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    Homosexuality inThe Church with Guest Pastor DL Foster

    in Psychology

    Since April 1990, DL Foster has dedicated his life to serving the Lord and his people with truth and faithful witness to the radical life changing power of Jesus Christ. He is a personal witness, after experiencing deliverance from homosexual sin over 20 years ago.   Pastor Foster combines a breadth and depth of over 15 years of experience on the mission field as a pioneering trailblazer, leading a movement to radically alter the way the church deals with sexuality issues. His apostolic approach incorporates both the critical components of discipleship and deliverance.   As an expert, well versed on issues in the cross section of sexuality and theology, he's been quoted, cited and interviewed extensively in such media venues as CNN,  Newsweek, Charisma, WorldNetDaily, 700 Club Newswatch, AOL Black Voices, Faith Under Fire, ABC News, Jewish World Review, TV One Network and numerous other print and broadcast mediums.   Under God's grace, DL has preached the gospel, taught, counseled and partenered with churches and organizations around the globe as far away as Barbados and in small towns like Junction City, Kansas.   For the last 18 years, Pastor Foster is the proud and loving husband of Dee and equally proud father of three awesome boys and two wonderful girls.