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    DEBATE - Kaja Lowe VS Dennis C. Latham

    in Spirituality

    DEBATE - Kaja Lowe  VS Dennis C. Latham

    His FaceBook page is 


    Actually FaceBook Post is

    Here's The Blog

  • Ann Farrell, Zac Johnson, Mark Darren Gregor, Anne Ferrier

    in Business

    Ann Farrell retired corporate executive, only women to rise from entry level to top of the house in Fortune 200 Company’s 150 Year History. Launched executive and leadership success firm, Quantum Endeavors® in 2006 and now more than 80 corporate coaching firms are licensed and using my programs and approach to create success for their clients, client companies and their businesses

    Zac Johnson is an entrepreneur with nearly 20 years of experience in the online marketing space and started making money online while he was just a kid in high school

    Mark Darren Gregor  Career & Leadership Coach, he brings over 20 years of experience in his mission to redefine what it means to be a inspired leader in this courageous new age of business. A direct and outspoken presence in any environment, Mark uniquely overlays executive leadership “best practices” with self-mastery principles from mindfulness, new thought and world wisdom traditions to inspire a new generation of unshakeable leaders from the INSIDE out

     Anne Ferrier brings more than 25 years of international experience as a global executive coach and clinical psychologist. She is passionate about engaging with clients who are ready to expand their capacities and transform the way they perceive, act and connect. Anne coaches leaders to be more effective human beings and deepen the passion and vision they bring to their work. By deepening executive presence and strengthening the ability to connect in her clients, she contributes to shape the 21st century leader

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    The Dennis Ford Show-Exclusive K Rino Interview 9/8/2015

    in Hip Hop Music

    The Dennis Ford Show-Exclusive K Rino Interview 9/8/2015 

    Eric Kaiser (born 9 September 1970), better known by his stage name K-Rino, is an American rapper from Houston, Texas. He founded the South Park Coalition in 1986, and is often described as one of the pioneers of Southern hip hop. K-Rino has released over twenty solo albums in his thirty year career.
    Tonight on the first hour of the show I will be playing some of K Rino's greatest hits and then in the second hour we will have him on for a exclusive interview to talk about his new album being released this September. 


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    James Kessee VS Dennis C.Latham - debate on the american flag VS GOD THE FATHER

    in Spirituality

    James Kessee VS Dennis C.Latham - debate on the american flag
    From FaceBook Post by Dennis C. Latham

    My comment about the caucasian woman who grabbed and snatched an american flag from protestors of the opposite race who were walking on it - 

    Dennis C. Latham
    her god is a flag - that represents a satanic nation started on abuse, beating, cheating, harming, hating, hurting, murdering, racism, raping and stealing.
    draping that flag over dead soldier is nothing - you need to drape yourself in THE BLOOD OF JESUS.

    James Kessee Not only is your view on the American flag disrespectful but its also extremely ignorant and insensitive to the many Soldiers, fireman, etc. that have made the ultimate sacrafice. Whether you like it or not, that flag has given many hope when there was none. I can personally say when I went to Iraq I had no prouder moment then the moment I looked at the flag and said "this is how you represent your country". You are clearly a well educated man but this is by far just a dumb and ignorant statement. Dion E. Evans I am curious as to your views as well.

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    Church of Reality 111: The Art of the Pimp with Dennis Hof

    in News

    The pimp master general of America himself, Bunny Ranch Owner Dennis Off will join the panel live this Sunday. Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof will speak with us about his new book "The Art of the Pimp", the Bunny Ranch, and much more!

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    The Dennis Ford Show

    in Current Events

    Join Dennis tonight as he welcomes guest Ted Jotte....

  • Poppa L's Old School Flava Sunday w/SFG Dennis Pettiford @ 4pm On PD Radio

    in Radio

    #Whereitallstarted Sunday's w/Special FLava Guest Dennis Pettiford

    They might have slowed us up...but they didn't stop us from making it happen. This Sunday @ 4pm Poppa L's , CM Dubb and the #OldSchoolFlavaCrew with be reminiscing with their Special Flava Guest the creator of "Ronald Kool Duck" brother Dennis Pettiford.


