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    Destee Community Talking and Sharing!

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    destee.com - Members of the Destee Community talking and sharing our diverse opinions on whatever we want! Feel free to join us and add yours to the mix! Remember, respectful dialogue is required, no cursing. Thanks!

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    Destee Mission Statement - Agenda - Core Foundational Pieces

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    destee.com - this podcast is a recording of our community's mission statement, its core foundational pieces. They were first posted in text on 05/22/09, twelve years after I purchased the domain, destee.com. You can read that text, along with comments from Members ... and add your own ... at this address :



    After creating this document, I found it amazing we had operated so many years without it. Attempting to share it sooner would have been like a baby trying to explain the intricacies of adulthood. It was a spiritual experience, putting these thoughts and words to paper, and I will remain forever in awe of our collective energy.

    This document could only come to be, as a direct result of traveling this road with all of you, day by day.  I have grown with this community, without ever knowing what new twist and turn would come our way, or how we would get beyond them. By 2009, after twelve years of being led by the collective energy of us, tried, true, and proven core foundational pieces were on the table, and I could speak on them succinctly.

    destee.com is a living, growing energy, created by all who join and share respectfully with us. We will continue to experience new challenges, but our foundation ... our mission ... what we are about ... is securely in place.

    I thank you all for sharing in this journey, and listening.

    Much Love and Peace.


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    Podcast 386

    in News

    Conservative Movement RIP. The last podcast in June before a short Hiatus, also announces News Cleanse 2015. The time is ripe. While travel broadens the horizons and raises the energy of the traveler, it seems staying glued to the television 24/7, hyper vigilance with news websites, social media and those email newsletters in everyone’s in […] Read more

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    Controversial Occult Statue And Much More On The Ed Boston Podcast

    in Christianity

    We will open the show with a discussion on Satan Worship in America and whether or not it is something that we should be concerned about or not after Satanic Temple unveils goat-headed statue  in Detroit. That will be followed by another discussion on whether or not Pastors and Priests should concealed carry weapons while in the pulpit. In hour two, on the agenda will be Ed's review of the premiere episode of Answered Prayers, a look at Bringing up Bates and time permitting promoting some of the other shows and music we are promoting. 

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    Podcast Porject

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    Podcast Porject

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    Celebrating "The American Dream" - The Ed Boston Podcast

    in Christianity

    For this show, I will open with a tribute to The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes (Virgil Runnels), who passed away this past week. The list of topics is long and I will do my best to do justice to numerous stories that are in the news or events that have reached milestones in history. 

    The list includes my beloved St. Louis Cardinals being investigated by the Feds, opening weekend for Global Force Wrestling, the 35th anniversary of the opening of The Blues Brothers movie and the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta document. 

    All of this and more........

    .... on The Ed Boston Podcast!

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    Gil and Kelly Jo Bates Joins Us On The Ed Boston Podcast

    in Christianity

    On tonight's show, Ed will interview Gil and Kelly Jo Bates from the hit reality series Bringing Up Bates. Gil and Kelly Jo will share their faith, family, and more. Right here on The Ed Boston Podcast. 

    Another segment Ed will talk about his trip to Bowling Green, Kentucky to meet Jeff Jarrett and watch a Global Force Wrestling live event. 

    He will also introduce you to Periscope, the newest social media outlet that we are using. 

    All this and more.......

    ..... on The Ed Boston Podcast

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    Jeff Jarrett and Much More on The Ed Boston Podcast

    in Christianity

    Once again, we welcome The King of the Mountain, Jeff Jarrett to The Ed Boston Podcast. Double J and Ed talk about Global Force Wrestling and their Grand Slam Tour as well as their first television tapings that will take place in July. 

    Current events will get a segment tonight and then there will be a suprise announcement for a guest coming to the show tomorrow. 

    All of this and more on The Ed Boston Podcast for Tuesday, June 9th

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    Podcast 371

    in News

    Summer 2015 Road Trip Part 1. A midnight ride to Iowa, with the first leg ending at Walcott Iowa’s ‘Iowa 80 Truck Stop’ where we encountered the first blush of Internet Upload problems. While I usually don’t write these podcast notes in the first person I have to break format to suggest that a real […] Read more

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    Podcast 376

    in News

    Republicans Sound Like Democrats. And democrats sound like republicans. Updates to start the first week of June, 2015. Self described Democratic Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders was in Minneapolis this weekend telling a group of aging hippies that America isn’t a democracy and is becoming an oligarchy. Is this true? Meanwhile, in Delaware, republican candidate Carly […] Read more

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