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    Diabetes Dominator

    in Health

     Daniele Hargenrader, aka the Diabetes Dominator, is a nutritionist, health coach, and personal trainer. She helps individuals from all walks of life to think, eat, and move in ways that allow them to achieve a quality of health and quality of life they previously thought unattainable. She is the author of the upcoming book "Unleash Your Inner Diabetes Dominator" with an expected release date in November 2015. She is an international speaker, has presented at Fortune 100 companies, top ranked hospitals and universities, and has dedicated herself to teaching people, specifically diabetics, how to live the life they imagined through optimal health, self-love and acceptance. She was diagnosed with T1D in 1991, and after ballooning up to 200 pounds while battling a binge eating addiction eventually took herself from obese to athlete. Daniele uses the Omnipod insulin pump and Dexcom CGM.

    Website: diabetesdominator.com

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/diabetesdominator

    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/824daniele

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    DSMALive 'Rents: Forming a Local Support Group with Stacy Mitchell

    in Health

    Stacy Mitchell joins Loraine and Bennet to chat about building local, in real life support.

    Stacy is the mom of 5 year old kindergartner Caden James.  Caden James was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in April 2011, two days after his second birthday.  Completely unaware of the disease or anyone currently living with type 1, Stacy reached out on social media to find other diabetic families. 

    Within a month of Caden James' diagnosis, Stacy became active with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) Alabama chapter and worked to create a local outreach group called the Bolusers of Birmingham.  The Bolusers of Birmingham now have over 140 families affected by type 1 diabetes.  Caden James wears an Animas Ping insulin pump and a Dexcom G4 continuous glucose meter.  Nightscout, the CGM in The Cloud initiative, is also part of Caden James' apparatus.   Stacy and her family reside in Birmingham, Alabama.  

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    DSMALive 'Rents: CGM in the Cloud

    in Health

    John and Laura Costik talk with Lorraine and Bennet about life with diabetes and parenting with CGM in the cloud. We hope to talk about the technology and beyond, how NightScout can be used to enhance kids' freedom and parents confidence.

    Laura Costik, is an Engineering Manager with Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics with degrees in Packaging Science, Industrial Engineering & Business from RIT. Laura is the Advocacy chair for the Rochester (Chapter) JDRF. 

    John Costik, is a Programmer/Analyst with Wegmans Food Markets with a degree in Mathematics & Computer Science from RIT. John authored the original Android Uploader app & Pebble watchface for use with the Dexcom G4.

    Both have dedicated their time and talents to helping their son manage type one diabetes, and sharing & supporting others with similar needs.

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    Read more at the Wll Stree Journal online:




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    Hello Meghann

    in Health

    Meghann was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, on 12-6-1990. In 2007, she started using a Medtronic insulin pump, and in 2012, she started using a Dexcom CGM.  She began blogging about her life with diabetes in July 2012. 

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    1 Run

    in Health

    Doug Masiuk is a long-distance runner and the first type-1 diabetic to run across the US.  He is a recognized spokesperson for diabetics and advocate for a healthier lifestyles worldwide.  Diagnosed at age 3, Doug has  never accepted Diabetes as a reason to give up, give in, or simply stop.  Doug shares with other diabetics this message through 1Run.org and on the road.  To non-diabetics the importance of exercise and diet to better their health and prevent diabetes when possible. Using only running and a finely tuned diet, Doug has decreased his reliance on insulin by 75%. With the dramatic increase in diabetes around the world the relevance of Doug’s message is greater now than ever before.
    Doug has spoken at schools, universities, medical schools, town hall meetings and has met with medical leaders, diabetic groups, the running community and political leaders.  Dexcom, a leader in glucose monitoring technology, and Nike have both sponsored Doug’s efforts. His message is accessible to everyone, OutRun Diabetes!

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    Mobile Health: Design with the Consumer in Mind

    in Technology

    Join hosts Ben and Corey in a conversation with Jorge Valdes, Chief Technical Officer at Dexcom, and Richard Yang, Vice President of Strategic Affairs at Dexcom, about how to identify what consumers need from their mobile health apps and devices and why it’s important to incorporate those attributes into design.
    We will also discuss breaking mHealth news and review the latest in app security with Domingo Guerra of Appthority.

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    DSMA Live with Penny Starr-Ashton

    in Caregiving

    DSMA Live with Penny Starr-Ashton and co-Hosts Scott K. Johnson, George Simmons and Cherise Shockley, Founder of Diabetes Social Media Advocacy 
    About Penny
    Penny Starr-Ashton is a mom of three girls, living in Philadelphia. She is a teacher and a Reading Specialist at the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf. She married her 7th grade boyfriend, Chuck, who she met when she was 13. Her oldest child has autism, her middle child is a regular teen and her youngest, Grace, has Type 1 Diabetes. Penny considers herself an advocate for autism, special education and Type 1 Diabetes. Grace is 10 years old uses the OmniPod insulin pump and the Dexcom CGM. Penny loves the DOC and considers herself a part of it with her blog about mothering a child with Type 1 Diabetes, 'A Sweet Grace'. You can find her usually washing something, bolusing something, or trying desperately to keep it all together. 

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    DSMA Live

    in Caregiving

    DSMA Live with Elizabeth Eldeman, Co-hosts Scott K. Johnson, George Simmons and Cherise Shockley, Founder of Diabetes Social Media Advocacy 
      About Elizabeth   Elizabeth Zabell Edelman is co-founder of www.diabetesdaily.com, a registered yoga teacher, mom, foodie, and lover of all things fashionable. She has had type-1 diabetes for seven blissful years, which she manages with her beloved OmniPod and Dexcom. Elizabeth believes that you can and should love your life with diabetes. It's possible because she loves it every day! Oh, and she eats cupcakes, too. 

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    DSMA Live

    in Caregiving

    DSMA Live: continuing the converstation with Dustin. Co-hosts George Simmons, Scott K. Johnson and Cherise Shockley, Founder of Diabetes Social Media Advocacy.
    About Dustin
    Dustin is 24 years old, diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2005. He is very active in the diabetes community.  He uses the Dexcom CGMS and the Minimed Revel insulin pump to help him manage diabetes. You can find him discussing his life with diabetes, love for music and bacon on twitter or his blog  DeeJay’s ‘Betes.