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    THE 2 Year REUNION - Producer "Lady Diane" Today's Teaching: STRONGMAN Heaviness

    in Christianity

    To appoint to them that mourn in Zion, to give to them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified.Jesus said these kinds come out through fasting and praying. Read the list below for the Strongman of Heaviness. If you read closely you might find yourself in the listing.   That is because many of us are in desperate need of deliverance. Isaiah 61:3


    SPIRIT OF HEAVINESS - Isaiah 61:3
    Broken hearted, continual sadness, cruel, crying, death, defeatism, dejection, despair, despondency, discouragement, disgust, drivenness, escape, false burden, fatigue, gloom, gluttony, grief, guilt, heartache, heartbreak, hopelessness, hurt, hyperactivity, indifference, inner hurts, insomnia, laziness, lethargy, listlessness, loneliness, morbidity, mourning, negativity, passivity, pressure, rejection, restlessness, self-pity, sleepiness, sorrow, spirit, suicide, tiredness, torment, troubled spirit, weariness, wounded spirit.

    Fasting and Praying is really needed.

    Our flesh is our enemy and it does not want you to obey God.




  • THE 2 Year REUNION with Lady Diane - Topic: Overcoming The Spirit of Fear

    in Christianity

    This program will discuss getting over fear.   What does the bible say about the Spirit of Fear? 





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    The Undergroundlings Railroad w/ Jim Norton, Keith Robinson and Rachel Feinstein

    in Comedy

    An incredible crew of comedian guests are in the studio this week. Jim Norton, Keith Robinson, and Rachel Feinstein talk about Kurt's experience at the Emmy's, abortions, Colin Quinn bombing at Robert De Niro's birthday party, the UCB diversity controversy and more. Plus Bob DiBuono is back as racist Norm Macdonald, Rich Vos and Matt Dillon.
    Check out all of our shows at http://standupnylabs.com
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    Diane Mott Davidson brings Goldy Shultz's Cookbook to Authors on the Air LIVE

    in Books

    The beloved New York Times bestselling culinary mystery writer delivers a cookbook packed with more than 160 mouthwatering recipes and charming anecdotes about her writing and cooking life.

    Diane Mott Davidson is the author of seventeen bestselling mysteries featuring caterer/sleuth Goldy Schulz, a woman who “took the lemon that life had given her and made not just lemonade but Lemon Chicken, Lemon Bars, Lemon Cookies and Lemon Meringue Pie.” Each Goldy novel includes recipes for scrumptious dishes from the adored character’s kitchen. Now, Davidson has collected these treasured recipes and some brand-new dishes in one volume for the first time.  Here are recipes for Appetizers and Soups, Eggs and Cheese, Salads and Starches, Meat, Poultry, and Fish, Breads, Desserts, and finally Low-Carb Recipes (how Davidson lost thirty pounds and kept them off). Most of the dishes came from “playing around with dishes tasted in restaurants.” Others are family favorites, some came from friends, and a few are “happy accidents.”      

    Part memoir, part writing manual, part cookbook, Goldy’s Kitchen Cookbook combines the author’s gift for storytelling with her skills in the kitchen. She introduces the recipes with stories about how she came to create them, anecdotes from her experiences as a writer and home cook, and includes her joy at receiving a fan letter from the legendary French Chef herself, Julia Child.

    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes the incomparable DIANE MOTT DAVIDSON  LIVE!

    This is a trademarked copyrighted podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.


  • Sept. 24, 2015, 10pm (PDT) - ET Abductions with Diane Tessman

    in Paranormal

    Diane has counseled abductees and contactees for over 30 years. She draws on her own experiences in childhood as well as the ongoing contact throughout her life. Tibus (whom she encountered in her childhood experiences) and Diane share consciousness and so can offer unique help to star seeds and contactees. Over the years, thousands of people have turned to Tibus for guidance.  Diane's encounters totally changed her life – and she has no regrets. She has physical evidence from those encounters which is undeniable. The certainty that “we are not alone” has motivated Diane for many years.  While teaching school for 11 years, Diane was State Section Director for Florida MUFON in the late 1970's, and also a field investigator for the Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization (APRO).

    After moving to California, Diane began a monthly newsletter called The Star Network Heartline; this monthly newsletter is still thriving and has many of the original subscribers. In 1990, Diane began The Change Times Quarterly while living in Amsterdam. Both of these newsletters are available in “e” form from Diane’s website. Tibus, Diane's star guardian, has been accurate on an amazing number of predictions over the years.

    Diane now lives in North Iowa, where her childhood encounters took place, and maintains The Star Network Animal Sanctuary on ten acres for feral, abandoned or abused dogs and cats. Diane’s Star Network Sanctuary currently has over 65 cats who enjoy a safe, healthy, well fed home. Donations are welcomed.

    Diane believes that the primary purpose of our UFO visitors is to nudge humankind along so as to achieve a higher level of consciousness. Humans are about to take a step forward in evolution and become a new species which Tibus calls Homo cosmos.

