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    Destee Community Talking and Sharing!

    in Culture

    destee.com - Members of the Destee Community talking and sharing our diverse opinions on whatever we want! Feel free to join us and add yours to the mix! Remember, respectful dialogue is required, no cursing. Thanks!

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    Destee Mission Statement - Agenda - Core Foundational Pieces

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    destee.com - this podcast is a recording of our community's mission statement, its core foundational pieces. They were first posted in text on 05/22/09, twelve years after I purchased the domain, destee.com. You can read that text, along with comments from Members ... and add your own ... at this address :



    After creating this document, I found it amazing we had operated so many years without it. Attempting to share it sooner would have been like a baby trying to explain the intricacies of adulthood. It was a spiritual experience, putting these thoughts and words to paper, and I will remain forever in awe of our collective energy.

    This document could only come to be, as a direct result of traveling this road with all of you, day by day.  I have grown with this community, without ever knowing what new twist and turn would come our way, or how we would get beyond them. By 2009, after twelve years of being led by the collective energy of us, tried, true, and proven core foundational pieces were on the table, and I could speak on them succinctly.

    destee.com is a living, growing energy, created by all who join and share respectfully with us. We will continue to experience new challenges, but our foundation ... our mission ... what we are about ... is securely in place.

    I thank you all for sharing in this journey, and listening.

    Much Love and Peace.


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    Podcast 357

    in News

    Wyoming Breakout. Back home from Road Trip II, 2015. The story of the ‘breakout from Wyoming’, going up and down a big mountain in the middle of the spring snow storm, and outrunning the weather heading east. The objective? Don’t stop until warmer weather and or sunshine, whichever occurs first. In this case, it happened […]

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    Podcast 354

    in News

    The Napa Valley. As our time in California comes to a close, the Napa Valley is a perfect place to say goodbye. Whether it is Napa, Sonoma, Calistoga, finally ending up in Nevada City the Golden State is a seductive place. The so called ‘warm and dry end’ of the Napa Valley was the destination […]

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    Podcast 355

    in News

    Nevada and Utah. Live from Park City, Utah in Mobile Podcast Command Unit 8, the Road Trip continues, leaving California and heading into Nevada, and Utah. Thursday was a tough day for the Mobile Unit. Damage was sustained after the driver — tired and hungry — attempted to enter a mall parking lot which inexplicably […]

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    Voltage Podcast

    in Blogs

    Part 2 of the Voltage Podcast with special guest "Brother Greatness" BDM

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    Podcast 352

    in News

    Pacific Coast. From LA, to El Capitan State Park. Back on the road and headed to Napa, California to do a podcast with an old friend. From there, who knows? Have to be back in Minneapolis and Saint Paul on April 25th for the big shindig at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater. While the current news […]

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    Podcast 356

    in News

    Utah and Wyoming. Stranded at a truck stop in Sinclair, Wyoming. A long day (or two?) of travel comes to a screeching halt at a truck stop, where hundreds of trucks and drivers are stranded after the State of Wyoming shut down I-80. The cause? A 70+ car pile up during a spring snow storm. […]

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    The Ed Boston Podcast - April 16th 2015

    in Christianity

    In tonight's broadcast, SEGMENT 1 - I will discuss the latest on A.D. The Bible Continues to include the Beyond A.D. feature that can be seen on NBC.com. SEGMENT 2 - will be the latest in Christian News from around the globe. SEGMENT 3 - will be discussing some upcoming interviews here on The Ed Boston Podcast. SEGMENT 4 - I am leaving open for the leading of the Holy Spirit. 

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    Podcast 351

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    Thanking Contributors. Podcasting from the driveway in Los Angeles, California. Finally, the list of contributors to the Mobile Podcast Command Unit 8! Thanking all those who have contributed to the mobile podcast project, or at least as many as we can find documentation for. If you sent a contribution, and your name is not mentioned, […]

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    Podcast 350

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    A Cold Day In LA. It might be said that it would be a cold day in LA before The Rolling Stone would have to completely retract one of its biggest stories, but it has happened in the wake of a review of the magazine’s UVa Rape story last year. The magazine blames a ‘fabulist’ […]

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