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    I'm Not A Diabetic!

    in Health

    General discussion about improperly diagnosed diabetes

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    My personal struggle with being Diabetic.

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    The Diabetic you

    in Caregiving

    Charles mattocks, celebrity chef on such shows as Dr oz and The today show is hosting a informative yet entertaining forum on Diabetes.We will meet health and wellness pros from all around the world to talk about ways to live with diabetes, how to reverse diabetes and many other topics related to health and overall wellness of mind and body. Charles finding out he is a diabetic only a few months ago has now made it his mission to share his story and the story of many others living with diabetes as well. Joining Charles this week will be DeWayne Mcculley who wrote the top-selling diabetes book, Death to Diabetes. The book explains his diabetes experience, the root causes of diabetes, and how to beat the disease http://www.deathtodiabetes.com joining Chrles as well weill be Rob Kopala
    owner of BioArmor Labs and the product the heart supplement, a new product thats about to take the industry by storm and he hopes save many lives http://www.theheartsupplement.com

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    -Saving on your prescriptions

    -Getting your prescriptions in a timely manner

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    Diabetic Ketone and Acidosis

    in Health

    Please visit our website at www.WhyMeDiabetes.org.

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    Taking Care of an Elderly Diabetic Patient

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    Please visit our website at www.WhyMeDiabetes.org.

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    A CURE For Chronic Pain, Diabetic Ulcers, Morning Sickness, Shingles or Stress?

    in Entertainment

    On Thursday's Brian The Hammer Show, Brian welcomes: 

    -Tom Chi, Master Acupuncturist and Kung Fu Master who has pioneered a breakthrough treatment that cures most chronic pain when all else has failed. He is known as "The Pain Whisperer" and has super-sensitized his hands so that they are like CT scanners. When he touches the body he feels the adhesions in the muscles and tendons with intimate clarity and then uses his advanced techniques to eliminate these injuries so that they no longer exist and the pain is gone and stays gone.

    Tom will tell us about inexpensive traditional Chinese Herbs that CURE Hot Flashes, Shingles, Diabetic Leg Ulcers, Morning Sickness & Stress.

    He'll share the worst sexually induced injuries that he's seen (This is a special gift to Brian)

    He'll share a story about Lou Ferrigno (Original Hulk) and why Lou said "F*ck You!"

    Oprah says "Fabulous!" 

    Avengers Star Mark Ruffalo "Tom saved my life and my career"

    With Brian's Help, "Will Tom be able to come out of his shell and overcome his shyness?" You need to listen to see what this is all about:

    Join us live at 9am pacific - 12pm eastern time - Call in with your questions 646-595-3032

    Sponsored by:

    -Max Ivey, Midway Marketplace

    -Loretta's Authentic Pralines

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    The diabetic you talk diabetes and diabetes products

    in Caregiving

    Charles mattocks will sit down with Marc the owner of Amberly chocolate and Patty the owner of meal measure to talk about their products and what they are doing in the way of diabetes and diabetes education. These are people making a change and have a great story to share. Charles mattocks better know as the poor chef will be the host, Charles is a diabetic and film maker that is making a film called The diabetic you. http://thediabeticyou.com visit the site for more information. Also visit charles personal web site http://thepoorchef.com also http://mealmeasure.com and http://amberlynchocolate.com

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    Live with Tami Balavage, Help A Diabetic Child Founder

    in Health

    Tami's son, Michael, was diagnosed with Type I diabetes four years ago at 16 years old. So distraught and unprepared was she over this unexpected news, she vowed to help other parents of children with diabetes.

    The first need was for money. The cost for supplies can run into the thousands and if you're caught without insurance or your deductible or copay is too high. 

    The next need was to help parents adapt to a completely new lifestyle, espcially in the begiining when heads are spinning and hearts are plummeting.

    Help A Diabetic Child was born.

    Tami now works tirelessly at providing all the essential support parents of children and the children, themselves are seeking. listen now as we talk to Tami about how she got started, exactly was the HADC does to help children and where she hopes to bring the organization. 

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    My right leg is swollen.....I could be borderline Diabetic.....Please pray.....

    in Current Events


    Tribulation Baptist Church....I'm the Pastor of this church....

    (GNN) Gregory news network......A Christian based worldwide news network....

    I'm starting a brand new newspaper here in Jacksonville, Florida....Titled:

    "The Target of Jacksonville"     A weekly online publication for now.....Christian Themed.....Looking for Christian writers.....

    Local news and National news and Worldwide news.....

    I have writen for 5 newspapers at 1 time in the Los Angeles, California area.....From: 1999 - 2004 approximately.....

    If interested in being an writer for this newspaper....Please contact me at any time you like.....

    My cell phone #:    1.904.504.4283.....

    My main e - mail site @:    quakeman30@gmail.com

    My main website for my shows and network since 1999 by the Grace of God is:


    Check out some of my previous radio shows @: 


    Sincerely, James William Gregory Jr.

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    Diabetes and Foot Problems

    in Health

    Please visit our website at www.WhyMeDiabetes.org