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    Tampa Bay Rays announcer is one of MLB's best-Dewayne Staats! INTERVIEW

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    Today's Guest: Dewayne Staats, Tampa Bay Rays play-by-play announcer and author of “Position To Win” (with Dave Scheiber). 

    DEWAYNE STAATS podcast excerpt: "Harry Caray was perfect on the personality side. I learned from him that it's important to be a human being and to have fun with this and be personable. Harry once told me that, when he was a kid in St. Louis, he would listen to the games in the early years of radio and then he would sneak his way into the ballpark. He said it was always so much more fun at the ballpark than when he listened at home. He tried to convey the actual experience of being at the ballpark in his personality and, at the same time, it didn't hurt because it served his own purposes. Harry knew what he was doing; he was promoting Harry Caray."
    Key interview moments:

    • 8:15 Despite his overwhelming interest in sports while in high school, Dewayne Staats' teacher encouraged him to explore philosophy and literature because "the unexamined life is not worth living;

    • 20:55 Harry Caray knew what he was doing -- he was promoting Harry Caray;

    • 41:45 Joe Madden was probably an even better manager of the Tampa Bay Rays than even is fans knew at the time.

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    The Table Talk Radio show with DeWayne Woods

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    Welcome to The Table Talk Radio Show your forum from politics to religion... educations, reality tv, relationships, interviews and more. Table Talk is your Go To resource to simply TALK IT OUT

    Host: Tanisha Simpkins 

    Co Hosts:  Pastor George A. Rich and Minister Lawanda Jones 

    Our guest Artist Dewayne Woods http://dewaynewoods.rocks/

    Clink this link to listen and chat or call in at 914-338-0414 Press 1 to speak with host and guest

    We are excited to talk with DeWayne Woods, Stellar Award Winning, Dove Nominated Artist.

    Launch of new project Life Lessons on 2.3.15
    What makes this album so special
    What have we learned from our life lessons
    Relationship 204: The lesson of letting go

    We would like to connect with you tonight .. make sure to call in, ask questions, offer comments or simply let us know you're listening 

    Call Number 1-(914) 338-0414

    This Candid Conversations ... Everyone is Welcomed   

    Find us on FB @tabletalkshow @Tanisha Simpkins @PastorGRich @lawanda.jones.963 Twitter @letstabletalk | Youtube: Live Episodes under Table Talk Production

    Connect with Dewayne Woods at  @dwoodyd 

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    Doing The Uncomfortable ...

    in Christianity

    Those Christians who approached the lost in the early church, had a message that moved the lost to want eternal life. Their approach was not an invitation to a church meeting or to take a course by mail with the promise that no one would call on them. They taught Christ and him crucified, 1 Corinthians 2:2. The early church was also interested in helping physically, Galatians 6:10. Jesus' example of Matthew 14:14-21 had taught the disciples to be concerned for the physical & spiritual needs of the lost. Are you? 

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    Ring, Ring, It's Temptation

    in Christianity

    With everything you come accross temptation is everywhere. From greed to lust its all there waiting to pull you in. Today I will go over some things that can help you understand how the enemy comes at us and how you can keep the victory. No enemy you face is more persistent. Just about the time you think you've outrun it, temptation shows up around the next corner. When you think you've finally delivered a TKO, it get back up chasing you again. 

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    Where's Your Gethsemane?

    in Christianity

    We must remember this in our moments of loneliness, when we feel as though we have been abandoned by friends or perhaps even betrayed by our own family. When you feel as though no one cares about you, you have a glimpse of what Jesus went through.Jesus experienced all of that—not only the betrayal of His own disciples, not only the people turning against Him en masse, but also the Father himself turning His face away from Jesus for a time as He bore all of the sins of the world—past, present, and future. So Jesus has been there. 

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    A New Year Resolution Worth Keeping

    in Christianity

    Every year we say “my new year’s resolution is this or that. It can be losing weight, working out more, being friendlier in my case but whatever yours is for 2016 don’t miss out the greatest opportunity ever. More than 80% of the current growth registered by churches is biological or transfer growth – very little of the growth comes from penetrating the ranks of the non-believers.  As we know many Christians do not discuss their faith with strangers due to the fear of rejection. Most of that fear comes from not being prepared as to what to say after the initial approach. How many people are dying without knowing God because we (the body) refuse to share our faith with complete strangers?  Isn’t that what the disciples did when Jesus sent them out by two?

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    Mary Did You Know?

    in Christianity

    The glory of Christmas is that it is not the beginning of Christ.

    Long before that first Christmas, his story had begun — not just in various prophecies, but in a divine person. Christmas may be the opening of the climactic chapter, but it is not the commencement of Christ.Jesus Christ existed before he was made man at the incarnation. But not only did Christ preexist that first Christmas; he also preexisted all creation. It’s difficult to imagine the New Testament being any clearer on this account. Jesus….The Word of God in the flesh. 

