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    Beyond The Velvet Rope with Diesel

    in Entertainment

    Hear about real societal issues we face in our society. Informative, Motivating and at times hilariously funny. Life Coaches, Experts, Comedians and everyday people are live on the air each week. Lifting up our Youth and finding solutions to the problems they face daily. Our children is a Nation's Problem, coming together for the betterment of society as a whole. The show for the people it's Shay-Renae & Friends! Call in each week and join in on the conversation 917-889-8224 and make sure you sign up and follow the show so you don't miss and episode.

    DIESEL is an Atlanta based personality, Host, Red Carpet correspondent, and interviewer. He has been seen on hit reality shows Braxton family values, Hollywood exes Atlanta, R&B divas Atlanta, and Married to Medicine to name a few. Diesel is the founder and Ceo of one of the most premier Media sites. TSLEXCLUSIVES.NET is the source of current industry information and news. Since the launch of other popular media sites and false information “Diesel” decided to create a virtual home that would bring the real facts from direct connections.  With several invitations to some of the most upscale and exclusive events from Album release parties, fashion shows, charity events, movie premiers and exclusive sit down interviews.  “TSL” makes their virtual audience their plus one while  putting their signature media take on every function.
    “TSL” takes you "Beyond The Velvet Rope", granting viewers access and answers to their favorite celebrities, athletes, models, reality stars, and prominent figures in the world while asking the questions viewers want to hear, taking you "Beyond the Velvet Rope".

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    Episode 6: Top 10 Movie Franchises featuring Joe Diesel Part 1

    in Entertainment

    Join Tim and Tom as they join forces with Joe Diesel from the Half Hour of Power to discuss their Top 10 Movie Franchises of ALL TIME!  Can it be done?  Join us and find out!

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    Don't Bash To Boost

    in Lifestyle

    Just Sensational is an online magazine that inspires, interests and intrigues. Our weekly radio blog will cover the weeks prior stories and sum up the week with a positive thought. Tune in and check out our online magazine is at: http://www.justsensationalmagazine.com

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    Exhausted? Boost Your Energy with Nature's Superfood- Liver

    in Nutrition

    It may be a familiar sight to you: burned out, exhausted, even young kids are reaching for the soda, coffee or energy drink. Why are we so tired? Certaintly our "busyness" culture and our modern diet loaded with sugar and carbs are no doubt part of the problem. 

    So how can we naturally boost our body's energy, starting with one simple change?


    Join me as I chat with nutritional consultant Pam Killeen as we discuss liver- what some people are now calling nature's #1 superfood including:

    The nutritional science behind why liver is so good for you- and the other surprising health benefits it provides
    Some simple ways to eat liver that are easy and delicious
    How to safely store and eat liver (and to ensure that parasites aren't consumed!)

    Be sure to call in the number above to have your questions answered! 


    Pam Killeen is a nutritional consultant who specializes in Nutritional Balancing. Over 20 years ago, Pam was diagnosed with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and multiple chemical sensitivities, and was forced to learn how to get well on her own. She now shows others how they too can naturally heal from chronic illnesses through nutrition and other methods. Pam is also the author of the book "Survival of the Unfittest: How Wisdom Will Save Humans from Falling into Extinction"

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    3 Badass Ways to Boost Your Confidence!

    in Women

    Ruthann McKenzie is a lover of life, one who loves other beautiful souls, someone who can find a silver lining amid the clouds.  She's a domestic violence survivor, mentor to women, mother, daughter, and friend. She has a story.  Most of her life she was held back her thoughts. She was plagued by insecurities, doubts, fears, and perceived judgments from others.  One day it all changed.

    Ruthann, the founder of www.JustBeConfident and author of Today Will Be Different,  joins me on She Struts Radio Thursday, April 23, 6:30pm ET, to share her story of overcoming and transformation. I hope you'll tune in!  

