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    Is it OK to Want to Be Dominated? with Dan Ilic & Stuart Campbell, Ep 41

    in Culture

    T&A talk with Dan Ilic, investigative humorist & Senior Satire Producer at Al Jazeera America, and Stuart Campbell, screenwriter & actor, on the elements of control and surrender in relationship dynamics.  Do overly accomodating men kill our sex drive?  And in the modern day are we ok with women submitting and men dominating? Or is this oppressive?

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    mr oitis call lost and found at dennys

    in Comedy

    he is lkooking for his false teeth

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    Old Guys at #Dennys, #Judging is Good, Open to Thinking, #Married #Women @ #Mall

    in Lifestyle

    This Show Topics: Pocket Pool, Old Guys at #Dennys, #Judging Others is Good, Open to #Thinking / #Change, #Married #Women Midweek Midday at #Mall, Michael #Medved.

    Listen to the track record of shows and enjoy. Judge Wyld, host of the The Judge Wyld Show on KAVD 103.1 FM is now on BTR. Judge Wyld rants on the many subjects that make your life shallow and stressful. Call in and clash ideas with Judge on Politics, Holidays, Relationships, Parenting, Spirituality, Life, Death, Health, Working, Job, Career, Music, Movies, Law and more! Judge Wyld reserves the right to be judgmental ABOUT YOU. Guaranteed that you are judging Judge Wyld right now!

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    "The Urban Wire" Ep. 57 EXCLUSIVE--David Bisard Fiasco

    in Entertainment

    Join Host Senica Harris and our special guest/host, JR Vazquez (the future host of our network's upcoming new show 3XR) from 7pm-9pm  for a special edition of the "Urban Wire" as we discuss two major local developing news stories in Indianapolis--The Davis Bisard case (officer that has been caught up in ANOTHER DUI case)...and the shooting of retired army veteran at a local Denny's restaurant on the northwest side of town. Call in or listen in at 646-915-8200 or IM us on yahoo theurbanwire_indy. Spread the word!

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    The American Complaint Department

    in Current Events

    Welcome to the third season of The American Complaint Department.  We are on the air live at 8pm pacific time every tuesday night beginning January 8, 2013.  We will be discussing Sandy Hook, assault weapons bans.  Also the dumb Dennys manager who asked the cops to leave because they had guns exposed.  Should a sperm donor be made to pay child support?  The fiscal cliff.  Tax accountant, and CPA Alan Joel will be our special guest, he will be discussing his view of the fiscal cliff..   Tune in, call in at 347-826-9176!! 

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    RTU: Podcast #3.36 - Nothing Topical to See Here

    in Sports

    Ready to Unload: with Cal & Sanpete
    NY Sports Talk Radio Show/ Podcast
    Episode #3.36  - 9/20/12
    Sponsored by: BLUE HAVEN NYC  - NYC's Sports Bar for Grownups
    After Cal finally, after 150 episodes or so, asked how Sanpete how his week was, and Bishop PJ treated us to "Confessions of Keurig Junkie", we got to...
    THE BIG UNLOAD: ... Burnt out by our local sports media, our teams, their coverage, & local sports scene in general, we decided to have an old fashioned sports discussion about the "Best Ever". It took lots of  interesting places, including:   Who WAS Rube Waddell? A stat nerd session about  Walter Johnson, Sanpete's obession with WIlt Chamberlain, the Babe Ruth discussion, what would medical science mean for all time greats, Jari Kurri was very good, Cal's obession with Warren Moon, Tommy Lee Jones impressions, who are current players that are in the "best ever" discussion, and Sanpete's wish for Adam Vinatieri's first name to have been Anthony.   We then talked a bit about the best sports related gifts we've gotten, & how you can probably get Yogi Berra to meet you at a Dennys.   Please subscribe to the RTU: PODCAST ON iTunes! It needs to be loved...

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    02/21/11 - "The 'What's Up With The Show' Show"

    in Comedy

    What the hell happened to our website? Did we take off Valentine's day in protest? Has Kurtis' new baby completely taken over his life? Will things ever get normal again? Tune in tonight and find out. Bringing you the absolute worst in web talk radio (and day to day minutiae - ) guaranteed!

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    10/11/10 - "The Something Show"

    in Comedy

    We are winging it again tonight..... but this time we have all kinds of stuff to talk about. Airsex, Denny's, KFC, Glow, the Simpsons.... ...we are bringing it.

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    Eating Healthy At Denny's

    in Lifestyle

    Alice Crowder Head of New Product Development for Denny’s goes onlinewithandrea to discuss the launch of new healthy menu items at Denny’s as well as how to navigate a menu that’s better for you. Hosted by Andrea R. Garrison.