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    Happily Ever After?

    in Christianity

    Marriages are no fairy tale.

    It requires hard work and devotion in order to be strong. With a divorce rate of 52% for non-believers its even higher among Christians. So often even as Christians we can get off track and forget who we are and to whom we belong. But the devil is a lie! God is always reaching out to us calling us back. Like the Prodigal Son in other words, Luke 15:2 says that Jesus is not just receiving sinners; he is looking for them and eagerly awaiting there coming. He has his eye out for us who falls short in our walk.  Tune in as I touch on the this subject first hand.

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    Underground Wednesday with special TrophyBoi

    in Radio

    The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a trophy as; “one that is prized for qualities that enhance prestige or social status…” That definition appropriately and completely describes recording artist Trophy Boi, who is on a fast-track road to success. Born Dewayne Millbrooks in the town of Marvell, Arkansas, Trophy Boi has made an imprint in the world of underground hip-hop with impressive, self-released “mix tapes” Humble But Hungry, One Take Shawty, and the critically acclaimed Come Find Me Or Sign Me all of which received fanfare on popular social media web sites YouTube and ReverbNation. Trophy Boi’s energetic live performances caught the attention of rapper Twista. The Chicago-based star became a mentor to Trophy Boi, who landed a spot as an opening act on his tour. Trophy Boi’s motto, “we are driven by our own lives”, is one that he not only lives by but it is a theme he also bestows upon his legions of fans. Self-accountability is important to this brilliant lyricist who believes that we are the masters of our own destiny. Three singles released on World Star Hip Hop, a popular web site, have exposed Trophy Boi to an even larger audience. Additionally,“The Lies We Tell But The Secrets We Keep, Part 3” movie soundtrack feature two singles by Trophy Boi; “Bout Dat Life” and “Live No Lie.” The charismatic rapper has certainly earned his name in the competitive business of music. On April 27, 2015, TrophyBoi released "Talk The Town" EP featuring "G.A.Y.E." and "Truth Or Dare".

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    in Politics

    Here are the names of Black people KILLED BY THE POLICE IN 2015

    Walter Scott 50, Bernard Moore 62, Lavall Hall 25, Jonathan Ryan Paul 42, Jamie Croom 31, Terry Garnett Jr. 37, Monique Jenee Deckard 43, Tony Terrell Robinson Jr. 19, Tyrone Ryerson Lawrence 45, Naeschylus Vinzant 37, Andrew Anthony Williams 48, Dewayne Deshawn Ward Jr. 29, Ledarius Williams 23, Yvette Henderson 38, Edward Donnell Bright, Sr. 56, Thomas Allen Jr. 34,Charley Leundeu Keunang, “Africa” 43, Fednel Rhinvil 25, Shaquille C. Barrow 20, Kendre Omari Alston 16, Brandon Jones 18, Darrell “Hubbard” Gatewood 47, Cornelius J. Parker 28, Ian Sherrod 40, Jermonte Fletcher 33, Darin Hutchins 26, Glenn C. Lewis 37, Calvon A. Reid 39, Tiano Meton 25, Demaris Turner 29,Isaac Holmes 19, A’Donte Washington 16, Terry Price 41, Stanley Lamar Grant 38, Askari Roberts 35, Dewayne Carr 42, Terrance Moxley 29, Theodore Johnson 64, Cedrick Lamont Bishop 30, Anthony Hill 27, Terence D. Walke 21, Janisha Fonville 20, Phillip Watkins 23, Anthony Bess 49, Desmond Luster, Sr. 45, James Howard Allen 74, Natasha McKenna 37,Herbert Hill 26, Markell Atkins 36, Kavonda Earl Payton 39, Rodney Walker 23, Donte Sowell 27, Mario A. Jordan 34, Artago Damon Howard 36, Andre Larone Murphy Sr. 42, Marcus Ryan Golden 24, Brian Pickett 26Hashim Hanif Ibn Abdul-Rasheed 41, Ronald Sneed 31, Leslie Sapp III 47, Matthew Ajibade 22, but only one stays so vividly in my mind. SANDRA BLAND SAY HER NAME, just a woman who wanted to be an activist for the NAACP to help us in the struggle in TEXAS.  So all  you UNCLE TOMS AND TOAMSEANAS know there is no safe place for you until you regain your BLACK AFRICAN MIND FOR SURLEY YOU HAVE LOST IT! Do you believe for one munite that you will fit in the society of WHITE PEOPLE? If you do you are just dumb, they marry you so they can have built in servants and a genetic slide back into the HUMAN RACE!!!



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    GSICR welcomes Dewayne Woods

    in Goals

    God Said I Can Radio welcomes DeWayne Woods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Join us!!!