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    092215 Dennis Virtuoso, Jason Zona & Mark Grozio, Niagara County Legislators

    in Politics

    In this segment of the Vince Anello Show the guests are three of the four Democrat legislators of the 15 member body of the Niagara County Legislature. They all represent various parts of the city of Niagara Falls, New York. Legislator Dennis Virtuoso, who is also the minority leader, represents the 6th Legislative District, Legislator Jason Zona represents the 5th Legislative District and Legislator Mark Grozio represents the 3rd Legislative District. The main topic of discussion was the Department of Social Services Direct Pay voucher program for rental units for their clients. Two years ago the Niagara County Legislature passed a law that would have landlords receive rental vouchers directly. There was a recent effort by the legislature to rescind that part of the law but it was brought back to committee. The frozen water line issue in Niagara Falls was also discussed.

    Our callers today on the issue of rundown housing were from both Niagara Falls as well as North Tonawanda.

    The New York State Comptroller's report on the audit of the Niagara County IDA was also discussed.

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    Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed & Find Your Friggin’ Belinda Farrell

    in Health

    Health and diet advice you can trust...Susun Weed answers your health questions followed by an informative interview with Belinda Farrell. Belinda the author of the book Find Your Friggin’ Joy, graduated with a BA in Spanish and English from the University of California at Berkeley and is trained in hypnotherapy, past life regression, NLP, Hawaiian chanting, and ancient Hawaiian healing (Huna). Belinda trained with Anthony Robbins (author of Unlimited Power) and has effectively used these skills in her own life.

    this episode Q&A includes:

    • plastic- do not store food or water in..

    • reverse osmosis water is devoid of minerals and can actually leach minerals from your body..

    • migraines- repressed sexual abuse in our culture and restriction of blood vessels and supporting the liver..

    • bacterial vaginosis- garlic suppositories, yogurt, yarrow tincture, activated charcoal..

    • sore breast..

    • pseudomanas infection- panax gingseng tincture..

    • lipomas- how to make castor oil packs and dandelion..

    • endometriosis and heavy bleeding- nothing raw or frozen, beets, meat, shepherds purse..

    • yarrow to help with nose bleeds, scar tissue and healing of mucous membranes..

    • skin bacteria- chickweed and rubbing shoulders with folks that have healthy bacteria..

    • itchy palm- fungus- plantain, horsetail..

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    Tarence Farrell- Song Writer, Record Producer, Label Owner

    in Music

    As is a songwriter Tarence is known for his clear and honest style of writing and as a producer he creatively brings out the message of the song with the musical elements that surround it.  Tarence is the owner of Levite Music Group LLC, a record label dedicated to Christian based music and he is also the VP of Qhuas Fitness, a Christian based fitness company.

    Tarence's story started when his young parents learned that their newborn child had a heart defect and needed surgery. Through much prayer his parents dedicated Tarence to The Lord and God continues to show him favor even today.

    Tarence was born and raised in queens, NY and began playing the drums at an early age with guidance from his father who was also a drummer.  As his talent matured he began playing for countless churches, groups and solo artists, including a staff position as a percussionist at Harlem School of the Arts.  After a three year musical director position with recording artist By Dezign, Tarence moved to the audio engineering and production side of the music industry.  He continued his passion for music, however only on a part time basis when he released his first project, Instrumental Offerings in 2002.  During that release Tarence was laid off from his job as a technical recruiter at a well know firm. This is when he began to realize that God had plans for him to work full time in the music industry.

    God has blessed Tarence with experience working with countless established and up-and-coming artists/musicians giving him a growing perspective on what works.  Become a part of this amazing journey by connecting with Tarence and the projects he’s a part of.

    Join Us! 917-932-8802.

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    Terror-Fi Radio Welcomes Karissa Fleck and Dennis Estlock

    in Paranormal

    Join The Paranormal Outlaw, Tasha, Melissa, and Michelle as we welcome Karissa Fleck and Dennis Estlock as we discuss their recent investigation of Historic Henricus. Founded in 1611, Henricus was founded by people fleeing Jamestown, VA. These earlier settlers and the Native Americans they encountered have left an undeniable impression on both the land and the tools they used.