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    Blurring the Borders with Giving: The Impact of HNWI on Diaspora Giving

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    Alex Dixon, Director of the Aspen Institute’s Diaspora Investment Alliance, will be joining Ted Hart, CEO of CAF America, on the CAF America Radio Network show to discuss the role of HNWI within the context of diaspora philanthropy. Drawing upon Alex’s experience in both the banking and nonprofit sectors, the show will highlight the impact that diaspora communities can have with their philanthropic efforts and how they can give abroad in an easy and effective manner.


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    Patrick Mapalo- Zambian Diaspora in Development

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    Patrick Mapalo & Daniel Nsomekela discuss their experiences of their recent trips to Zambia and the role of the Diaspora community in contributing to development

  • Zambia the Next 50 Years- Diaspora Role & Policy

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    The National Consultative Forum for Diaspora Policy Formulation was held in Lusaka Zambia from October 7 through 9 and it drew participants from various parts of the world and professions. The government of Zambia is determined to formulate a Diaspora Policy which will ensure its community of nationals living abroad is engaged in the development and governance processes of the nation. In part II of our series, we'll talk to delegates who attended the Forum to share their experience and views. 

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    Kenyan Diaspora to Decide Which Coalition to Back 2013

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    Building Consensus Towards Proclamation Declaring the united stand of Kenyan Diaspora on the 2013 Kenyan General Elections.
    Feb 2-9, 2013–General discussions among 1. individual Diaspora members and 2. inter-organizational discussions on the three draft documents 1. The draft Declaration 2. The draft Programme of Action  3.. The draft MOU
    All Diaspora members and organization who are desirous of a more purposeful engagement in the 2013-17 period should read the documents and suggest rectification or additions. Your views are requested.
    Feb 10th–KDLA Session 15–To formally ratify and adopt the consensus and authorize the beginning of consultations with the selected coalition.
    Feb 11-12–Output of final revised and edited documents and signing of documents by represented organizations
    Feb 11-12–Tele-consultations with the selected Coalition begins
    Feb 13-15–Engagement of Diaspora lawyer in Nairobi to construct legal MOU as well as face to face meetings with representatives of selected Coalitions and representatives of the Diaspora.
    Feb 16th–Official Signing of the MOU and Press Conference in Nairobi
    Feb 17-March 4th–Diaspora works in unison to campaign for the selected Coalition both online using social media, online media, News publicity, opinion articles, engaging relatives/friends/colleagues at home, as well as press presentations and participation in events, rallies, forums, and carrying out  tasks as required by said campaign secretariat on the ground.
    March 1-3rd–Help develop and implement the GOTV–Getting out the Vote initiative both online/electronically (deploying the latest mobile Apps), as well as physically across the country.

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    The Hatcher Street Diaspora Radio

    in Music

    Practice Show for Mitch Ruth

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    ZBTR Round Table- National Consultative Forum (Zambian Diaspora)

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    The Zambian government will be hosting a National Consultative Forum as a follow up and to consolidate the formulation of a Diaspora policy on submissions received during tours of the United Kingdom and United States respectively. This Forum will be held from October 7-9, 2015 in Lusaka, Zambia. On this round table discussion we'll emphasize the importance of the Zambian Diaspora community's participation and areas requiring attention. 

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    Love in Diaspora

    in Romance

    Love among immigrants of all races can be tricky. Most people where single at the time of migration or married but migrate alone leaving their spouses behind face some changes when it comes to  dating. So date locals, other date exclusively people from their homeland while others date only people from other countries. Today we explore this critical issue, dating in the diaspora.

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    Open Mic : Around the Diaspora

    in Current Events

    This will be a random review of events and activities in the Zambian Diaspora Community globally.

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    1st Nigerian Diaspora Teleforum: Transforming Nigeria

    in Education

    An Important Nigerian Independence Day Event (October 1st, 12 PM EST)

    “Nigerian Diaspora Tele-Forum”

    An Initiative Endorsed by Ambassador Habu.

    Please be informed that the petition to host regular meetings with the Diaspora representatives and the Nigeria consulate abroad was approved by Ambassador Habib Habu before he left office. We are now in the process of integrating the program as an adopted policy. This is one of the reasons we will be having the first Nigerian Diaspora Teleforum on October 1st, 2015 to mark the Nigerian Independence Day.  The forum will serve as a preparation towards the actual launching of the Nigerian Diaspora Forum scheduled to take place on October 31st, 2015 at the Nigeria Consulate in New York. We ask for your support and solidarity in our collective effort to transform Nigeria in becoming a nation that reflects the true value of its best citizens.

    Once the program goes live, listeners will see a Skype icon appear next to the guest call-in number, which they need to click on. This will ask listeners to log into an account or to register for a listener account. Once they do, they will need to follow the prompts to call in..

    The Nigerian Diaspora Forum is an initiative of African Views Organization

    Facilitated in partnership between African Views and NiDO NY

    AV tele-forum is an efficient way to connect required intelligence for specific purpose across the world in real-time. The platform also enables general participation in important forums and discussions allowing intellectual and experiential contribution towards the common good and shared concerns.

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    In an effort to build consensus across the Global African Diaspora around strategies for cooperating and coordinating, CFA collaborates with African Views to facilitate a conference call of Diaspora leaders in the Western Hemisphere, as part of the 2015 Ronald H. Brown African Affairs Series.  While time, distance and travel resources have proven to be significant obstacles in the coordination of Diaspora in support of Africa, this effort can bridge the gap, by holding the first of several conference calls of Diaspora leaders around the globe to open and strengthen dialogue. 

    SESSION I: 9:00 am – 10:00
    TITLE: Strategies to Address the Healthcare Infrastructure Challenges in Africa

    Keynote Speaker:  Allen A. Herman, M.B., Ch.B, Ph.D.
    Dr. Allen Herman is an epidemiologist and public health physician. He was the founding Dean of the National School of Public Health, Medical University of Southern Africa of the Republic of South Africa.

    SESSION II: 10:00 am – 11:00 am
    TITLE: Promoting STEM in Africa
    Keynote Speaker:  Nkem Khumbah, Ph.D.
    Mathematics lecturer at the University of Michigan
    Coordinator of the STEM-Africa Initiative at the University of Michigan
    Executive Curator at the NEF

    SESSION III 11:00 am – 12:00 am
    TITLE: Engaging and Mobilizing the Diaspora 
    Keynote Speaker: Barryl A. Biekman, Ph.D.
    Netherland Statesman, Social Scientist with expertise on Global African Affairs
    Civil Society Representative on International Decade for People of African Descent
    At the United Nations


     Hermine G. Zossoungbo Ph.D. (abd)/ (African Immigrants)
    Founder and President of African Immigrant, is a Sociologist and Cultural Anthropologist and expert on African immigrant/African diaspora and African Women and gender issues.


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    David Saunders- Diaspora Market Place

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    The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Western Union have launched the third round of the African Diaspora Marketplace business plan competition (ADM III).  15-30 successful ADM III applicants will receive a matching grant of up to $50,000. In 2011 two Zambian applicants made it to the semi-finals and one of them was successful and earned grant support for the business. That company is Mobile Payment Solutions based in Lusaka, Zambia.  Mobile Payment Solutions Ltd.  

    Join us this Saturday January 24 as we host David Saunders from the Diaspora Market Place and our own Robert Sichinga from the Zambia USA Chamber of Commerce. For more information access: