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    Sexting with Diamond- A Pearl Necklace Story

    in Entertainment

    Talking about that awesome taboo topic of sex, you know the thing that everyone loves to do but noone seems to talk about. Talk some adult films from the female perspective, This isnt excatly Chaos and Diamond talking life, love and the pursuit of happinedd its more a recap of the latest adult film they took a look at. 

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    Come Uncover Your Diamond with Victoria Thornton on WoMRadio

    in Women

    This is your time to shine ~ we all are feeling the change in the air and know that is is time to say "YES" to yourself and your life ~ but how do you make that happen? Meet Victoria Thornton, Strategic Interventionist and Confidence Coach in our WoMRadio Business Spotlight on January 13th at 10amPT/1pmET and ANYTIME in archive.

    Victoria is here to help you Uncover the Diamond you have hidden inside by helping women understand where the self-doubt and self-criticism come from so they can release it, connect and truly love themselves. Victoria wants women to feel safe, to be themselves, and to release the paralyzing fear that keeps them feeling stuck.

    Come discover simple strategies to stop sabotaging yourself; create self confidence by finding ways to change what you do everyday that can make all the difference and more. The Uncover Your Diamond Program helps women re-discover who they really are and turn Self-doubt into Self-Confidence! Find out more from Victoria and see how you can regain your passion and harness the courage inside of you to move past your fears. The past is in the past - NOW is the time to move forward for a new beginning!

    Thanks to our sponsors BizMSolutions and Victoria Thornton Live. Meet them and all of our sponsors in our Mompreneur Marketplace.

    Please be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Google+ and email dori@wordofmomradio.com for info on how you can become part of our WoMRadio family.

    WoMRadio - sharing the wisdom of womem.

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    The Friday Farcast: Leonard Cohen, The Man Next Door With Ann Diamond

    in Paranormal

    The chards, the fragmnets, the filaments of memory, glued together again through time and circumstance.  This is Ann Diamond's story.  Diamonds refract light and the prismatic array of truth becomes illuminated as her personal story unnfolds.

    Ann Diamond is an author ("The Man Next Door" and "My Cold War"), reseracher, writing coach  and MK-Ultra survivor.  Her narrative includes the experiemnts performed on her father, her brother and herself at McGill University under the mad supervision of Ewen Cameron.  Cameron developed a method for altering personalities called "psychic driving" which would split the self, while inserting programs and chaos for a future self.  Her story also includes the Canadian singer/bard, Leonard Cohen who is much more than he appears to be on the surface.  Cohen, his music and his dark magic would play a signifcant role in Ann Diamond's life as she uncovers the secrets of mind control, torture, pop music and the manufcatured reality of the 1960's counter-culture.

    I spoke with Ann from Greece, via Skype in what was one of the oddest places ever for an interview; a ladies room in a crowded and bustling cafe.

    Please join me in this fascinating and at times, shocking interview.




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    in Radio

    Miss Diamond Hottopics is a native from Detroit, Michigan.  She made her move to California in 2012 for a different start. She has produced and hosted a variety of radio shows for metro Detroit for over six years. Her works such as “Super Saturday with Tracey McCaskill”, “Mix Health Matters”, and “Girl Bye” at ClearChannel Communications for Mix 92.3 and FM 98 WJLB adds to her professional accolades as a producer/show host at 2 of Detroit’s #1 radio stations.  Known to loyal listeners as the “Super Producer” and “Miss Diamond Hottopics” this dynamic public speaker fell in love with radio, production, and public speaking at a young age. Capitalizing her gift of “gab” she migrated from grabbing mic’s at events and taking public speaking engagements to becoming one of the company’s most premiered host and producers. While liking the spotlight, Miss Diamond took a love for hosting, producing, and organizing. Making sure things ran smoothly became her passion. Starting in 2006 Miss Diamond has held many positions in the radio industry.  In 2008 Big Entertainment Group discovered her personality, professionalism, and drive, she was brought aboard. She was apart of “Doin It Big Radio” for 2 years as Radio Host and Producer. From there she moved on to maintain her own show called “Exclusive with Miss Diamond” on 7 Mile Radio where she supported Hip Hop and R & B, community events, and Promotional Giveaways. During that time you could also catch her guest hosting on You Tube for “The Sanz Show” for the most controversial topics the viewers wanted. Currently she is living in her new home of Natomas, California ready to give California that personality they’re missing.  

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    Bellesprit Radio Presents Diamond Psychic Vaishali Nikhade

    in Spirituality

    Join our guest host, Lisa Noland-Shalosky and her co-host Belle Salisbury and our special guest Diamond Psychic Vaishali Nikhade.

    Vaishali Nikhade is an intuitive clairvoyant, empath, card reader and energy healer.  She is able to look into your questions, past, present situation and the future forecast.

    Vaishali connects with your energy and uses a combination of different techniques to read the energy. These involve clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance and Lenormand cards.

    Vaishali has assisted several clients in areas of love and relationship, career and job opportunities. A popular type of reading with several success stories is the prediction of your future boyfriend or girlfriend.

    Vaishali is happy to provide guidance to you in matters of love, romance, relationships, job, career, finances and business. Other readings include energy healings, chakra balancing, cord removal, etc. She offers readings via phone, email and Skype.

