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    Destination Weddings!

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    Everyone, regardless of gender, marital status or sexual orientation, can have an Innerwife, Innerhusband or both.  Find out more with host Chad Hunter.   Getting married - go to the church down the street or the island down the coast?  Join host Chad Hunter on INNERWIFE ENCORE in discussing Destination Weddings!   For your copy of Chad Hunter's "Love Life, Ultimate Strife, How-To Lists from the Innerwife" please go to https://www.createspace.com/3454233

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    Book Countdown: New York City Budget Weddings reading

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    Don't run into brick walls and get nowhere with the items you'd like included in your wedding. This book is your tool chest of ideas and strategies to stay within what you CAN afford.

    We're in the middle of Countdown Weekend which runs through Tuesday 3/22 as a sale. Sunday $3.99 and Monday $4.99, then back up to $5.99 for a couple of weeks. Then off the market for updates, so this is the best time to get the book that can assist you in getting your dream wedding at the price you can afford.

    In this book you'll get real places vetted by the author, real places with real pricing.  She'll guide you through the sometimes murky water of wedding planning in New York City, especially for those seeking to stay on budget. CharLena will show you specific strategies to have an elegant wedding of your dreams.

    Call up while on the air and you'll get answers to your specific questions. The book (New York City Budget Weddings: Elegant and Affordable) supplies you with real information, real websites, real telephone numbers, real addresses, and even some discounts with the mention of the author's name or book title.


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    New York City Budget Weddings: Elegant AND Affordable

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    Have you been told that since New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the USA that you CANNOT have a wedding on a reasonable budget? Balderdash! Yes you can. And there are any number of ways to do that. Give me a call (347 996 5829) today on this last day to get the book that explains all to you and have your best DAMN wedding ever.

    Amazingly explained in the book you can have the FANtastic dream wedding of your choice AND all within your budget. Let's talk. Don't be afraid you can control your finances even for your wedding.

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    New York City Budget Weddings Countdown Sale

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    Women's History Month has especially been good to me, when I was a librarian at a high school. I used to have the best time sourcing inventive and creative women to go on a contest that I'd hold on a yearly basis. For this year, I thought in celebration of Women's History Month that I do something for women. Especially the women who are recently engaged. Especially if you were engaged at Valentine's Day. By now the blush and excitement of being asked or deciding to get married has been released and now you want to get down to work in planning your nuptials.

    Some of my reviewers have said that "this is the book to fill up your tool chest to get the answers most needed", especially if marrying in the New York City area. Researching all of that was a joy to me and it is my hope that you can use this book as the go-to encyclopedia of what to do, where to go, who to call and how to do most things. From DIY to just wanting know what your wedding planner is doing, this book answers those questions.

    Join me by calling in and asking me questions on the show 347 996 5829. I'll definitely do my best to give you THE best answer for you.

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    This time of the year almost everybody is attending a wedding...its called Wedding season and Im right along with them...so what better way to kick that off other than an Episode on Weddings! You would be amazed what you find when you do alittle reasarch, and I am learning a few things myself...so this Episde will touch on Cost, Type nad Tradition of Weddings and explore some of the ways others cutlures share in that amazing day as well! 

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    Destination Weddings/Honeymoons/Vow Renewal/Romance

    in Travel

    This is wedding show season and alot of you got engaged during the holidays or will perhaps for Valentines day.  So we are going to discuss great places to celebrate your love starting with Mexico.

    Mexico having been known in the past as a great place for springbreakers is fast in the past.  Mexico now has entered the luxury market and is high on the list for the best value and one of the best deals when choosing a destination for a wedding or honeymoon.

    And why do people choose a destination wedding in the first place, we'll discuss the differences of weddings at home and a destination wedding.  What Mexico has to offer for honeymoons, and the difference for vow renewal. Also we will discuss the legal requirements of getting married in Mexico.

    This episode we will introduce two new segments and new voices of Travel Time with Karen.  Lindsey will be our local Austin free and family friendly host and Yolanda will talk about all things food travel related in the Central Texas area.   Listen in and meet our new segments.

    We will discuss Travel News and Travel Trends!


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    LIVE! with Cathi---Destination---CUBA!

    in Motivation

    DESTINATION---CUBA...We've been privvy to witnessing an historical event.  Circa 2016...First U.S. President to visit CUBA since Calvin Coollidge in 1928...87 years ago!

    Did you know the nickname of CUBA is "El Cocodrilo" the crocodile because CUBA is shaped like one.


    Shortage of cars and public transportation has made hitch-hiking a must...

    Sammy Davis Jr lied about his mother's birthplace.

    Cuban rodent is a source of food, often cooked with nuts and honey.

    Grandma...the Communist Party's newspaper named after the boat that carried Fidel Castro and his comrades from Mexico to CUBA IN 1956 to launch the revolution.


    CUBA changed its constitution to describe...etc.

    Beatles music banned in 1964...etc.

    First latin-born baseball player in the U.S...etc.

    1962, cigars were banned...etc.

    Fidel Castro takes office in 1959...etc.

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    Destination Health

    in Business

    Destination Health

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    "Fan Guide to Destination Truth" author, and Josh Gates fan site founder LIVE!!

    in Paranormal

    "Fan Guide to Destination Truth" author, Josh Gates fan site founder AMANDA ROSENBLATT on-air LIVE this Saturday, 4/16, 12pm PST, 3pm EST, 8pm primetime U.K. GMT on LiveParanormal.com!!!!  Listen and chat LIVE:)

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    Budget Weddings NYC 4U

    in Self Help

    Updates and readings from my recently published book - New York Budget Weddings: Elegant and Affordable, including excerpts from my most recent teleseminar= Your Wedding Pathway: Ask the Experts.

    This is special time this week because I will be traveling during my regularly scheduled show.

    Create your wedding with the assurance that no matter your budget you can have all of your dreams come true. We will discuss the best ways to create that wedding with resources from my book: New York City Budget Weddings: Elegant and Affordable.

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    Two Roads One Destination

    in Radio

    Excited about this show!  I have two FABULOUS guest.  A pageant Queen and Plus Size Model.  This show is full of pretty young ladies who are on two different roads but heading to one destination and that is ACHIEVEMENT.

    My first guest is Maci Johnson She is a part of the Miss Kansas/Miss America Organization as Miss Woodson County 2016.

    My second guest is Chiquita Williams a Plus Size Model out of the Offical Thick A Licious Divas.