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    Have you ever personally faced the dilemma of choosing between buying diapers for your infant and putting food on the table?  Have you ever had to leave your baby in the same diaper for an entire day because you couldn’t afford to purchase diapers? This is reality for many North Carolina families as well as 49,000,000 family around the United States

    Diapering an infant requires between 8 and 12 diapers a day, on average.  And we all know that diapers are expensive (about $100 per month per child)!  Programs such as WIC and food stamps do not cover their purchase. If you know of anyone who have this problem please have them tone in on friday July 25th at 11:00Am EST. As I discuss with

    Dr.Curtis Skinner, 

    Director, Family Economic Security

    National Center for Children in Poverty

    Mailman School of Public Health

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    Stinky Diapers!

    in Work

    Is it time to pull the diapers off?  Who expected to be in the crib forever?  Does life stink?  Find our why!

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    Lynyrd Skynyrd and Blackfoot’s rock and roll powerhouse Rickey Medlocke joins Halli at her table on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show for a rare in-depth interview, Wednesday, November 18, 3 pm ET.

    Rickey Medlocke has been performing on stage since the age of three. His grandfather, Shorty Medlocke, was a well-known Delta blues musician and taught his grandson, still in diapers, to play a miniature banjo. His musical abilities increased over the years. At age five, he began teaching himself to play the guitar. At the tender age of eight, he was playing drums in Grandpa Shorty’s band. He went on to master the banjo, guitar, drums, mandolin, dobro and keyboards. And let’s not forget the voice, rough, raspy, irresistible. The kid from Jacksonville made good, first carving his way in the competitive world of rock and roll at eighteen as founder, singer and guitarist for the celebrated band Blackfoot. And then as a member of the iconic Southern Rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd. He continues to tour with Lynyrd Skynyrd, but more importantly, Blackfoot is back!

    A conversation with the iconic singer, songwriter, musician, producer, Rickey Medlocke, on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Wednesday, November 18, 3 pm ET. For more information visit Halli Casser-Jayne dot com.

  • Rev.Russell Moore's Bible Study: "Babies R Us" Hebrews 5:12

    in The Bible

    By Now we should be teachers. What god has invested in us in Christ will bring us to maturity. But you have to do more than believe it you have to obey it before you grow in grace.  Obeying him is believing him you can not seperate faith and action.  In the Bema Judgement faith will be tested by how we obeyed God in difficult situations and what our reaction said about God.  Everything a Christian does says something about God Join Me and lets talk about it. Monday @ 3:00 PM

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    Diapers 101 & Dressing For The Seasons

    in Moms and Family

    For today's show we will be discussing everything diapers. Cloth or disposable? Which brand is best? We will give you tips about cleaning cloth diapers and a link to a video on how to fold a cloth diaper. Also, how to tame the toddler during changing time! Let's not forget the dreaded time when your precious wee little one gets diaper rash. We will give ideas on what to do to make them comfortable.

    We will also be discussing what is and what is not appropriate to wear during the transition from summer to winter. Fall weather can be unpredictable and sometimes it can be hard to know what they should wear to school. We will give you some fun ideas on how to prepare your kids and keep them cool or warm during this time.

    In the news today we will talk about Infants Tylenol Recall. Why did they recall it and what you can do to help bring down a fever in your infant.

    As always please feel free to email us any comments or questions at messymomsradio@gmail.com. These will then be read live over the radio and addressed!!
    If you would love to call in and comment, please feel free to do so!!

    If you would like to be a guest on our show please contact us via email!!

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    Dependas...What you need to know so you don't become a victim.

    in Military

    Top Definition


    A person who is married to someone in the service who doesn't just depend on their spouse for financial support, but pretty much relies on them for it. They start out all cute and All-American until after the wedding, then it's like cookies, couch and coach purses. Arguing with other dependas over Facebook all day over who's the bigger dependa. They're generally not educated and have no goals or aspirations in life. They live their lives through their husband's successes and think they rank and are better than "civilians" when they themselves are in face...still civilians.

    You can usually find them at the PX and/or commissary like a herd of cattle during every pay period blowing their spouse's paycheck on oreos, Coach and Michael Kors and then complaining 2 days after "they" got paid that they're broke and need someone to deliver them free diapers for their 6th baby. (also see "dependa-twat", "dependasaurus" and "dependapotomus")

    -"My husband and I just got married last month, what are some websites that give free stuff to military wives?"
    --"Shut up dependa."