    Visit Vaishali's web site at http://www.vaishalinikhade.com

    Visit Bellesprit Magazine, a free online magazine at http://www.bellesprit.com

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    Melina Bliss Presents the Secret Super Powers of Famira Green The Diamond Diva

    in Entrepreneur

    Melina Bliss (Your Vibe Goddess Melina)  - is a Wholistic Enlightenment Coach, Intuitive Vibrational Guide, and speaker. Her passion is to help you find your light. What is your light? Your light is your purpose, and your purpose is to match your inside to your outside - that is when you truly SHINE and are able to share the gifts your were destined to bring to this world. Melina works with people of all ages, connecting them with their authentic selves by unleashing their light of connection and their vibrational flow.

    Melina's Friday shows is about shining the light on Sister's and Mister's Secret Super Powers. 

    Famira M. Green is The Diamond DIVA! She's known as the Embeautiment Style 

    Translator™.  Her life's mission is to work with women and help them learn to share 

    their authentic Beauty OUT Loud! She’s the Chief Visionary Officer of Diamond DIVA 

    International in November 2013, a full service, boutique style, Image Consulting and Life 

    Coaching business. There she empowers women to break the shackles of self-esteem 

    sabotage and gain the confidence to set their own personal beauty standards and 


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    Bellesprit Radio Show, Diamond Psychic, Donna Cantone

    in Spirituality

    Join your host, Gina Wedlake tonight on the Bellesprit Radio Show!  Let's do some holiday Feng Shui with our special guest tonight!  Donna will be taking your live calls in the order in which they are received. Join us in the chat room and be greeted by Laurie, our chat hostess.  join in our disscussion during the program, ask questions, and interact with Donna and Gina.

    Diamond Psychic, Donna Cantone is a regular contributor to Bellesprit Magazine with her column, Spiritual Feng Shui, which focuses on various Feng Shui principles to improve the energy in your home.

     About Donna:" I've been spiritual and intuitive my whole life, having beautiful encounters with angels. Over a decade ago, I discovered the ancient principles of Feng Shui. It was amazing to me that you could improve your life by making energetic changes. I became a practitioner and shared my knowledge in my eBook, Live an Abundant Life with Feng Shui. I've been a guest on several BlogTalk Radio programs in the U.S. and the U.K. providing insights to enhance the life of others. I embraced the spiritual changes in myself and pursued certification in various angelic coaching, card reading, and healing modalities".





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    Comedy DiamondDelights music and Tech talk

    in Social Networking

    What's up Diamonds,

    This has been a busy and long month for the show our first January since the start of the show. We thank you for hanging in there with us thru it all. Live shows can be so challenging and fragile especially when the slightest thing can go so wrong and throw you off your game. I hope you continue to hang in there with us as we grow and continuously work out our glitches. #muchgratitude

    Monday's show is all about the music! I will be promoting all of the artist on the shows #DiamondDelight list. I haven't done that in a while and I think it's due what about you? We have some good music, new songs and new artist to listen to on Monday's show. Also we are going to hear a new skit from our resident Comedian and Talk show host Brian T. Shirley we'll get to hear some of what he's been working on over the holiday, while we were out shopping Brian was making folks laugh.

    Also  I'll be giving out some new tech tips in social networkers out there on the #DiamondNetwork and beyond. So join me why don't cha! for another episode of the Lina Jones DiamondNetwork show 6:00pm right here on Blog Talk Radio there's always something going on here =)

    DiamondDelights music include Annie Moobeams, Cold Cash, Cosmic Crash, Icepack Tali Jackson, Jimmy Packes, Norma Jean Angel, Singdi, Starkett Levee, Steve Hester of DeJaVooDoo, TJ Praise and That Boy Clippa. If you would like your music promoted here on the show email me at music@ljdnshow.com.

    If you would like to be a guest on the show email guest@ljdnshow.com. Don't forget to stop by the shows website at http://ljdnshow.com and most important donate to the cause find out more at https://www.crowdrise.com/linajones

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    Cruz Control - Wrestling Legend Diamond Dallas Page

    in Sports

    On this edition of The Cruz Control Podcast, host Randy Cruz talks wrestling with former three-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion and WWE Superstar, Diamond Dallas Page. Topics include DDP Yoga, WCW, WWE, his new film about Jake "The Snake" Roberts, his greatest match and his highest moment in WCW. 

    Follow on Twitter: @realddp @cruzr83

    LISTEN: hitsradioshow.com


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    Sexting with Diamond - A Pearl Necklace Story

    in Entertainment

    Newest show on Chaos Network, Chaos talks with "Diamond" about anything and everything in the world of sex. From pick up lines in a bar to what life has been like in the bedroom, Chaos always has his own unique take on things and now lets see what Diamond has to say.

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    Diamond In The Rough- Homiletics Sermon

    in The Bible

    Have you ever wanted to be used by God but thought you were unqualified because of your mistakes and short comings? Then listen to this MP3 of the homiletics sermon I preached for the same name class Septemebr 24th, 2012. It is a little under 10 minutes. 

    If you have any prayer requests, testimonies, comments, or questions feel free to email us at firetalkradio2@yahoo.com  

    Please Follow us on our Home Page at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/firetalkradio2  

    Check out and Like our Facebook page at  https://www.facebook.com/FireTalkRadio2

    Thanks for joinning me on Fire Talk Radio  :)

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