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    Pastor Derrick Monk

    in Religion

    “Charismatic” is the best way to describe the ever so multi-talented gospel recording artist, Derrick Monk!  One reporter had this to say:    “Derrick Monk enters a room with charisma so genuine he could change a rainy day to blue skies.”
    Derrick Monk has had the blessed opportunity to meet and work with some powerful individuals in the entertainment industry from top record artists to movie industry moguls.  By far his most impressive association and the one he savors the most is his association with the late, great James Brown.  It was during 1992 that Derrick met the legendary James Brown, AKA “The Godfather of Soul”.  A moment Monk calls a life-changing moment, (meeting James Brown), which led to his being A&R Director/Producer/Songwriter for “The New James Brown Enterprises” in Augusta, Georgia. 
    This association changed the face of Monk’s career and led to a lasting relationship; one that lasted until the death of James Brown, his mentor, his friend and as Monk likes to affectionately call him, “pops”.  One of Derrick’s saddest and most cherished moments was when he was asked to perform “God Has Smiled On Me” at the star-studded home-going celebration for his friend and mentor – James Brown, which aired nationwide on CNN World Wide.

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    DERRICK "DOOMIE" BEY-Redefine Your Mind Project

    in Health

    Derrick “Doomie” Bey is a yoga enthusiast, advocate for vegan lifestyle, and founder of Redefine Your Mind Project - an organization whose mission is to engage and educate aggressively displaced youth in a way that teaches them non-harming alternative life skills techniques . He is also founder and owner of Redefine Your Mind active, a yoga wear brand that features vegan idealist graphics and messaging on its products. As an involuntary guest in some of our nation's finest ‘correctional’ institutions, he knows firsthand how difficult it is to break away from an unproductive lifestyle to build a brighter future. Now  certified to teach the principles of yoga to delinquent youth, he dedicates his life to helping youth overcome challenges and negative patterns in their lives.

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    UK vs Duke, Mark Story, UK & SEC Legends Sonny Collins & Derrick Ramsey!

    in Sports

    Tune in as the fellas talk all things Kentucky Wildcats and then some! Vinny and Terry will be joined by Lexington Herald-Leader columnist Mark Story at 6:15. We'll discuss UK's football loss to the Vanderbilt Commodores, the basketball win over the Duke Blue Devils as well as a little NBA and NASCAR conversation.

    At 7:00 we'll be joined by two of the baddest Kentucky Football players the program has ever seen: Former UK RB Sonny Collins and QB Derrick Ramsey will join us. You don't want to miss it. 

    Tune in, call us at (845)277-9373 or tweet us at @CatsTalkWed!

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    Dr. Michael's Soul Dialogue-Guest Lynda Monk

    in Spirituality

    Life-Source Writer author Lynda Monk guests today. Visit Lynda at: http://creativewellnessworks.com/

    Transcend this physical illusionary world and start to live a happier, soul-based life. Discover your True Self and gifts that you can't even begin to imagine. Dr. Michael and his guests encourage your soul's eternal oneness with the mind and the spirit of God, thus transcending your personal ego will. Knowing that all is already perfect and that love is the key, this is Dr. Michael's Soul Dialogue.

    Learn more about Dr. Michael here: https://drlikey.wordpress.com/about/

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    in Entertainment

    Derrick Monk was born in Dallas, Texas, but was reared in Oakland, California. Monk, as he is affectionately called by friends, began his professional music career at 17 years of age; while singing and playing the organ at St. Paul C.O. G.I.C. as their Music Director. But the real beginning came while performing at home for his mother at the tender age of five years old.
     Monk, exploring the full range of his musical abilities,  Derrick’s many accomplishments in the entertainment industry don’t stop there; he has song writing credits, production credits, stage play/film credits and has appeared on and won “Showtime At The Apollo” talent search contest. Monk is what you would call a “quadruple threat”, he sings, he plays musical instruments, he writes and he acts! He definitely is a force to be reckoned with; a universal talent, singing everything from ballads to funk to R&B and now returning to his true calling, Gospel. Derrick’s music resonates with you then sets out to inspire you to be the best “you” you can be. Derrick’s music has received air-play all over the country. His latest single, “I’ll Obey” speaks directly to letting God direct your path on your way to being the best “you”.
    Derrick Monk  had the blessed opportunity to meet and work for the late, great James Brown.

