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    Show 31: Deloris Livsey - 2015 Urban Hero

    in Education

    John and Karla met Deloris in 2014 while they were conducting a workshop for the residents of Hazelwood, a community in renewal in the City of Pittsburgh. They were so impressed with her story, which included surviving a bout with cancer, and leadership that they both nominated her to be part of the 2015 Urban Heroes class. Today Deloris joins Karla and John to tell listeners her story.

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    Sophia A. Nelson, Deloris Pettaway, and Chester A. Hicks

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    The authors that we are featuring today are: Sophia A. Nelson, author of "The Woman Code"; Deloris Pettaway, author of "Destiny: God's Plan in Motion"; and Chester A. Hicks, author of "WHY? The Children of Newtown from God's Perspective".

    The purpose of this show is to highlight wholesome Christian books, promote them to our audience, encourage you to buy these books for yourself and for others, and most importantly, to see people come to Christ and lives changed for the glory of God.

    MUSICAL SELECTION: "Made New" by Lincoln Brewster; "God My God" by VaShawn Mitchell; "Covered" by Israel Houghton & New Breed

  • The Belief Corner Radio Show w/Enuf Talent Agency (Hosted By: Ebony Archer)

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    Ebony Archer is back with another show! Today, we will be interviewing Catherine Miller and Deloris Madison.

    ENUF Talent Agency gives gifted actors, singers, rappers, children and models a chance to fulfill their dreams

    ENUF Talent Agency, recently founded by Catherine Mitchell and Deloris Madison, is on a mission to help promising stars achieve their dreams. The agency will be holding auditions for gifted individuals to compete in one of four categories for the chance to earn a spot in a talent show.

    Talent categories include acting, modeling, singing and rapping and children 12 and under. In addition to a cash prize, the winner of each talent category will earn the opportunity to work on a professional assignment and develop their skills under a coach.

    Catherine Mitchell and Deloris Madison founded ENUF Talent Agency to provide gifted individuals with developmental tools and connect them with professional opportunities. Theagency provides a platform for actors and performers to showcase their abilities and gain exposure through talent shows and events.

    ENUF Talent Agency sets itself apart from similar agencies by embracing, nurturing, unifying and fulfilling the dreams of promising stars. Although ENUF is not recruiting any clients until its official launch in winter 2015, the agency is currently focused on engaging the Houston community through its talent show series. The auditions will take place at the Hilton Garden Inn West Belt dates included are: June 12th, 13th, 26th, and 27th and July 10th, 11th, 17th, and 18th. All auditions are scheduled to make it easier for people to come and go without the long wait.


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    Book Club - Lets P.R.A.Y. (Pray, Read And Yearn)

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    Join us this morning for (Lets P.R.A.Y. "Pray, Read, And, Yearn" -  Book Club). Lets discuss, share, laugh, pray and learn together. Our good read for this month is "Battlefield of the Mind" by Joyce Meyer. This week...lets discuss chapter eight. Facilitator - Deloris White. Study with us and watch God change your life. Study to gain understanding. Reading is power. The power of God can change the world. While you read ask God for wisdom and understanding. Lets take back our minds together in Jesus name!

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    How The Songs Of The Civil Rights Era Inspired The Movement For Social Justice

    in Women

    The world was inspired by the African American fight for social justice, and the songs of that era continue to be sung around the world as a symbol of the formerly oppressed rising up to overthrow the yoke of oppression. Jazz singer Deloris Scott recounts the era of activism that was galvanized by musical performers who sang songs that spoke to the hearts of the people. As part of the musical group that traveled with Rev. Jesse Jackson, Ms. Scott recalls how the singers and band members were also part of the protest marchers and organizers who helped secure political and economic gains. During this challenging era of fighting racial injustice, Ms. Scott reveals how the musicians played a major role in maintaining the high spirit of hope among those who put their lives on the line for racial equality.

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    Wealthy Sistas® Legacy Bank President & Founders, Deloris Sims & Margaret Henningsen

    in Business

    DELORIS SIMS, is President,one of the founders and a shareholder of Legacy Bank, which is the first African American, women owned, chartered bank in the state of Wisconsin. Ms Sims culminated an extensive prestigeous 28 yr career as the VP of Firstar Bank. She holds several seats on various commitee, such as the Ethics Committee. After retirement, Mrs. Sims and two founders, Margaret Henningsen and Shirley Lanier, raised over $6,000,000.00 in less than a year to capitalize. On July 27, 1999, Legacy Bank opened its doors, and under the leadership of Deloris Sims, has since grown to 206 million in assets.
    Amoung numerous other awards, Mrs. Sims is a recipient of the first-ever Governor’s Financial Literacy.

