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    "Dealing With Depression During The Holiday Season"

    in Self Help

    Although the holidays are a time of joy for many, they can also trigger symptoms of anxiety and depression for others.  It's not easy fighting the holiday blues but a little effort goes a long way.  This show has cues and clues for the holiday blues.  Don't give up just yet!

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    Author Mary Jean Teachman Will Discuss Depression During The Holidays

    in Education

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Mary Jean Teachman.


    Mary Jean Teachman was born in Detroit, Michigan to Isabelle and George Dresbach. She went to the University of Detroit where she studied pre-law and mathematics. She married and had two children, Arthur Forrest Tull II and Valarie Tull. She later divorced, was single for 4 years, married Mort D. Lieberman and was then widowed after 18 years of marriage.  She found love again with Dr. Gerard W. Teachman and has been married for 23 years. She had a successful career for eight years as a runway and print model and appeared in Vogue magazine.

    A longtime activist, she started and ran a successful campaign-RABAC...”Real Americans Buy American Cars” in the late 70’s.  She started the grass roots movement because the American auto industry was in a severe slump.  Her idea was to help convince the American public to support the American car companies in their struggle against foreign imports and to save jobs. She distributed bumper stickers and gave interviews to the print and broadcast media.  At one point, a representative from the Japanese government came to interview her because they felt threatened by this movement.  Gradually the unions adopted the project, which developed into their “Buy American” campaign




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    Over the Road trucking during the holidays

    in Lifestyle

    Thursday 6PM ET 12/10/15 347-826-9170
     Over the Road trucking during the holidays

    Christmas and the holidays are a time of joy, laughter, family and friends, as well as plenty of good food and treats. Unfortunately, along with all the joy can be the addition of season stress, and for others, the holidays can even be just a pretty difficult time to endure.

    But the professional CDL driver experiences a different type of holiday season, and along with that also comes a unique type of holiday stress, foreign to most of the general population.
    Loneliness, isolation, and being away from loved ones are just a few things that drivers deal with, on top of their already demanding and hectic jobs.

    Join us tonight as we have as our guest Carolyn O’Byrne of LifeCoachService.net, who has dealt with and helped hundreds of drivers with their different situations over the years, including the topic of spending holidays over the road.

    We’ll be focusing on the unique circumstances that drivers face during the holiday season, including the joyous, not so joyous, and even downright stressful situations they must deal with as they experience “life over the road during the holidays”

    How do you make it through the holiday season? Call in and be a part of the show and share your experiences and encouragement as an over the road truck driver during the holidays.

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    Maintaining Our Center During the Holidays

    in Spirituality

    Join StarzNicole & Starzcast on Nov 30, 2015 from 8-9pm est for a discussion on how to "Maintain Our Center" during the holiday season., when you are trying to celebrate life.  So many people get stressed around this time. What we need to do is focused on how to keep calm, enjoy the holiday, and create traditions that feel good to people. If more people celebrated the holidays their own way there would be less stress. What do you do around the holidays to maintain a stressful atmosphere?

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    Purposed 4 Godliness - Finding Comfort During the Holidays

    in Christianity

    How can God provide me with peace and comfort during those dark periods of my life when I’m discouraged and alone? The Bible says God is the God of all comfort. He tells us to help comfort those as they deal with difficult moments in our lives. If the holiday season is difficult for you, I hope this show will help you find comfort.

    Join me this weekend Dec. 18-19 @ 8:30 a.m. pt. You are purposed for godliness. Log in on or call Purposed 4 Godliness and listen to exciting and anointed preaching and teaching on God's Word, experience His power, and application to His godly purpose four our lives. You will be encouraged in knowing that God has a purpose for you.

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    Finding Peace with Family and Finances During the Holidays

    in Lifestyle

    I grew up celebrating Christmas. In fact, in the rural town where I grew up everyone did. We didn't say, "Happy Holidays," we said, "Merry Christmas." And when it got closer to Christmas, we began to say, "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" to everyone. It was an honored tradition to greet one another in this way and we smiled as we exchanged the greetings.

    As a child, the approach of Christmas was almost too exciting to bear. Awaiting Santa Claus' arrival on your roof in a magical sleigh full of presents and pulled by eight tiny reindeer was... Well... WHOA!!! This went on every December for years until the day when Santa basically died; the news was broken to me that the whole thing had been a big sham—a myth. Naturally I was devastated.

    Yet I think the thing that hit me even harder about Christmas as I grew was the realization that it had shifted from a time of joy and celebration to a time to be endured. I knew I was supposed to enjoy the holiday parties, getting a tree, decorating it, buying presents, wrapping them, and placing them under the tree. So what if I was spending money that I didn't have on things that my kids and others didn't need—or in many cases even want? This was Christmas! This was the one time of the year when I got to pretend that I was financially free. My kids expected it AND deserved it, as did my family and friends. To receive a gift and not have one to give in return was one of my great fears and yet somehow it happened every year. Someone I had never exchanged gifts with before would inevitably change the rules and thrust an expertly wrapped gift into my hand, while all I could do was stammer and feel like a thoughtless fool. *Sigh* 

    For years this madness went on. And then, one day, it stopped. I gave myself permission to celebrate Christmas my way, which meant turning it back into something that could feel like a celebration to me.

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    How to deal with family during the holidays.

    in Entertainment

    Well the hoildays are fast upon us. That means that family members we haven't seen will be around and wanting to be i  your personal space. So what do you do when you and certain family memebers just can't get along? What do you do about that aunt that ALWAYS has something negative to say or your mother that is never sastisfied with anything you do. How do you deal with the conflicting attitudes? Monday the 16th we will discuss how to deal with family at the holidays. We will also talk about if your family doesn't like your significant other would you opt out of bringing them to dinner? We will discuss this and more at 11 pm Monday night. As always there will be the sports report and entertainment report. Call in and give your opinions about the show at (929) 477 -1332 or just to listen LIVE on your phone, PC, or tablet.

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    Relax During The Holidays

    in Business

    It is important to rest, relax and renew during this time in between Christmas and the New Year. This show will give the audience tips towards relaxing and enjoying their holidays.

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    Marketing Monday: Marketing Ideas During the Holidays

    in Marketing

    There are many ideas on how to market during the holidays. Lee Watts offers five ideas on how to market your business or organization during this busy but fun time of year.

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    Being in a state of happiness and full of gratitude during the holidays.

    in Entertainment

    Hi Angels, Tonight Victoria Whitehead is going to share how we can stay in a state of being happy and honoring our selves by being in a state of joy and love during this holiday season.  This brings prosperity in every area of your life.

    The show starts at 8.

    The call in number is 760 890 7143.

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    HONEY HUSH-RELATIONSHIPS -Ways to enjoy Being Single during the Holidays

    in Romance

         Are you Lonely during the Holidays? #HoneyHush will give You Ways to enjoy being Single during the Holidays! 

        Once upon a time there was a little girl.  She had her plans, her childhood, and her life experiences.  She became a woman, had a little girl, and developed her experiences and one day came to become a broadcaster on the Jay King Network.  She’s a tough one, you see, she won’t back down.  She will defend herself against the great debaters and stand firm.  She brings that to the table when she does this show – HONEY HUSH where she confronts the issues.  Join in – challenge her, but bring a cushion, because she will have you flat on your asphalt.  Don’t believe me?  347-205-9366.