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    DJ Nothin Nice Live With Young Diesel On Nothin Nice Radio

    in Entertainment

    DJ Nothin Nice sits down with Young Diesel of Big Bang Musik Inc and talks about Mix Cd on LiveMixtapes, the brand of BBMI past and present topics and a whole lot more for more infomation follow Dj Nothin Nice on all social media outlets at @DjNothinNice @YoungDiesel @L3CEO @bcmusicgroupllc. To get your exclusive interview text 910 723 0794 or email l3ceopromotions@gmail.com

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    Top 5 Marketing Tips to Boost Your Sales Efforts This Year

    in Business

    Marketing is critical to business success. And these days it can be confusing figuring out where to be, what to say, and how to get your message out effectively. Well, have no fear! Kerry Heaps of Strictly Marketing Magazine and Talk Radio will be with us to explore this topic.

    Kerry is the publisher of Strictly Marketing Magazine and the host of Strictly Marketing Talk Radio.  Both media outlets are dedicated to providing excellent marketing advice from professionals nationwide.  Kerry’s passion is to help other business owners with their marketing efforts to continue their dream of Entrepreneurship. 

    Today's show is sponsored by Audible.com and Expert Insights. Audible.com is a leading provider of spoken audio entertainment and information. Listen to audiobooks whenever and wherever you want. Get a free book when you sign up for a 30-day free trial at audibletrial.com/businessgrowth.

    Expert Insights brings you expertise of business gurus from around the world. Direct excerpts of this show's episodes. Available on Amazon.com.

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    Lost Souls: The Island of Dr. Moreau and Richard Stanley

    in Entertainment

    Marlon Brando!  Val Kilmer!  The Island of Dr. Moreau was released in 1996 by New Line Cinema.  It is considered by many to be a mess of a movie!  This mess of a movie is only half of the story!  The release of the new documentary, Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley's Island of Dr. Moreau, sheds some light on what went on behind the scenes.  Join us as we discuss the movie and the documentary.  Who belongs in the house of pain for this one?

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    Name the Brand: $47 million annually; 52 workdays. How?

    in Jobs

    On the WIN Without Competing! show Dr. Arlene reveals the television personality who earns $47 million annually and only works 52 days; a fascinating person with an intriguing brand.  This name brand’s success is not accidental.  The creation, orchestration, and implementation of this brand would make a compelling case study in business schools.  This name brand is a WIN Without Competing! person, who naturally uses Dr. Arlene’s Right Fit Method. Listen to episode 96 of Dr. Arlene’s radio show and discover how you can become a fascinating person with an intriguing brand.  Unparalleled Success is waiting for YOU!

    Call Dr. Arlene 310-443-4277;  drbarro@winwithoutcompeting.com

    See the book http://bit.ly/1BNCefv
    Use the 5-Star App iBrandU4Hire: bit.ly/PqJ3cx
    Listen to more than 90 radio shows http://bit.ly/1xGm6pz
    Contemplate Career Coaching bit.ly/1dOsIvE
    Consider Business Consulting bit.ly/1cP6LhR

    About Dr. Arlene & barro global:

    After holding high-level healthcare executive positions and making significant innovative contributions with global impact, Dr. Arlene entered the world of executive search and tested her Right Fit Method. She was setting the stage to become an entrepreneur.

    In 2003, Dr. Arlene, creator of the Right Fit Method and Right Fit Branding Strategies, founded barro global search, inc. a retained executive search firm, to design innovative search solutions for corporate clients. After her book WIN Without Competing! was published, Dr. Arlene expanded the services of the firm, which now has three divisions.

    Dr. Arlene, a behavioral educational psychologist, is a UCLA-trained PhD with distinction for her doctoral dissertation on creativity. Innovation, Contribution, and Impact characterize her career.

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    Inner Power Boost with Robyn Stratton-Berkessel & Jay Forte

    in Self Help

    What’s the best thing that has happened to you today?

    Robyn Stratton-Berkessel shares her engaging and infectious attitude of positivity as she explains its power, impact and ability to help us realize our greatness in our everyday moments. Whether in a casual conversation, the workplace or in life challenges, we can choose optimism and positivity as the means to show up more creatively, significantly and authentically – it is our inner power booster. Why be negative when we can be positive? A practical conversation about how to choose to see the best things each day. More about Robyn Stratton-Berkessell www.positivitystrategist.com

    Jay Forte, the host, is a coach, author and speaker who helps others discover, develop and live their greatness – to live in their Greatness Zone. More about Jay’s greatness focus in work and life www.TheGreatnessZone.com

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