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    NAIS President John outlines  the upcoming National Conference in Boston....and the role of independent schools in American education

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    Designing for ROMANCE

    in Design

    In this episode, learn some tips on how to use color, accessories, lighting & Feng Shui to amp up your romance vibe just in time for Valentine's Day!

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    How Trust Brings Wealth

    in Self Help

    In this episode, Pat Council will share how learning using trust can increase your wealth or help you attract wealth into your life. Understand why trusting is so important when it comes to winning and getting the life you want and how not trusting may be preventing you from achieving the best that you deserve.   Also, Expert Certified Financial Planner, Mario J. Payne will be here to discuss what to do after college.  This is for first time graduates and for those who have gone back to school and graduated on another level (masters, doctorate). Informative and inspiring show today. 

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    Integrity the Secret to Wealth

    in Self Help

    In today's episode, Pat Council will share some powerful information about integrity and how it can bring you more wealth than you can imagine.  The components of integrity can change your life for the better and connect you to the wealth you desire.  Find out something new and interesting about how integrity can open the secret door to a life filled with prosperity and happiness.  Also, Mario J. Payne of Raymond James financial will share great information about financial planning with a look at what military members can do to be financially sound. 

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    How to Live a Quality Life

    in Self Help

    In this episode Pat Council will share some ideas on how to live a quality life.  Get 4 profound tips that will give you perspective on where you are today and help you decide where you really want to be tomorrow as it relates to building a quality lifestyle.  Get some insight on what living a quality life is all about and start designing a plan that will take you there.  Also, Certified Financial Expert, Mario J. Payne of Raymond James Financial Services will do a follow up from last weeks show.  He will share more about investing.  Learn more about taking control of your financial life and start getting the quality life you deserve.

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    Learning to Living Fearlessly

    in Self Help

    It's time to really, "keep in real" as we wind down this "keep it real" October.  Pat Council and her special guest, Humorist, Jana Flaig will talk about living fearlessly.  Jana is an ovarian cancer survivor and through humor, she encourages others to live fearlessly.  If you want to get a new perspective for handling life's challenges, listen to this episode featuring Jana Flaig. Visit: http://www.designingyourlifetoday.com for information on today's guest.  Repeat show.  New shows coming this week.   

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    Do You Really Want Wealth?

    in Self Help

    So many people want to have wealth and live a quality lifestyle, yet they continue to fail to achieve their desire.  If this is you, listen to today's episode.  Pat Council will share some insight on what it takes to increase your wealth.  This lively, enlightening show will help you plan for the success you have always wanted.  Mario Payne will be with us to share about low cost investing.  You don't need a lot money to start building a financial nest egg.  The new shows have started.  Be sure to follow along and get the insight needed to achieve your goals, this year.

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    Great Ways to Relax

    in Self Help

    Learning to relax can contribute to better health and creativity.  It is important to take the time to relax, but when vacation is not an option, there are several things you can to do relax in the moment.  Pat Council will share some ideas that can be implemented immediately.  Enjoy learning to relax.  Learning to relax can acctually make you more product.  Repeat show.  New show coming this week.    

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    Stacking Your Deck for Success

    in Self Help

    In today's episode, Pat Council will share four powerful techniques for stacking your chances of creating a successful life.  You can take responsibility for your life and create the outcome you desire.  Find out if you are truly being the author of your own happiness and success in life.  Also, listen in as Expert Certified Financial Planner, Mario J. Payne shares important information about retirement planning.

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    The Power of Allowing

    in Self Help

    In this episode, Pat Council will share about the power of allowing your phenomenal factor to come through and using it to attract the quality lifestyle you have always desired.  Learn why allowing is an important component in your success and how you can make achievment more simple.

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    Making Your Language a Powerful Tool

    in Self Help

    It has been proven that words produce physical results.  As we learn the benefits of our physical power core, find out how and why your lanugage can be such a useful tool as you power your way to achieving your best.  Start making changes in your physical world by first changing what you speak.  Erase all doubt as to how powerful you language can be. Repeat show to remind you to create passion with words. 

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