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    You Won't Believe What's Been Going on in this Family Detention Center

    in Politics

    In a recent post by Weronika Costas she doccumented stories that have never been brought to my attention. It's something that we as Americans need to know about with regards to Immigration. 

    Day #1 - Dilley TX family detention center facts:

    1. This internment camp is currently detaining over 1779 women and children.

    2. Every, I mean EVERY child detained here is sick: nasty cough, diarrhea, vomiting, fever.

    3. Medical treatment offered to the children: wait 3-5 hour to see clinic, "drink more water", vicks, honey.

    4. We (volunteers on sight) are told not to drink the tap water due to dangerously high levels of arsenic it contains - yet its ok to have 2 and 4 year old babies with ongoing illnesses and digestive problems drink it??

    5. CCA (correctional corporation of america) runs the detention center, and is paid $300 per day per person by the US government, making an estimated $15-20 MILLION dollars a month!!!

    6. CCA's sister company runs the GPS ankle shackles which women are being coerced by iCE officials into Accepting in order to be releases (i.e. Lying about the time it will take to get a bond heating with the judge AND lying that the bond amount will be egregiously high, both untrue; or giving false promises that the shackle will be removed 
    In 5 days, when in fact it can remain for months and even over a year)

    6. Sample of women from whose detention CCA is profiting: victims of egregious domestic violence, women who had been forced into prostitution / human trafficking victim, young woman receiving death threats from gang after having witnessed the gang beat and kill victims in a coffee field adjacent to her home, young woman being tagged as MS-13 property and being threatened to be killed if disobey/ disrespect the gang...we attended to about 140 such women today.

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    #FLOTUS Will You Speak About the Wrongful Detention of Children for Prostitution

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    #FLOTUS Will you speak about detaining children for prostitution? As the First Lady of the United States of America, you represent the role and duties of a woman, mother, and wife.  You have done a wonderful job of addressing obesity in our children and recognizing the importance of #62MillionGirls and their need to be educated.  However, with all due respect, your voice is needed to address the plight of girls who are victims of human trafficking and child sexual exploitation in America, many of whom are being arrested, detained and convicted as "child prostitutes."  The recent passage of SB 178 Justice for Trafficking Victims Act 2015 and the Trafficking Victim Protection Act 2000 (reauth 2013) does not prevent the detention of these victims.When girls are refused an opportunity to reach their potential, we all suffer.   Faced with the adverse collateral consequences associated with the stigma of criminal records, these women and children will be forced to resume a life of prostitution.  Will you speak about the wrongful detention of children for prostitution?

    "For these are all our children, and we will profit by or pay for whatever they become." James Baldwin

    #Your potential is not what you have done, but what you can do - Sherri Jefferson


    Help Stop the Arrest of Children as Prostitutes and Create a Fair Criminal Records Reporting Act #Ban... https://www.change.org/p/help-stop-the-arrest-of-children-as-prostitutes-and-create-a-fair-criminal-records-reporting-act-banarrestandassess?recruiter=2834092&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=share_twitter_responsive via @Change




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    The SOTU speech, GITMO releases plus the arrest of US sailors

    in Politics

    Guest:  Frank Burke, businessman, author and columnist, joins me for a discussion of President Obama's speech and the detention of US sailors by Iran.........why hasn't the Obama administration expressed outrage over the video and how these sailors were treated?...........the next GOP debate and the feud between Cruz and Trump.........more terrorists released from GITMO.....and a few other stories from the front pages....

    Click to support some of our friends....




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    Stars Clap Books over Bullys

    in Education

    Join us each Wendsday  as we bring back the joy of reading a book- Our Current Book is Because of the Moon by C.J. Cutayne

    Obedience is for dogs,” spouts Jay Roberts, a mischievous teen with a wicked sense of humor. Arrested for his involvement in a chop shop, Jay has two choices: go to juvenile detention or move to the impoverished Indian reservation his mother shunned fourteen years ago where his estranged grandfather will oversee Jay’s penance. Either way he won't enjoy the fruits of his latest prank "Rat-Day". 

    Jay doesn’t belong in the run-down village and vows to return to the city when his sentence over, if not sooner. He resents his frequently absent mother for making him move three weeks before school is over. A school where everyone calls him "Apple" for some reason. Jay goes through the motions of his community service while planning his escape. His plan to stop the school bully will either win him the respect of his peers or turn him into "apple sauce". 

    Keeping everyone at arms length, Jay watches with indifference as family by family, the people move away. After thousands of years on their ancestral land the villagers have given up hope of survival. Gradually Jay learns to appreciate his Grampa and the quirky tribe members. When Grampa points to Orion's belt, in the sky, Jay asks "If his belt fell down would we see a full moon?" and the two click. 