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    The Law of Kindness: God's Key to the Locked Heart:Author Derrick Jackson

    in Spirituality

    Pastor Derrick Jackson  holds a Public Administration degree from the school of business at Georgetown University. and theological training has come through such notable institutions as Campus Crusade For Christ, Oral Roberts University, and Wheaton College.  He has been married to his wife Patrice for over 30 years and they have one son, Derrick II,

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    The Post Game Wrap Up Show with Special Guest Super Bowl 29 Champ Derrick Deese

    in Football

    Today on the show we are recapping all games from week 7 in the NFL. Taking a look back to Thursday night going into all of morning, afternoon, Sunday and Monday night games. We will talk about all the comebacks, upsets and more. We will take a look at the latest breaking news in headlines and injuries.


    In our first hour we will have on former NFL offensive lineman and Super Bowl champion Derrick Deese to talk about the 49ers. Derrick spent the majority of his career with the San Francisco 49ers from 1992 through 2003. He played in the 1995 49ers Superbowl Game vs San Diego Chargers and won a Superbowl ring with his teammates. During this time, he primarily played the position of left tackle. He played with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2004-2005. 


    We will take your calls at 646-478-5337 and read your tweets via twitter to @RealSonnieCruz, @rmdest and @WackoBob.

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    Comcast Bulls Insider Vincent Goodwill On Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler

    in Basketball

    Comcast Bulls Insider Vincent Goodwill got on the Bulls beat recently, and talks about his experiences covering both the Pistons and the Bulls. Will Derrick Rose fit in? Can Jimmy Butler be the man? Will Fred Hoiberg get this team playing well together? All these questions and more are answered in this must listen for Bulls fans.

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    An Hour With Derrick Michael Tennant

    in Comedy

    Derrick Michael Tennant made the most of a tragedy in his life by creating an opportunity for a career.  As a promising athlete Derrick suffered an injury that left him in a coma.  After brain surgery, years of rehab, and life in a wheelchair, he ultimately got on his feet again.  Despite the very limited use of his left side, Derrick loves life and “looks on the RIGHT side” of things.  He communicates the importance of shifting obstacles in life, work, or business into opportunities.  He worked hard to overcome physical challenges and now works just as hard to help others overcome trials through his comedy, magic, and inspirational speaking.  Derrick formed BLEEPFREE Comedy where you can catch respectably clean shows in clubs across the country.  He also landed a role in the upcoming Jeff Foxworthy movie “Crackerjack”.  He plays a one-armed softball player named Lefty.  “Don’t get excited," Derrick says.  “I’m just a featured extra.  I think that’s like getting an F+”.

    From SUBWAY, AFLAC, CHICK-FIL-A, SOUTHERN COMPANY, to MEDIACOM and the ATLANTIS in the Bahamas, Derrick brings the funny even in a tie!  When it comes to Corporate entertainment it’s important to find an act than can both make you laugh, and effectively communicate a powerful message.  Having overcome a lot in his life, Derrick is just that act.  Bringing his message of turning “Obstacles Into Opportunities”.  Derrick inspires, motivates, and energizes his audience and keeps them smiling all along.

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    Muzik Mundays Hosted: Derrick Bush & SweeTee IzQueen

    in Education

    Muzik Mundays description

    Our station is interactive station for up and coming hip hop artist as well as visiting the classic hip hop songs with the freestyle session and poetry section. All musicians, artists and poets please submit your work to muzikmundays.usot@gmail.com. This show as well as the song selected are meant to be waking and exciting the minds of the sleeping giants around & in the world today. Remember to wake up thank much & Wise up to rise up

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    Muzik Mondays Hosted by Derrick Imanevachange

    in Education

    Our station is interactive station for up and coming hip hop artist as well as visiting the classic hip hop songs with the freestyle session and poetry section. All musicians, artists and poets please submit your work to muzikmundays.usot@gmail.com. This show as well as the song selected are meant to be waking and exciting the minds of the sleeping giants around & in the world today. Remember to wake up thank much & Wise up to rise up

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