  • Cosmic Awakening Show- Reporting On Ascension Waves With Diane Canfield

    in Spirituality

    Join Host Michelle Walling as she interviews ascension teacher and psychic medium Diane Canfield about the recent waves of high vibrational energies that are coming to the planet. Diane is able to feel the waves as they come over her and is reporting everytime a wave is expereinced. She has stopped doing readings at this time in order to focus on this time in preparation for ascension as well as to be able to receive downloads and report what she is experiencing.  Some of the topics we cover are:

    -What was felt up to September 23, 2015, and what was felt on September 23, 2015

    -More key dates to come

    -What are time slips?

    -What downloads have been received and any instructions, if any

    -How to develop your psychic skills

    -What her NAE (near ascension experience) was like on May of 2013

    -What it will feel like for those who will choose a light body

    -What are the other ascension choices?

    -How to prepare for ascension waves

    -Is it too late to do the "work"?

    -How to process the waves and increased energies

    -What ET messages has she received up to date about ascension

    -How CERN is being stopped

    and much more!

    Check out Diane's website here: http://www.dianecanfield.com/

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    Taking It To The Streets: "The Real Deal" With Chaplain Diane Carrihill

    in Religion


    Taking It To The Streets with Bishop Cook

    Join Me: Mondays @ 5:00 PM (PST)-7:00 PM (CST)- 8:00 PM (EST)
    Call: 424-675-8300

    "The Real Deal" With Chaplain Diane Carrihill

    This week, I am joined by Chaplain and Pastor Diane Carrihill who will share with our listeners the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! Are You Ready?

    Are you ready for a breakthrough? Are you ready to be transformed? Join us to hear the word of God in application to bring about your transformation.

    I am personally committed here at Taking It To The Streets to bringing to you, our listeners, some of the most uplifting and inspiring interviews, along with some of the most anointed preaching and teaching that you are going to hear this side of the New Jerusalem,  because we're here to bring you relevant information and solutions based on Biblical principals that will literally transform your faith walk and change your world.

    Visit our website at www.spiritalivebiblestudies.org

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    in Christianity


    Praise the lord everyone truly we honor God for who he is and all he is doing.  I am so excited. Join us next Saturday 2:30 PM Pacific  4:30 central and 5:30 eastern for a very special episode with special guest speaker Pastor Diane Williams of berkley California. it is a show you truly wont want to miss. come and be a part of what God is doing. GOD BLESS YOU ALL

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    Get Coached For Success w/ Chief Visionary Natasha Davis & Guest Diane Adoma

    in Business

    The Chief Visionary is back and fired up! Tune in to Get Coached for Business Success with Natasha Davis! Learn the latest business development, marketing, branding techniques and so much more.

    You'll never know who will appear on the show! So, Tune in to reflect on your week and kick start the next week!

    Featured Guest this week #NatashaSpeaks with:  Mrs. Diane Adoma - Georgia State Senate Candidate

    Topic: How can Women in Leadership truly affect Change?

    A little about your Host:

    Ms. Natasha Davis is the lead Branding Strategist for Visionary People, LLC (www.VisionaryPeopleArise.com) where the team specializes in Brand Development, Brand Management and Public Relations for small to large companies and government agencies.

    Natasha, began hosting and producing quality content for the business community through radio and TV in 2010. Since launching VP Media (www.VPTVMedia.com) she has attracted thousands of viewers to VP TV and listeners to Coaching For Success radio.

    You will also hear Natasha deliver her " 5 Simple Steps" series every Wednesday & Friday at 6:30pm est on www.106LiveRadio.com

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    Diane Ashley on Win's Women of Wisdom

    in Motivation

    On Win's Women of Wisdom today, Best-Selling Author, Win Kelly Charles welcomes Diane Ashley. She holds a Master’s degree in professional counseling from Liberty University. She also has first-hand experience with emotional trauma. Although a survivor of child abuse, her greatest challenge with grief and loss came when her oldest son drowned. Diane has spent much of her life helping those who hurt. She has assisted low income youth and adults with free counseling services, and gives emotional support to those who have suffered trauma. The purpose of Diane’s book, How to Help Someone Who is Grieving, is to help others who grieve, enlighten people to what grief really is, and teach helpers what some of the positives and some of the not so positives are, when interacting with someone who hurts. Shortly after its release, the book was adopted by the Sparks Nevada Sheriff’s Department as a training tool to help officers hurting after the loss of deputy’s within their department, and to also train in how to help someone dealing with grief. Currently, Diane lives with her husband Ron, and their two German Shepherds whom her husband fondly refers to as “their kids”. To learn more about Diane email her at rdmatrix@gmail.com. To learn more about your host visit http://www.authorwincharles.com/ and be sure to FOLLOW this program http://www.blogtalkradio.com/winswomenofwisdom

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    Interview with Diane Mayer Christiansen for The Secrets of Woodcrest

    in Books

    In this powerful and thrilling young adult novel, Sam and her friends are institutionalized at St. Levitius for possessing strange abilities, until the day their lives are forever changed when an uprising occurs and they escape. The girls learn there are others like them—called Uniquians—and they undertake a journey to uncover more information about their history. Amid their search for answers, the girls are pulled into strange and dangerous happenings, the outcome of which could affect Uniquians across the world and cause their extinction once and for all.

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