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    Cleansing and Detoxification Protocols

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    Dr. Kevin Passero and his special guest Caroline Alexander will be discussing cleansing and detoxification protocols.

    Caroline Alexander is a Nationally Board Certified I-ACT Instructor for Colon Hydrotherapy and the founder of Vitality Cleansing. Ms. Alexander promotes colon hydrotherapy within the current scope of practice for professional, certified colon hydrotherapy and works toward integrating the science of healing with the art of healing. Ms. Alexander actively participates with medical professionals to gain greater recognition for the value of colon hydrotherapy.

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    Need to let some things go? Is your mind is moving in a thousand different directions? Are you looking back over 2010 wondering where the time went; feeling as if you’ve accomplished very little? If so, it’s probably time to detoxify, mind, body, spirit and lay aside the weight. Join Tracey and Elder Valerie “Minister Val” Howard-Jones for a liberating conversation on, “Detoxification”. Get rid of things that “bind” and keep you in bondage. It’s time to begin and complete the process of elimination for your life.
    Elder Howard-Jones is the Minister of Evangelism at Faith Christian Worship Center, in Baltimore, MD. She is a member of Christ Missions Workers and In His Care Ministries, which ministers to the prison population and their families. She’s the author of “From My Desk”, an internet publication distributed all over the U. S., Jamaica, China, Europe, and other countries, which opened the door for her to co-author a book in 2007 –“ A Drink from the Well, Refreshment for the Soul: A Devotional for Women.” Currently she is working on her own work entitled “Sister, I’ve Been There Too!” Today, Minister Val writes daily thoughts, as God inspires her, and sends it via e-mail and publishes it on Facebook entitled “Just A Little Word for Today”.
    Minister Val holds a B.S. Degree; Suma Cum Laude in Criminal Justice from Kaplan University. She is pursuing her Master’s of Science degree in Criminal Justice – Public Administration. She is a member of the National Honor Society – Alpha Beta Kappa, Cambridge’s Who’s Who in Education, and Kaplan’s Gold Key International Society. Bold, transparent, and never sugar coating the truth, Minister Val tells it like it is. Join us!

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    The first radio show will kick off with a bang and will feature Lyle Murphy, CEO of Alternative to Meds rehab in Sedona, Arizona
    (www.alternativetomedscenter.com). Into their inpatient program, they incorporate sauna therapies, functional medicine testing, orthomolecular medicine and nutritional treatment, other integrative therapies and a safe place for patients to detoxify from psychiatric medications.

    Lyle Murphy, ATMC Founder and Director, was trained as a chiropractor with
    participation in the Diplomate of Neurology program. He began the Alternative to Meds
    Center after himself having been given an anti-psychotic medication injection for
    what turned out to be hypoglycemia. He then fell into a low blood sugar coma lasting two weeks. After returning to consciousness, he was to some degree impaired for 10 years. It was not until he came across some of the modalities used by Alternative to Meds Center that he made a full recovery.

    He now manages a staff of over 40 persons, and is the opinion leader for Alternative to Meds Center, and the type of detoxification techniques specific for each person. He teaches and lectures across the country at leading holistic health conferences.

    Lyle Murphy is a member of the Alliance for Addiction Solutions. He is currently
    seeking his degree in Environmental Toxicology at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. His contact info is (800) 359 9698

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    Juicing, Detoxification and Weight Loss

    in Weight Loss

    Join me and the Juice Lady, Cherie Calbom, as we dive into how to use juicing and detoxification safely for weight loss and vitality.

    How can we safely use juicing for detoxification? Can detoxification be unhealthy? How do I move beyond the emotional addiction to food and stick to a detox? How can I make detoxing a regular part of my life? Is detoxing always safe or are there precautions I need to know about? Who shouldn't do a detox diet? What if I'm on meds? What if I have a disease? Why is juicing better than eating the whole fruits and vegetables? How does it compare to smoothies? Should we do both? Moving into the post holiday, resolution season, what is the healthiest way to detoxify?

    Join us and learn the answers to all of these questions and more on Friday, December 13, 2013 at 2pm Pacific.

  • Radio Show: Cleansing Your Body From the Inside Out – Secrets of Detoxification

    in Health

    In this show you’ll learn:

    What detoxification is
    What toxins are
    Why you want to detoxify

    Background and Guest Information:

    Detoxification is one of Dr. Ritamarie’s favorite topics. People ask Dr. Ritamarie all the time about what toxins are and why they need a detoxification program, especially if they don’t smoke, drink alcohol, or take drugs.

