs, he thinks she seems snobbish and cold. However, he feels she has interesting possibilities and she thinks he is a sexy hunk.

      Danger unites…
    Surviving the arsonist set rangeland fire together ignites the passions each has been ignoring. The rugged high desert and mountains of Colorado set the scene for adventure, danger and fiery passions. Can they stay ahead of the arsonist and develop a solid relationship in the bright light of day?

    Growing trust in the face of adversity, just how strong is this new relationship. Can each of them get beyond past betrayals and pain? Will the final chapter be a wedding, or a fond farewell?

      Riverview is home to Stephanie and now to Doyle. The small Colorado town and its citizens reflect small ranch towns across the United States. The values and closeness of the residents who support each other when times are tough.

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    "50 Shades of Wrestling" Zane Riley joins SGWS

    in Sports

    We kick off Zane month with one of the more successful Zanes in professional wrestling. "50 Shades of Wrestling" Zane Riley has made a good name for himself on the independent wrestling circuit. Regardless of it being in singles or tags, big name star or indy standout for an opponent, large arena or small VFW hall he gives it his all whenver he climbs into the ring. He's held titles and wrestled a multitude of opposition over his career. Sit back and learn more about this great competitor as we start Zane month off right.