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    Leveraging Care Density: A New Way to Measure and Enhance Care Coordination

    in Health

    In an increasingly fragmented health care system, there is a need to understand the coordination of physicians involved in patients’ care to optimize quality of care and patient safety. Listen as Dr. Karen Kinder, Executive Director, Johns Hopkins ACG® System, explains the importance of care coordination and information sharing among physicians and how leveraging care density metrics can affect the health of your members and the financial well-being of your health plan. 


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    LIVE! with Cathi-Banned in 1920-Beverage increases bone density!

    in Fitness

    FROM THE JOURNAL OF NATURAL HEALTH...Banned in 1920...proven to build stronger bones in 2014.  New studies confirm this ingredient in a once illegal beverage increases bone density.

    WHAT IF one of the best things you could take for your bones was banned in 1920.

    WHAT IF that ingredient was perfectly legal, safe, and available without a prescription.

    WHAT IF I told you it's available RIGHT NOW, but you have to be older enough to purchase it.

    WHAT IF I told you that drinking this beverage could help keep your body strong.

    WHAT IF I told you the bone building ingredients banned in 1920 and now is legal IS FOUND IN BEER!


    The story of Betsy age 107...etc.

    This beverage helps build...etc.

    This ingredient improves leg bone...etc.

    Ingredient comes from THE HOPS IN...etc.



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    Are you going to repeat third density on another planet? Or collectively ascend

    in Paranormal

    It is actually THE ONLY question anyone needs to ask and answer at this time. It is: "Am I going to repeat thrid density?" Many people have told me that they know that this is their last life time on and with this planet, but what they do not realize is that this means that they will end up repeating third density! Why? Because ONLY those who are service polarized evolve. What is service polarization? It is the development of the Self according to either positive or negative energy as one's path as purpose. Only what contributes energetically evolves. Self-service controls and manipulates. Serving others creates and manifests. What is left is being and living what is ONLY arbitrary. As it stands now about two million people are harvestable as what serves others positively. Those who are negatively polarized are also few in number. There is coming that time when those who are living arbitrarily experience the "ending of the world" as there is no coming back to planet earth evolution wise. Harvestability is not understood at all currently by people going about their business. There is a reason for this through the law of confusion, which is also the law of free will. Everyone chooses what to feel, sense, think, and envision making life what it is for each of us. existence gets on with the task at hand, which is evolving humanness into a greater and more unified ideal. Few realize this now. There is ONLY knowing the Self according to its Designed Intention, serving others, and aspiring to collectively ascend. Everything in and as life assists people in what service they wish to perform and evolve as. It is essential that people choose to serve others if they hope to ascend as one ideal. Nothing else matters as nothing else exists! At the highest levels of creation only collectives that have ascended exist. Individuality ceases at the third octave of sixth density acvcording to the RA. Time is running out... Choose wisely.

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    Bone Density

    in Health

    If you’ve been given a diagnosis of osteopenia or osteoporosis and you’re concerned about the state of your bones, this program is for you. Caroline will discuss strategies to improve bone density, nutrient absorption, how certain hormones affect bone density and the metaphysics of “structure.” “The Caroline Sutherland Show” is an open forum to discuss any health related issue. Call Caroline and get a “spot reading” and answers to your health questions.

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    Dr. Sam Mugzzi with Brad Johnson and Adronis

    in Paranormal

    Tonight's special guest is Brad Johnson and Adronis.  Call in and ask questions.  646-649-0866

    Adronis is the name given to the multidimensional consciousness channeled through Brad Johnson. The channeling of Adronis began in December of 2008 where Brad was introduced to the energy of Adronis through the process of "automatic writing." Adronis identified himself as a fifth-density humanoid consciousness existing within the star system of "Sirius A." Throughout Adronis' communications, he has shared that his intentions are to be of service to humanity by sharing his knowledge and wisdom through Brad as a channeling conduit. In Adronis' specific meaning, "as Brad spiritually evolves, he will allow others to spiritually evolve with him through my interactions."

    Brad moved deeper into vocally channeling Adronis in 2009. Since that time, the connection to Adronis has become more pure and channelings have emerged with a greater depth of information. Individuals has been amazed by how much personal and general information can be shared through Adronis as Brad channels him consciously.

    After December 21st, 2012, Brad decided to take a break with channeling Adronis for several months so that he could better integrate his ability of Conscious Matrix Communication. Around the Spring of 2013, Adronis returned as Brad communicated with him again as the energies of contact were strong on both sides to continue. Through the return of channeling Adronis, his energy had felt very different. Adronis has shared that he is now communicating through Brad as a sixth-density Sirian consciousness existing within the star of Sirius A itself where he is composed entirely of starlight.

    Read More Here:  Link!  The Reality Whisperer

    There are also classes avialbe and consultations.

