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    Vaccine Denialism and its Dangers

    in Science

    This week we'll be discussing the anti-vaccination movement, its claims, and what dangers it presents to the world.

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    in Politics

    Originally started during Summer 2013 with Thomas Witt, executive director, Equality Kansas the largest premier statewide organization for the LGBT communities.

    Program Summary: Jan. 14, 2015

    Segment Summary:  1st Hour - “This Way Out” the international gay and lesbian radio magazine. (30 min.) Gays and lesbians in Ghana go on with their illegal lives; a Turkish lesbian looks to the UN; "Transparent" and "The Normal Heart" score Golden Globe Awards; trans Eurovision Contest winner Conchita Wurst sings for the "Heroes"; a club assault kicks Russian gays in the apathy, 26 Egyptian men are tried for "debauchery", Vietnam okays same-gender weddings, an Irish priest comes out for equality, and more LGBT news from around the world.

    Then Amanda Marcotte’s outstanding “RH Reality Check” from the vital news web site RH Reality Check. On this episode of Reality Cast, a researcher from Media Matters discusses conservative myths about contraception. In another segment, host Amanda Marcotte looks at the Christian right’s strange new tactic to replace pray-away-the-gay, and rape denialism continues to get its hooks into conservative pundits.

    2nd Hour: We go LIVE with Equality Kansas Executive Director Thomas Witt to discuss state of the state of Kansas.

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    MMATorch Presents: Sayre's Law with Williams and Suter (7/2)

    in Sports

    In this first ever audio edition of Sayre's Law (the lower the stakes, the pattier the arguments), Alex Williams and Tom Suter discuss the Chris Weidman-Lyoto Machida main event at UFC 175; the potentially racist promotional tactics of a small-time MMA show; whether fighters should throw in the towel or try to last the distance when they want out of a fight; and Tom's endorsement of vaccine-denialism in an attempt to connect with our listeners who don't support or understand "evidence."

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    The Dangers of Ignorance

    in Science

    This week we'll be touching on ignorance and its real world consequences. We'll discuss Clive Bundy, Creationism, Faith Healing, and many other topics that demonstrate how ignorance can lead to outright danger.

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    October 11, 2012 with guests Ava Bird and John Grant

    in Politics Progressive

    Chuck Gregory and MIke Palecek welcome returning guest poet Ava Bird and new visitor John Grant.
    Bay area poet/artist/activist Ava Bird was one of our very first guests and we always look forward to her visits. She'll tell us what's happening out West and share a poem or two. We love to listen to her read her poetry. John Grant has a couple of Hugos and World Fantasy Awards among other praise that has headed his way. He's published more than 70 books, both fiction and non. He'll be talking about pseudoscience and what he calls 'science denialism' and it should be fun despite the very sad truth that lies beneath the banter. We'll present our version of the presidential debates, give a tribute to Bill Hicks, and as always close with The News from Mount Liberty.

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    Micah and I

    in Science

    Just a chat between us about the insufferable stupidity of the evolutionists we had a discussion with last night.

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    Debunking the Pseudoscience of AIDS Denialism, P.2

    in Science

    This segment of the Knowledge Parlor will feature Virologist Dr. Donald Alcendor of Meharry College of Medicine in Tennessee. The Knowledge Parlor will ask Dr. Alcendor more questions about the HIV virus this segment.

    Dr. Alcendor has done extensive research with the HIV virus and has submitted numerous peer-reviewed publications on the subject of HIV and AIDS.

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    Soma Time With You Tube's NSMDOC

    in Health

    Continuing our discussion of Climategate and many of the parallel stories around it, I decided to put together this Special Edition of the show with our digital messenger; You Tube's NSMDOC...His channel has been a hot spot for a lot of the news that's been happening below the radar that may impact the lives of millions around the world.

    Check out DOC's stuff at http://www.youtube.com/user/SACRAMANIACSmc

    The information we covered on this show can and should spark debate. Send you comments to me at nakedsoma@gmail.com and we'll be sure and address them, either directly or on the air. What we really want is for you to wake up, listen and act.

    Start by Tweeting and posting this link on Facebook and help spread some soma for us! Be sure and visit BLOGSOMA.NET for more info and remember to stop by SOMASPACE.ORG for the latest on SomaSpotting, the best way to be self-aware...of others...especially these others!

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    The Best of 2008

    in Science

    The year 2008 brought some marvelous guests to the Knowledge Parlor to discuss a variety of topics, from hang gliding to AIDS Denialism. In addition to playing some snippits from previous shows, we will discuss some of the challenges that 2009 will bring that can be addressed with a community-based science literacy movement.