    Jay devises a plan to keep the village together protecting the history and tradition he is inherently a part of. When the plan threatens to fall apart can Jay reach out to the unreliable village alcoholic to pull them through?

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    In The Streets with Beverley Smith: Died In Custody (Episode 54)

    in Politics

    Gynnya McMillen was 16. It was her first arrest, a family dispute. The authorities used martial arts on her in the detention center. She's dead. Another trans woman is dead, Monica Loera, of Austin, TX. She's the first to be murdered in 2016.  

    The Flint water poisoning atrocity unfolds as we learn that state workers in Flint were provided bottled water, even though they publicly assured residents of the water's safety, while privately mocking and deriding them in emails. Demands and petitions for the governor's resignation flood the Internet. The FBI has begun a criminal investigation into the Case of the Toxic Water.

    5 percent of polluters create 90 percent of toxic emissions. Take a wild guess where those Super Polluter facilities are located. The Navajo water supply is also quite toxic, perhaps worse than Flint's, and the Navajos are wondering why they can't seem to generate any media attention.

    Oklahoma GOP bill would ban suicidal LGBTQI teens from seeking help from queer-friendly therapists. The legislation is the latest in OK Rep. Sally Kern's crusade against gay people. Former Oklahoma officer Daniel Holtzclaw, who was convicted of raping 13 black women and sentenced to 263 years, has disappeared from the Oklahoma Dept of Corrections online database that is open to the public. The authorities refuse to comment, which may defy state law that says that the victims are entitled to know of their offender's whereabouts.

    Five Florida cops face prison for a vicious beating of an unarmed man who had already surrendered. Four officers plead guilty to violating Derrick Price's rights. Last Tuesday, Jan. 26, the fifth officer Jesse Terrell was indicted with charges stemming from the beating which was caught on video. On Jan 27, the video was released to the public. Tues. Feb 2, 6pm Pacific 







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    What really happen to 16 year old Gynnya McMillen and why yet no info. released

    in Radio

    Monday, January 11/2016 a young Black 16 year old girl was found dead at the Juvenile center where she had been sent to. Here we are 8 days later and yet the family still does not know how, r what happen to cause the death of their young beloved family member.. I came across this story on facebook and while I havnt been able to yet reach out to the family I decided to still do a story... My radio show reaches out to anyone anywhere who has access to the world wide web...Just like in the case of Sandra Bland this family does not in any way deserve the treatment they are getting. It is of no concern why this this young lady was sent to Juvenile in the first place.. What is a concern is that this young teen is no longer here and her family is demanding to know why and why nothing is being released.


    Please join me this Wednesday night, 8pm central standing time as we speak on this and why it seems like they are now killing our youth behind bars like they are doing us Black adults...


    If we are not safe behind bars and in Juvenile then where and how are we ever going to be safe anywhere

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    Hope Knows your Name

    in Motivation

    Join Christy Demetrakis and her special guest Christie Musso Bruce for "Hope Knows your Name" Tuesday,January 19 at 6:30 pm EST.

    About Christie Musso Bruce:

    Christie Musso Bruce was labeled a “loser” as a child;a survivor of emotional,sexual and physical abuse,which caused her to struggle with low self-worth.She has fought rejection,shame,guilt and the nagging tendency to fight off depression and anxiety.But by the Grace of God,Christie also adds the title of “over-comer” to her list of life experiences.Every circumstance has taught her to trust and believe in the goodness of God,the freedom found in forgiveness and in the transforming power of God’s Word.Christie is a gifted communicator,who will touch your heart with her authentic style,and certainly will make you laugh.She will renew your hope and inspire you with her passion and insight into God’s Word.
    As an author,God has used Christie's book,Hope Knows Your Name,to impact thousands of people around the world.
    Her ministry is built on the promises found in Isaiah 61 to “bind up the brokenhearted and proclaim freedom for the captives.” She regularly speaks at Churches across the country,Women's and Men’s Retreats,Conferences,Special Events,Recovery Centers,Juvenile Detention Centers,and to Battered Women,Women who have had abortions and Small Groups.   

    Combining all of her ministry experience as an Inspirational Speaker and Teacher,her passion is for others to be free. Christie embraced what she calls her “sacred responsibility” to the Father in giving HOPE back to others.She invites everyone of all ages and stages of life to learn to live Contagiously Free,escape their prison of shame,fear,and pain through believing and applying God’s truth to their lives.



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    OPEN FORUM: 2016 Top concerns for professional drivers

    in Current Events

    OPEN FORUM: 2016 Top concerns for professional drivers

    It's 2016 and many of us are reflecting upon 2015 and so many of the events and issues which have taken place.  There were many highlight topics for 2015, including one of the most controversial of the year, the FMCSA Final Rule for the ELD mandate. Why are so many professional drivers up in arms over this mandate? How does it negatively affect driver wages?  And why do others say they can earn higher profits with an ELD?

