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    talking civil rights and Ferguson

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    Attorneys discuss issues surrounding the DOJ Ferguson Report

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    Continued Unrest In Ferguson

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     Two officers shot in Ferguson only tell part of the sinister events that are brewing in Ferguson. There is an element that wants civil unrest in America. That would bring a convenient domestic distraction on world events as well as executive orders that would be issued during such an unrest. This is a tremendous challenge to the church to be in the public square and denounce the violence that the perpetrators are not able to gain traction in the minds of the citizens of Ferguson and other inner cities.

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    Live:Tribute to the Life & works of Legendary Reggae Music Icon Desmond Dekker

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    Desmond Adolphus Dacres was born in Saint Andrew ParLive:Trubite to  Life and works of Ledgendary Reggae Music Icon Desmond Dekker (Greater Kingston), Jamaica, on 16 July 1941. Dekker spent his early formative years in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica. From a very young age Dekker would regularly attend the local church with his grandmother and aunt. This early religious upbringing as well as his enjoyment of singing hymns led to a lifelong religious commitment. Following his mother's death as a result of illness, Dekker moved to the parish of St. Mary and then later to St. Thomas. While at St. Thomas Dekker embarked on an apprenticeship as a tailor before returning to Kingston where he secured employment as a welder. His workplace singing had drawn the attention of his co-workers who encouraged him to pursue a career in the music industry. In 1961 he auditioned for Coxsone Dodd (Studio One) and Duke Reid (Treasure Isle) though neither audition was successful. The young unsigned vocalist then successfully auditioned for Leslie Kong's Beverley's record label and was awarded his first recording contract www.crsradio.com

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    Ferguson: The DOJ Report & Beyond

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    The Department of Justice revealed to the world a fact that any person of color who has driven through Ferguson already knows…driving while black will cost you.  The fallout has resulted in a few resignations, changes in nearby jurisdictions, resurgence of protests, revived conversations about race in this country, and the shooting of two police officers. We will talk about the implications of the DOJ’s report for not only Ferguson but for the country as a whole. What real conversations should we be having now that the covers have been pulled back on the practice of “citation without representation”?  Let’s talk about this…we want to hear your thoughts and DON’T BITE YOUR TONGUE!!! Call in or listen in at 646-716-5470.

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    City of Ferguson Indicted

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    The Justice Department on Wednesday called on Ferguson, Mo., to overhaul its criminal justice system, declaring that the city had engaged in so many constitutional violations that they could be corrected only by abandoning its entire approach to policing, retraining its employees and establishing new oversight. The report described a city that used its police and courts as moneymaking ventures, a place where officers stopped and handcuffed people without probable cause, hurled racial slurs, used stun guns without provocation, and treated anyone as suspicious merely for questioning police tactics.

    “Seen in this context — amid a highly toxic environment, defined by mistrust and resentment, stoked by years of bad feelings, and spurred by illegal and misguided practices — it is not difficult to imagine how a single tragic incident set off the city of Ferguson like a powder keg,” AG Holder NYT


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    #TRUTALK with #BLKGOP on Ferguson and the Zombie Apocalypse.

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    This episode of #TRUTALK covers a completely different aspect of the Ferguson discussion plus we talk zombies. When/IF the zombie apocalypse happens will the #TRUTALK Team be ready to survive? We go in depth on both subjects with the vast majority of the hosts on TRU RADIO Network. 

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    Just Us and You " Ferguson Report"

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    Lets talk about the report from the DOJ report from Ferguson and other cases.

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    #SAE #OU #Ferguson: Drop the “IN” Word?

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    From expelling #SigmaAlphaEpsilon from #OU for chanting the “N” word to shooting two #Ferguson police officers in sheepish revenge, another set of "IN” words have our nation in discussions, disputes, and dialogue on race once again.  These “IN” words mark the very things we may need to drop from our leadership of this nation and in the world, which brings us to our question of the day -- how to Drop the “IN” Word?  Helping us with that is Reverend Thomas Bates, Pastor at New Jerusalem Baptist Church in Russellville, Alabama and a retired, 25+ year, state highway patrol lieutenant.

    So please join our host Eric J Powell on onCUE! Radio Sunday night @6pm CST (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/oncue).


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    Ep 84: Titan FC's Desmond Green, Elias Garcia and Kurt Holobaugh

    in MMA

    Welcom back for another episode of MMAPowerTalk. Tonight MMAPowerTalk will be joined by three fights on the Titan FC 33 card set to take place on March 20th as part of Mobile Aerofest. First up, we will be joined by Titan FC Featherweight Champion Desmond Green. Later in the show, we will be joined by newly signed Elias Garcia who is set to face Matt Schnell. Finally, we will be joined by Featherweight title challenger Kurt Holobaugh. We will also look back at UFC Fight Night and take a look ahead at UFC 184.

    Follow: @predatortoon, @EliGarcia714, @KurtHolobaugh, @TitanFighting, @mobileaerofest, @MMAPowerTalk @JeremyBrownFunE @VYBXUSA, @BeastApparelco, @elliottfightdyn, @imouthguards, @CombatCorner


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    Ferguson shooter ? Why ask why,open conversation

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    Today was a good day,I didn't even have too use my AK.I was on an old friend's talk show tonight here in Memphis,Tn.His name is Mr.Jennings Barnard.And he is the man that introduced me to radio talk show's and internet talk shows.We did both of them years ago.It was great to be back with him.

    The Ferguson shooter,was captured and he is just 20 years stupid.What,doesn't make sense is this idiot shot at someone in front of a Police Station,with more than 30 police present and armed with riot gear.Plus that story,and many more tonight.

    Hey do something for me to night crew.Check the live chat list of shows and see if I am listed.I keep forgeting to check it.

    So,get ready to check in "The Night Shift".

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    Ancestral Blueprints: Ferguson. Missouri, Violence and the Soul of Humanity

    in Spirituality

    Join Lisa Iversen and Life Coach Ade for ENCORE PRESENTATION "Ancestral Blueprints: Ferguson, Missouri, Viollence and Soul Humanity" In the wake of the events occurring in Ferguson, Missouri and the shooting of Michael Brown, are there ties from our American past that link us to the current unrest? How might racism and violence be expressing historic injustice still plaguing the soul of America today? We can't heal what we are not willing to acknowledge and feel.

    Join Lisa Iversen and Life Coach Ade to explore this conversation as they reveal invisible truths and offer healing through a sacred conversation.

    Call in 347 426 3346 or via SKYPE 

    Learn how the unacknowledged truths in your Ancestral Blueprints may still be influencing your life today. Open your heart and mind to how the family soul's universal laws of love around belonging, balance, and justice connect all of us to one another.

    With Life Coach Ade www.LifeConversationsMedia.com and Lisa Iversen, psychotherapist, Systemic Family Constellations Facilitator, and author of Ancestral Blueprints: Revealing Invisible Truths in America's Soul. www.LisaIversen.com

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