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    Al Diaz, Katharina Aniya Mies "From Death to Life – From Lie to Truth"

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    Al Diaz and co-host Katharina Aniya Mies share their insights on "From Death to Life – From Lie to Truth"

    Wednesday, December 18th  10am PST

    Katharina Aniya Mies, mum-of-4, laughter yoga teacher, holistic health practitioner. Including in her sessions systemic therapy, EFT, bodywork, meditation, sound healing, matrix work, jumping reality lines etc., the most transformational powers in her “work” are gratitude, appreciation, love and empathy.

    As a survivor of severe traumatic experiences from very young age on, Katharina had to deal with drug abuse, depression and suicidal tendencies. Being born a psychic and highly sensitive person, these gifts were more of a curse for her than a help for a very long time.

    Facing all these co-created challenges and just escaped death narrowly, from 14years on Katharina soaked up every helpful, relief giving therapy and technique, sought help from mentors, coaches and therapists and from the most important teacher and healer in her life, from Mother Nature.

    With this wide range of knowledge, Katharina works in one-on-one sessions and teaches Matrix-2-point and laughter yoga for groups. She makes your journey a deep sea dive rather than a snorkeling trip. It’s her purpose to support people to peel off the layers of toxic information, programs, patterns and demotions, so they become, what they always were and already are – God’s co-creators, pure potential, light and love.

    Her own personal development program will be released in 2014: connecting the potential dots.


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    Sports Talk 1240 on WGBB: Bob Klapisch Talks Baseball

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    Mike Silva talks to Bob Klapisch of The Record about the Mets demotions, Andy Pettitte's HOF chances and the MLB-Biogenesis scandal. 

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    Alderson Makes It Clear, Changes Are Not Staff Related

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    After the recent demotions of some fan-favorite players such as Ike Davis, Mets fans are left wondering, what next? Listen in as Anthony C Wayne and the game break down all the latest news and opinions surrounding the NY Mets.

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    Sports Media Watchdog: Subway Series Juice

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    Mike and Steve discuss the Subway Series, Ruben Tejada and Ike Davis potential demotions, and whether the Yankees are running out of steam. Hear their thoughts on John Tortorella's firing and possible replacements. Finally, they address Roy Hibbert's offensive comments. 

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    Demotion? No-sleep 10 yr old;one-upmanship; less controlling

    in Self Help

    Dr. Julie Helmrich, "Shrink N Drink" psychologist in Milwaukee takes 5 questions: 1) how to handle a job that is too much; 2) how to help 10 yr old get needed sleep; 3) how to get a co-worker to stop doing "one-up-manship" 4) how to become less controlling, 5) foodies have become more critical of service in recent years, interferes with pleasurable activity of eating out.

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    Crime Wire:Bright Lights, Dark Places author, Debra Gauthier

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    On tonight’s show we’ll talk with Debra Gauthier, author of Bright Lights, Dark Places. Debra was one of the first female patrol officers hired under the same standards as men on the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. She spent 21 years on the force, leaving it in 2001. During her tenure she faced down suspects who were high on PCP, had high-speed chases into on coming traffic and used her martial arts skills to subdue burly men.
    But not all of Debra’s battles while working as a police officer were with criminals. She sometimes faced discrimination in the male-dominated profession, suffering demotions and unsafe working conditions when other officers would not provide backup. Adding to the bias against her within the department was her sexuality. Debra was homosexual.
    Debra will share it all with us—the good, the bad and the ugly. So please join us for what promises to be an entertaining and informative hour. The show begins at 9 p.m. Eastern

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    Author Debra Gauthier, LVMPD Trail Blazer, shares new book!

    in Politics Progressive

    Little could stand in Debra Gauthier's way. A marathon runner, Debra excelled in the Police Academy, garnering respect as one of the few female police officers in Las Vegas. However, through her twenty-one years on the police force, Debra faced discrimination in the male-dominated profession, suffering demotions and unsafe working conditions when other officers would not provide backup. In addition to the disappointment of injustice, she struggled with her sexuality, becoming entrenched in a homosexual lifestyle. After establishing an identity as a respected police officer, Debra was devastated when her career crumbled. Bright Lights, Dark Places thoughtfully expresses the painful reality of combating biased attitudes and the joy that comes from surpassing limitations. Packed with fascinating stories of a vibrant career, from teaching at the academy to pioneering a bicycle patrol, Bright Lights, Dark Places gives you an inside look at the career of one of the first female officers in Las Vegas. You will be encouraged by this powerful story of one woman finding grace to overcome trials.
    <a href="http://s896.photobucket.com/albums/ac166/LtJuanitaGoode/?action=view&amp;current=187669_100001005236165_6879270_n1.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i896.photobucket.com/albums/ac166/LtJuanitaGoode/187669_100001005236165_6879270_n1.jpg" border="0" alt="lvmpd"></a>

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    Political Promotions and Economic Demotions

    in Politics

    Why ex-military men turned president are a crap shoot; why Starbucks is running on decaf; and we offer suggestions for John McCain's ebay economy. Plus, we add names to our Honor and Dishonor Rolls.

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    Fantasy 15: Harmon & Halpin Preview MLB 2011

    in Sports

    Mike Harmon and John Halpin of FOXSports.com are back to dominate the airwaves in another discussion about the 2011 Major League Baseball season. Injuries, demotions and 1,000,000 other topics are on the table as the boys consider the Braves and Phillies to close out the week. Find them on Twitter @swollendome and @jhalpin37. Lock it in.

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    HBIC of CM

    in Pop Culture

    This is for our HBIC member and those who TRY to hate on us
    HI Haters

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    On The Line 5/3/10

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