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    in Spirituality



    Everything is REAL, everywhere it appears.   People often speak about the "illusory nature" of 3D.   And it is illusion.  However, that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist, or what is seen there is false.  Rather, the illusion consists of the impression that what is experienced at any point is ALL THERE IS that exists in that space. Your senses are not "windows" to an "objective" universe.  They are really filters, blocking from your awareness what you have no desire to see.   OUT THERE consists of an endless array of everything imaginable.  But here, in this 3D You-niverse, you have assigned for yourself a specific focus, and your Veil makes sure that you stay with it until that focus is complete.    

      Each Now Moment, you are opening "gifts" that reveal to the Oneself who and what you are, or have been (speaking in a linear sense).   That is why we refer to each of these moments as "the present."  

    © Copyright, 1995-2011. Daniel E. Jacob.

    You may share freely all within these pages for personal edification or assistance and encouragement for others along the Path


    SMOOTH..JAZZ... CAFE .../

    "TIME WAVE ZERO" Terence Mckenna /   https://youtu.be/k9vkoDkeaVM /

    "A CRISIS IN CONSCiOUSNESS"  /  T. Mckenna /  https://youtu.be/OEG0syeAo4U /

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    FDN Support Talk Radio

    in Health

    FDN’s very 1st FDN-P

    How FDN got started

    How SIgA works in the body

    What the BH310 adds to the FDN investigation

    Imbalances come before symptoms

    More about MT

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    Diana Gazes: Supporting Body & Soul In This Time Of Change

    in Spirituality

    On the November 4, 2015 edition of "Nature Of Reality Radio" I welcome Diana Gazes who is a clear transmitter of higher cosmic energies with direct connection to Angelic and Universal Light realms. Diana leads International Workshops, Group Transmissional Healing Activations/DNA sessions and opens the 'Spheres of Love', a healing modality new to the Earth. As a Spiritual Healer for over 30 years, Diana offers Advanced Energy Healing Sessions over Skype or phone worldwide. Her site www.DianaGazes.com offers High Frequency Healing Tools to help our selves and pets (bodies) balance, heal and integrate the new energies at this time.

    Media background includes: executive position for CBS, hosting TV series "Gazes Into The Future", featured in hundreds of TV, radio, book, magazine, internet interviews and is currently developing new media projects supporting the awakening of conscious evolution. As a firm believer of direct experience, Diana has taught millions how to bend a spoon in union with the power of their mind, heart and spirit. Diana lives on the slopes of Mt. Shasta, California. Her google phone number is 530 918- 8712 for those who wish to speak to her for both info on products on websites and healing sessions.

    Diana's sites: http://thelighteam.com & http://dianagazes.com & http://waterfilterhealth.com

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    11-11 Gateway Global Intentions Broadcast

    in Self Help

    Join Quantum Healer, Meg Benedicte and Co-Host, Manette Mays with Starseeds and Light Bearers all around the world for the 11:11 Gateway Global Intentions Meditation on Wednesday, November 11th at 12pm PDT. All Activations are recorded and available for Replay at the Event URL.

    It only happens once a year, when the 11:11 Gateway opens to higher, ascended realms. On November 11th we will experience a rare moment of intense clarity of our own divinity. 11:11 is a sacred Ascension code that activates the neural network in the brain to open to higher dimensions of Spirit.

    Prepare to quantum leap to the next level of your Soul’s Ascension Plan! The planetary shift is accelerating into 5th Density as the old Earth Time Matrix dissolves. Are you ready to jump into the next phase of your personal Ascension?

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    knowing the Self according to its Design, serving others, collective ascension

    in Paranormal

    Humanly we are faced with the daunting task of evolving beyond the death experience. Few do this. Life goes on and most simply repeat another life through reincarnation. Living as being culminates in an with ascension that is either done individually or collectively. It is not easy to know the self as it is. Many traditions are in place that are antithetical to our being human, due to the pervasiveness of the invader culture mindset. Being human involves several dynamics. There is God and universe, diety and divinity, creator and father, and mom and dad. There are issues acting as catalysts. There are talents to develop. There is conscious awareness. There is making a contribution to others. The point is missed. Death ensues. Another opportunity is granted for all long as it takes until third density ends. Welcome to my point of view. 

  • The Consciousness Shift - Who Are the Blue Avians?

    in Spirituality

    There can be no doubt that our world is changing at an accerlated pace.  So much new information is being revealed, expanding our concept of what's possible.  Join Nicole and Gwen for a look into the E.T. group called the Blue Avians as stated by Corey Goode. It's an "out there" topic but, how else to we expand our view of the universe?

    Join us for commentary on the shift of this age in Aquarius!  Authors, mentors, teachers... astrologers, practitioners, healers, yoga, metaphysics, eastern mysticism, we talk to the ever changing emotional body of our evolving planet.  We cover a lot of territory!  Nicole Tomassini and Gwendolyn H. Barry host an hour peaking into the new consciousness.  Every Saturday afternoon at 3pm eastern. 

    Gwendolyn H. Barry is the owner of Daughters of Isis, making essential oils and flower essense tools to aid you on your journey. Visit: Daughtersofisis.com

    Nicole Tomassini is the founder of Spirit Therapy, offering paths of alignment with Spirit.     Visit: spirittherapynyc.com