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    My personal struggle with being Diabetic.

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    Diabetic retinopathy, what exactly is it.  How is it treated.  Learn more here.


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    The Diabetic you

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    Charles mattocks, celebrity chef on such shows as Dr oz and The today show is hosting a informative yet entertaining forum on Diabetes.We will meet health and wellness pros from all around the world to talk about ways to live with diabetes, how to reverse diabetes and many other topics related to health and overall wellness of mind and body. Charles finding out he is a diabetic only a few months ago has now made it his mission to share his story and the story of many others living with diabetes as well. Joining Charles this week will be DeWayne Mcculley who wrote the top-selling diabetes book, Death to Diabetes. The book explains his diabetes experience, the root causes of diabetes, and how to beat the disease http://www.deathtodiabetes.com joining Chrles as well weill be Rob Kopala
    owner of BioArmor Labs and the product the heart supplement, a new product thats about to take the industry by storm and he hopes save many lives http://www.theheartsupplement.com

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    I'm Not A Diabetic!

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    General discussion about improperly diagnosed diabetes

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    Tired of Being a Diabetic?

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    Please visit our website at www.WhyMeDiabetes.org.

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    Diabetic Awareness Month-Watch Out for Each Other

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    Please visit our website at www.WhyMeDiabetes.org

  • The Challenges of Caring for a Diabetic

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    Please visit our website at www.WhyMeDiabetes.org

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    Chrildern With Diabetic Parents

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    Please visit our website at www.WhyMeDiabetes.org.

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    -Saving on your prescriptions

    -Getting your prescriptions in a timely manner

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    Stoya - “held me down and #fucked me while I said no, stop, used my safeword,”

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    Stoya - “held me down and #fucked me while I said no, stop, used my safeword,”
    Phoenix will bring this story in at the back end of the episode. 
    As of now, 2 more victims have come forward about serial rapist, James Deen. 

    We are 66 percent toward our goal and opening our own website. This is due to monthly subscriptions and you can add to that by giving a click right here to our patreon. 

    Or can drop a one investment that helps pay the bills right here. 

    Also in the news: 
    Planned Parenthood Executive Vice President Dawn Laguens told Poppy Harlow of CNN that Republicans are to blame for the “incendiary rhetoric” that inspired the attack, including former HP CEO and Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina

    A Southern Oregon man is facing charges after a shooting in Klamath County.

    According to Oregon State Police, that shooting happened Tuesday afternoon when troopers received reports of a man firing an "AK-47" at a house on Day School Road, near Chiloquin.

    Bryan Fischer on the planned parenthood shooting

    LGBT News:
    Rules Banning Gay and Bisexual Men from Giving Blood to be Reviewed
    Singaporeans Try to Block Adam Lambert’s NYE Concert
    MillerCoors Named Corporation of the Year by National Gay and Lesbian Group

    The family of a diabetic Rikers Island inmate who died after correction officers ignored his suffering for more than 14 hours will receive a $1.5 million settlement from the city.

    Thanks for tuning in. 

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    Did You Forget to Remember?

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    Close your eyes.  Can you describe what you are wearing?  What color tie or blouse? Which shoes did you put on this morning?  Don't peek.  How long did it take you to remember your outfit?  Do you remember yesterday's attire or what your friends wore the last time you saw them?

    This exercise is said to be one of the noted early signs of mental decline.  Does your lack of memory concern you; do you suspect that you may be headed for mental decline.

    Alzheimers and diabetic dementia is a growing health concern.  Sound Health has created two software that BioAcoustically evaluate your risk for Alzheimer's.  Please join us as we share conventional information and demonstrate the software we have created to make your world a bit more comfortable.