    Margaret J. Henningsen, is a founder of Legacy Bank. At 50 she followed her dream of starting a bank that would cater to the banking needs of her community. She was the first President of Legacy Bank. A longtime advocate for empowering women & minorities she recognized that access to capital and the ability to create wealth is paramount. Today, the bank has assets of over two hundred million; provides banking services to thousands of underserved people; funded more than 1,000 small business, commercial and economic development loans creating thousands of jobs. Ms Henningsen focuses on the bank’s mission of banking the unbanked and underserved markets. Those banking programs have become a national model for community banks that want to reach out to untapped markets. Ms Henningsen also serves as the President of the Wisconsin Community Development Legacy Fund that has received three allocations of New Markets Tax Credits -2005; 2007 & for more than 300 hundred million dollars.

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    Guest Speaker: Deloris A. Madgett, PhD

    in Spirituality

    Founder & Principal
    Madgett Miracles Services

    As a highly acknowledged Self-aware spiritually based Life Consultant, Speaker, and Ordained Minister, Deloris Madgett’s gifts of certainty and clarity inspire all to powerfully experience and express their Authentic Self. Her unique gift for listening, and her ability to focus clients on their opportunities, by utilizing her gifted intuition within the margins of Universal Principles, is remarkable. Ms. Madgett’s clients enjoy a tranquil perception from which to consciously create an empowered and fulfilled lifestyle.

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    Diaspora Soundz broadcasts LIVE from Oakland, CA with guest-host Deloris Madgett!!!

    in Culture

    Join us as this Sunday as we introduce our new co-host, Sista Ayanna, and learn more from guest-host Deloris Madgett, PhD and host of Reel-to-Real! She'll discuss her work at The Center and Madgett Miracle Services, and Ayanna will discuss the Oakland, CA runnins of today, esp. in light of Oscar Grant. We'll also feature artists from last week's Unifest 2009 in Washington D.C. as they rep their city in music, and we'll visit Senegal via our continued explorations of Diaspora Soundz. This is one not to be missed. Check us out THIS Sunday, June 14, 2009. You will be glad you DID!

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    Way Back When History Radio

    in History

    Join Nancy Reid & Lisa Smith – publishers of WayBackWhenMagazine.com, for Big Blend Radio’s history show airing live from California’s Yosemite Gold Country. Featured Guests: - Steve Kohlhagen - Author ‘Where They Bury You.’ Set in a tumultuous Sante Fe against the backdrop of the Civil War, Steve weaves a fictional thriller around a historical account from Kit Carson about the death of one of his marshals. - Chris Harrell - Tulare Historical Museum in Tulare, CA. - Sheila Pickrell & Deloris Mahnke – Porterville Historical Museum in Porterville, CA - Mickey Hirni – Mural Committee in Exeter, CA - Historian Terry L. Ommen & Deborah discuss haunted Link’s in Visalia, CA Plus, Hollywood History with Steve Schneickert who showcases ‘The Movie Railroad’ And, Cow Chip Poetry with Ed Keenan!

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    Author Jaqueline Stewart - Gossip "The Intent To Kill"

    in Lifestyle

    Join Destiny Empowerment Hour as we sit down with Author Jacqueline Stewart to discuss her two books: Gossip "The Intent to Kill" and Jealous to Death.
    Jacqueline Stewart, a wife and mother was born and raised in Many, La. She is the youngest of five children, and is the daughter of two loving parents, Ernest and Deloris White. It was when her family decided to move their membership to Word of Truth church of Many, La that Jacqueline’s life began to change for the better. It was there that she realized the destiny of the Lord for her life. Jacqueline is a two time graduate of Teen Mania Ministries of Garden Valley, TX, and is a graduate of Northwestern State University of Natchitoches, Louisiana where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in theatre. Jacqueline’s vision of writing began when she and her husband were members of the Abundant Life church of Natchitoches, La. The pastor knew of her degree in theatre, and encouraged her to write a play. Her first play, “Only a House” was a hit in the local community. Jacqueline has written several other plays, songs and poems, and is now sharing the message of God by writing books. Her books, Gossip “The Intent to Kill” and “Jealous to Death” encourage emotional, mental and spiritual healing, as well as obedience to the will of God.  Jacqueline’s desire is that all mankind be saved, healed, delivered and set free by the power of God. She lives in the love of God, and prays that others will live in that love as well.