    Join Dr. Ritamarie and author Susan Schenck as they discuss what goes on in detoxification - the cells and the organs.  Besides the liver, there are enzymes that help start the process of detoxification. If your digestion is impaired, you eat on the run, and eat food with pesticides, your body produces toxins, making it harder for your body’s natural digestion capacity to detox.

    Susan Schenck is a licensed acupuncturist (LAc) with a master of traditional Oriental medicine (MTOM) degree from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. She also has a BS in education and MS in applied linguistics from Indiana University.

    Susan is also the author of The Live Food Factor: The Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate Diet for Body, Mind, Spirit & Planet.

    Check out Dr. Ritamarie’s VITAL Health Community for additional resources on the role that plants and herbs play on your hormones and digestive health, as well as strategies to include in your daily routines to achieve more vitality.

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    Detoxification & Fasting

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    It is crucial that detoxification be engaged periodically. The toxins in our food, air, water, home, car, etc., are excessive. Cleansing, including fasting and support of our elimination systems, is a very important part of natural good health.

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    Cleansing and Detoxification Strategies-Encore Presentation

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    **Please note, this is a replay of an older show. The dates mentioned in here are not current. There is a green cleanse coming up shortly, so be sure and sign up with the link below for information.** Fall is here and it's time to put away the summer stuff and get ready for fall festivities.
    This makes it the perfect time of year to clean your digestive system and get ready for the upcoming holiday season!
    We all need periodic cleansing to wake up and rejuvenate our systems.
    Walk away from this show knowing the difference between water, juice and green smoothie cleanses.
    Discover which one is best for your needs.
    Dr. Ritamarie will also cover the difference between cleansing and just eating a simple, whole, predominantly green diet for several days and how to know when your system is cleansed or when you’ve gone too far.
    Be sure and join Dr. Ritamarie for a very information packed call.
    Doing a cleanse properly means the difference between success and failure. Many myths abound regarding detoxification. That's why I carefully created my GREEN Cleanse Program in 2008.
    Since then, thousands of happy cleansers have gone through the program, and have experience amazing results from only a 7-day customize-able cleanse. The next one is coming up soon! To learn more about the upcoming G.R.E.E.N. Cleanse Program, click here: Dr .Ritamarie's GREEN Cleanse Program

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    in Weight Loss

    Why not implement a few practical detox strategies to your healthy spring? Discover the real way to do an easy detox program. Caroline will explain the difference between doing a stringent detox program and a program which supports you while you cleanse. What does detoxification mean on a physical, emotional and spiritual level? This is a great show to get a head start on spring 2012! As a best-selling author, medical intuitive and health expert, Caroline Sutherland will discuss strategies to improve your energy, vitality, well being and detoxification! “The Body Knows” radio show is an open forum to discuss any health related issue. Call Caroline and get a “spot reading” and answers to your health questions, 646.478.3561.

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    Detoxification and Inch Loss

    in Health

    Janet Lancaster is an entrepreneur, natural health and environmental advocate. In 2011, she parlayed her experience in corporate America into a successful ecommerce business, Earth’s Living Clay. Janet enjoys helping other small businesses succeed, organic gardening, and is studying herbalism.


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    How LifeWave patches can support a healthy lymphatic system

    in Health

    Join the LifeWave Doctors, Dr. Karen Kan and Dr. Dennis Lobstein for another episode of "Live with the LifeWave Doctors Radio" to learn how LifeWave acupuncture patches can be used to support a healthy lymphatic system including: 

    what acupuncture points help to support adequate lymphatic drainage to encourage efficient detoxification
    which patches help support healthy detoxification
    what points and patches help with swollen legs

    I know from personal experience the pain that can come from lyphatic blockage. I assist my own lymphatics by using LifeWave patches on my lymph channel points and acupuncture points that assist in fluid movement. Learn how to do it yourself. Join us live to have your questions answered!


    Can't join us live? Be sure to bookmark the link above to check out the recording after the show. 


    Dr. Dennis Lobstein is a health educator and exercise scientist who researches exercise and energy medicine. He is also a metaphysician of Asian medicine. He co-founded the Energy Matrix Research Institute (EMRI) and the Acupatch Health Education Clinic in Los Angeles.Through this institute, he provides continuing education workshops in the scientific basis of energy medicine for licensed health care professionals.

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