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    3 Tips To Enhance Your Personal Brand

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    We will share what I believe are the 3 tips to remember when building your brand. 1. Cultivate and manage your relationships 2.Think First- life can change on a second and 3 How to manage social media. The series has been about living into your personal brand lens in and offline more authentically. If you missed the first part of this series , Personal Power Branding: A heart Journey listen here.  Using  Dr. Hubert Rampersad, 4 step model to create an authentic personal brand we will look at Shelley’s brand statement and how to use Rampersad model to create , build, and promote your brand. Personal Branding is about loving yourself, loving others, and loving what you do. Authentic Personal Branding is a journey towards a happier and more successful life. Your Personal Brand should emerge from your search for your identity and meaning in life, and it is about getting very clear on what you want, fixing it in your mind, giving it all your positive energy, doing what you love and develop yourself continuously. Your Personal Brand should always reflect your true character, and should be built on your values, strengths, uniqueness, and genius.” If you have yet to do this work you can go to our website and download The New and Reawakened You-A 7 Day Self- Guided Retreat. It’s free and once you finish it you can request your free life coaching session.  Dr. Hubert Rampersad model helps you walk authentically in your own shoes and build a trusted image of yourself that you want to project in everything you do.We can help Today Call TransformativeLifeSolutions today at 847.428.6933.

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    Women Warriors - Powerfully Leveraging Your Personal Brand in this Digital Age

    in Women

    Join us this coming Wednesday (Oct 1st) at Noon ET for our first show in October on Women Warriors as we discuss the topic of “Powerfully Leveraging Your Personal Brand in this Digital Age” with our special guest Shantha Wetterhan.   Not only will Shantha share with us ways to create a powerful personal brand but why it is so important in this digital age.   You will  not want to miss this show!

    Shantha Wetterhan is an excellent communicator who possesses natural creativity and a lifelong passion for learning. As a Certified Social Media Marketing Strategist, Shantha has not only kept up with the emerging digital marketplace and she is also considered a thought leader and expert in her field. Her passions for words compliment her intrigue with technology. She leverages both in order to garner the largest possible marketing reach for her clients.


    As founder of Competitive Edge Social Media Management, Shantha is responsible for developing and launching digital marketing strategies. Her company specializes in managing social media platforms, engaging and growing online communities and creating compelling content such as blogs and e-mail marketing campaigns.  To learn more about Shantha, please visit her website at www.competitivebrand.com.

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    On this episode we would be discussing "BE THE BRAND" Developing a personal brand is similar to product branding lets discuss ways to achieve that on this episode of Designed Life. 


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    "Brand Legacy"

    in Self Help

    Learn how to use your personal brand to build and everlasting legacy.  Guest Angela Mayartis Johnson author of Brand Legacy: Make Your Mark heads a branding and marketing agency, that works with individuals, students and professional athletes to define their passions and design solutions that introduces their dreams to the world through vision refinement, education, industry trends research, creative strategic planning and implementation of tailored marketing initiatives - See more at: http://www.mayartis.com/website.html#sthash.YYAhRLO4.dpuf http://www.mayartis.com/website.html

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    Developing Law Leaders through Personal Accountability

    in Legal

    What the heck is QBQ! and what does it do? Tune into this podcast to discover how to practice personal accountability by asking the often ignored QBQ!: Question Behind the Question. Accountability, ownership and latent leadership skills are put into action when we ask better questions such as, "How can I adapt to the changing world?" "What can I do to contribute?" When we think like this, we use our talent, skills and time to solve problems, enhance relationships, and accomplish team and personal objectives. 

    About Kristin Lindeen

    Kristin Lindeen is the daughter of author John Miller who wrote, QBQ! The Question Behind the Question. So growing up, Kristin was steeped in the QBQ! message of personal accountability. With this background, she is uniquely equipped to share it with others. Her clients include corporations, associations, schools, churches, and nonprofits.

    Kristin holds an M.A. in Curriculum, Instruction and Corporate Education from Colorado Christian University, and enjoys delivering practical content to groups with a style that is energetic and fun. She is also certified to administer and facilitate the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator and enjoys doing this with individuals and teams.

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    You are your Brand with Suzanne Tulien

    in Women

    Full Show Notes: http://www.sacredearthpartners.com/holistic-solopreneur/pdr-52/

    Show Topic: You are your Brand with Suzanne Tulien


    About Suzanne:

    For 26 years, Suzanne has been passionately serving clients by creating corporate identity design solutions packaged with powerful strategic brand consulting, speaking & training. Working with a dynamic marketing and training firm, she helped design and facilitate marketing training workshops across the U.S. Then, as creative project manager for a global consulting firm, she helped manage the internal brand acquisitions of 13 different firms and the acculturation processes to be merged under one corporate entity. 






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    Your Personal Brand Marketing You

    in Business

    BUSINESS AS USUAL IS NO LONGER ENOUGH. Your personal strengths are your best competitive advantage. In order to move from the perception of pushy person to trusted human, you need to become an effective self-marketer and build on your personal power base to build rapport and help people connect to your brand. 

    In business and in life your role is fundamentally about moving people to take action and make a decision. What you are selling to others is that what you have to offer is worth their time, energy, money and trust.

    Helene Oseen is a speaker, author and personal brand strategist who helps people increase their personal power in business and in life. Visit www.heleneoseen.com to get more information.  Plus read her article in our FREE online Brighter Business Empower Magazine HERE. 

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    What Is a Personal Conviction?

    in Religion

    What Is a Personal Conviction?

    Thank you for joining us this evening, as we dig deeper into the word of God and pull out the wisdom that he has for us with Prophetess Shareta

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    Developing a positive mindset

    in Fitness

    Join me as I have a special guest. The lovely knowledgeable Ms. Emelia Adjei. She will be highlighting her new book Accelerate Glory. Have your questions ready for her and the topic developing a positive mindset.

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    The Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

    in Health

    That time of the year is coming up.  Resolution time!  Many, possibly including yourself, are gearing up to hit the gym.  37% of Americans commit to losing weight each year and 8% of them succeed.  Just 1% reach their goals on their own.  The other 7% succeed using either a personal trainer or nutritionist.  Tune in to find out how using a personal trainer is much to your benefit whether you have a weight loss goal or performance based.  Lose weight, run faster, compete harder.

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    Your Personal Brand vs. Your Business Brand

    in Entrepreneur

    Kellie Kuecha of kelliekuecha.com, "The Brand Re-Coder", offers her unique view on the ongoing topic of personal brand vs. business brand for women entrepreneurs.  She gives a few of her special 'facets' towards personal branding excellence and offers an insight to her own rise in the the personal branding world and how she's discovered its power in small business growth for women.

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