    As we open up 2016 on AskTheTrucker "Live" we're not only going to discuss YOUR concerns for this year, but those plans to address them. What are your top issues for 2016?  Wages? HOS? Detention Pay? ELD's? Truck Parking? Regulations? EPA? But more importantly, what are your thoughts and ideas to confront those issues which seem to have a direct impact on the livlihood of professional truck drivers?   

    Join us as we enter 2016 on AskTheTrucker "Live" with our first broadcast of the New Year: Open Forum "2016 Top concerns for professional drivers."
    6PM ET
    Call-in number: 347-826-9170. Join the conversation by pressing "1" on your keypad at any time.

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    Back In The Game with Mena Freeman and DJ C Coop

    in Current Events

    Our guest is newly elected member of Compton Unified School Board of Trustees, Sandra Faye Moss. She is a mother and grandmother who has dedicated her life to service and leadership! Sandra served as PTA President for 3 schools, Secretary and member of 3 School Site Councils, 3 years on the Student Attendance Review Team and Student Attendance Review Board for the LA Unified School District, and numerous committees to reduce truancy and suspensions. In addition, Sandra served on Mayor Aja Brown’s task force for the City of Compton. As a longtime leader within her church, she founded the “Rites of Passage” mentoring program in 2007, a program for boys between the ages of 14 to 24.  Twenty of twenty-two participants in the program have gone on to attend college and are gainfully employed. In 1994, Sandra began her career with the Los Angeles County Probation Department and she has worked in more than eight units over the course of twenty-two years.  Management repeatedly selects Sandra to provide leadership, training and mentioning to her co-workers because of her energetic personality, positive outlook, ability to motivate and her “can do” attitude. Sandra has taught hundreds of Juvenile Detention Officers and Deputy Probation Officers as an Adjunct Professor for more than ten years at West Los Angeles College.  She has provided probation supervision and preventive services at more than twenty-six elementary, middle and high school campuses.  She has received multiple “employee of the year” awards, and in February 2015, State Senator Holly J. Mitchell recognized Sandra for her outstanding community service. In November Sandra Moss was elected to the Compton Unified School Board of Trustees.  This was her very first run for elected office, and the students of Compton Unified School District will benefit greatly from the wise decision of the voters to elect her to this office!

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    Corrections Counseling - Juvenile Offender Suicide and Treatment Programs

    in Training

    Brought to you by The American Public Safety Training Institute (TAPSTI) www.tapsti.org, this 2 hour session will address juvenile suicide within juvenile detention and correctional facilities. Incarcerated juvenile offenders have a 400% greater risk than the adolescents who are free in our local communities. This show describes the extent of the problem and we discuss protocols for intervening. We introduce crisis intervention and we use Roberts’ seven-stage crisis assessment and crisis intervention model from his work entitled "Correctional Counseling and Treatment".  With any time remaining we will take a look at juvenile justice facilities and different programs intended to facilitate juvenile suicide reduction. 

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    New Years Eve on AskTheTrucker 'Live' – 2015 Trucker Highlights and 2016 Goals

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    New Years Eve on AskTheTrucker 'Live' – 2015 Trucker Highlights and 2016 Goals with guest and Co-Host Pat Hockaday of TruckersUnited.org

    Thursday Dec 31st 2015 6PM ET  347-826-9170

    Join the excitement this New Years Eve as we countdown the 2015 Highlights and Feature 2016 concerns and goals for the Professional CDL driver.

    2015 Highlights- the Transportation Bill was passed!  Among a long list of inclusions were: CSA reform, drug testing reform, detention time study, and an insurance rule study. 

    Not included in the bill: No under 21 year old interstate truckers, or bigger/ heavier trucks, no Carrier Hiring Standards, the strike down of the Denham Amendment, which could have negatively affected CMV drivers wages.

    One of the most controversial episodes for 2015 was the Tracey Morgan crash, which received national publicity and opened up a can of worms for many carriers and drivers, revealing clever attempts at manipulating trucking HOS.  One of the biggest victories for drivers was Kenny Capell’s victory for the Obstruction of Justice “Right to Sleep” court case, led by SBTC chairman James Lamb.

    The National Truck Parking Coalition was formed and has continued the task of addressing the 30 year old problem of truck parking shortages.  FMCSA was busy also this 2015 as The ELD rule has become final, as was the  Driver Coercion Rule.
    Let’s not forget “the Right to Carry”, ’Mike Law’ for CDL drivers, which would grant a national gun permit.

    As we move forward into 2016, there remain vital issues for drivers.  Wages, HOS, Truck Parking, and ELD’s still remain high on the list of concerns.

    Share YOUR TOP concerns as we enter 2016 and be a part of the entry for the free FalconEye Dashcam

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