    -"I got married to My Marine, he's going to take care of me now. No more working at Taco Bell for this girl!"

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    Pokemon vs. Diapers (Guest: Keith Kopka)

    in Comedy

    Well, we did it again! Very fun show and having some beers and good time!  Greate debate...Pokemon vs. Diapers! Get on with your bad self, give a listen and crack a beer or make a bev and have a laugh!
    Party, RDWN

  • That's Novel interviews Authors C.M. Wilson & Samantha Long

    in Books

    C.M. Wilson on Amazon:  http://amzn.to/1hGPGu3  C.M. Wilson is 37 years old. Originally from Ocean Side, California, she was raised in Flint, Michigan. She now resides in Grand Blanc, Michigan with her 19 year old calico cat. When she isn't writing, she loves to watch movies, scrap book and make beaded necklaces. 

    She started writing short stories and poems at 15 and then got serious about writing at 19. 

    C.M. got signed to BraveGirl publishing June 24, 2014 and absolutely loves it. "It's crazy busy, even hectic at times but I absolutely love it. The company is amazing and I'm honored to be a part of the BraveGirl movement."

    Samantha Long on Amazon:  http://amzn.to/1UN6Jc1  I'm a multitasking mom of four. When not writing/doing laundry/changing diapers, I like to catch up on episodes of Supernatural and Castle. If you can't find me in front of the computer, I'm most likely watching my DVR.?

    I've been writing since the first grade, where I wrote a one page story titled "If I was an Indian". My warrior husband was going to be the best hunter, I was going to live in the best teepee and apparently, I was having an affair with the Chief. Racy, I know.

    Of the things I'm addicted to sweet tea, movies, and books top the list. My favorite authors include Nora Roberts, Lauren Kate, Kresley Cole, and Gena Showalter. Few of many I love.

    Thanks so much for reading!

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    Real Men - Real Talk

    in Dads and Family

    On today's show we discuss Real Men - Real Talk. A live recording from a Father Matters mens support group. This may be the era of the evolving dad who changes more diapers, reads extra Dr. Seuss books and spends added time raising his children. But when he looks for support groups he sees mostly moms. To state the obvious, dads matter more at home every year, playing a critical role in everything from toddler vocabulary to keeping their kids out of jail.

    Guest Speaker Information:
    Father Matters INC.
    Phone: 602.774.3298
    Website: www.fathermatters.org 


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    Freedom Friday Hour 1.9.15! Cops, Diapers, Pope, & the Naked Hot Tub Dude

    in Spirituality

    Mystery booms and shakes in Tenn, Penn, and TX, Mysterious coronal hole in sun, Cops wear adult diapers for the Pope's visit, Fast food looks the same after two years on a counter, Church to host abortion celebration with Planned Parenthood, 327,653 aborted babies in 2013 by Planned Parenthood, Naked hot tub dude breaks into houses and drinks alcohol in other's hot tub, and a man decapitates his mother because she nagged him  about doing chores.  


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    Those $300 Pair of Shoes Won't Heal You"

    in Self Help

    I graduated from College and left a harsh reality in Philly behind. I assumed that with a degree in hand and all the right trappings, I would find the healing that I so desperately wanted. I relocated to Atlanta because that is where all the African-American professionals were supposed to go, right? I assumed that self-love and deep down happiness would come if I was in the right city, had a good job, nice car, home, clothing, etc. It didn't and it was a smack in the face. It took me years of inner work to be able to really stand in the mirror naked and deeply LOVE ME. All of me. It took so much time for me to understand that if I did not have the foundation of Self-love and acceptance, I would not be able to live a life of Passion, Purpose, and Abundance. There were so many years that on the outside, I looked fabulous!!! but on the inside I was suffering.

    It doesnt have to be this way. I am so pleased to announce a guest on this week's show. Her name is Saeeda Hafiz and she is the author of an amazing book called " The Healing". Its all about how she was able to find healing and true happiness in Yoga and holistic eating. She did not allow her dysfunctional past to stop her in her search to live an authentic life. I have stacks of books in my home that are unfinished. Hers is the first book that I have read in quite some time, that I bookbinged!! I literally could not put it down. I cooked, cleaned, and even changed diapers while reading it. Her words are an authentic account of what it took for her to step into her greatness and she truly shines like the magnificient woman that she is!

    Tune in! Let's have a real discussion about living one's authentic self regardless of the trappings that advertisers sell to convince you that their products will give you happiness and healing!

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