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    Gloves Off! Music and Mayhem

    in Energy

    We will be taking a peek at music, looking at what 'feeling the beat' does to us. 
    Let's look at the impact of vibrations, how they influence our actions and reactions, and what we can do to create positive vibes. From the beat of a drum, to the mellow vocals of a singer, music has historically become engrained in our everday lives.

    Featuring Peter Howe, discussing Robbie Williams, Tiao Cruz, road safety & music - basic tips & annalysis of music styles... Peter has background in Radio and songwriting. 
    So take your gloves off, its time to get up close, personal with another great session. Enjoy the show!

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    Tuesday Emotional Support Call To Leave Your Fat Behind

    in Health

    Every Tuesday, we explore the emotional path to gaining and maintaining good health. Curious? Click to listen to learn more.
    Join us, daily (Monday - Friday) to co-create a personal, powerful team to gain then maintain good health. After the show, keep the support flowing by posting follow-up comments and questions in the Comments box.
    You're also invited to join us on:
    Facebook Twitter Pinterest Click to find out more about your host, Soul Dancer. Soul left his fat behind in 2004, He shed 100 pounds and he keeps it off too!  He's here to help you when you're ready to go.
    Call Soul at 312-268-0000 or click to visit his Leave Your Fat Behind site.

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    Author, Sharon Astyk: Making Home

    in Energy

    Making Home is about improving life with the real people around us and the resources we already have. While encouraging us to be more resilient in the face of hard times, author Sharon Astyk also points out the beauty, grace and elegance that result, because getting the most out of everything we use is a way of transforming our lives into something much more fulfilling. Written from the perspective of a family who has already made this transition, Making Home shows readers how to turn the challenge of living with less into settling for more. – more happiness, more security and more peace of mind. Learn simple but effective strategies to:
    Save money on everything from heating and cooling to refrigeration, laundry, water, sanitation, cooking and cleaning Create a stronger, more resilient family Preserve more for future generations. We must make fundamental changes to our way of life in the face of ongoing economic crisis and energy depletion. Making Home takes the fear out of this prospect, and invites us to embrace a simpler, more abundant reality.
    Tune in to this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, as host, June Stoyer is joined by author, Sharon Astyk who is also a writer, teacher, blogger, and farmer whose family uses 80% less energy and resources than the average American household. She is a member of the Board of Directors of ASPO-USA, and the author of 3 previous books including Depletion and Abundance and Independence Days. Stay tuned!

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    Overpowering Fear in Sales - Michael Luckman

    in Self Help

    Michael Luckman is a dynamic speaker, trainer and coach with forty plus years as a salesperson, marketing pioneer, entrepreneur and sales trainer.  In Overpowering Fear he opens up his life and the lessons learned to help people uncover their own fear blocks and overpower them, in order to enjoy lives filled with confidence, success and abundance.  
    Michael's career is filled with amazing achievements including the launch of the first electronic toy, inventions like the cartridge video game system, the electronic keyboard and the see-through advertising product seen on vehicle wraps.  Told with humor as well as deep personal truth, Michaels' life story and his "Luckman's Laws" help readers take an equally brave and fruitful look at their own journeys.  Today listeners will learn how to identify goals they want to see materialize in their lives, understand what dreams they have been afraid to realize and be able to create a roadmap to a fantastic future.

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    Midnight Miracle Hour! Live Telephone Talk!

    in Christianity

    Two hours of fast paced Telephone Talk comes your way with Pastor Dean Pepin 7 Days a week at the stroke of Midnight! Prayer Requests, Topics of every variety, Questions that are provocative are usually the fare. Call early, and create excitement by becoming a panelist. Just be ready to comment on the unexpected, and keep your Bible handy, 'cause you'll need it. Pastor Dean writes the Tumblr Blog--Notes of A Pastor! And is the host of his syndicated program of 8 years, "PepTalk!  

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    Get Motivated With Jonathan JDOGG Lederman

    in Spirituality

    Every Monday promises to be relevant, entertaining, and resonating as Jonathan JDOGG Lederman brings you guests to empower you and inspire you as you continue on your path to enhance your personal and professional life while helping others. Guests will cover topics from weight release to personal development running the gamet from spirituality to entrpreneurship. JDOGG's 20 years of experience in the Business and Non-Profit Sectors will engage the audience with several nuggets to implement to create a better life for them.

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    The Energetics of Ascension

    in Spirituality

    To ascend into a higher dimensional state of being it is necessary to understand the energetic state and frequency of a being who Ascends.  We will discuss the role of various frequency ranges and the present human experience on the Ascension process as well as insights on how to tune yourself for Ascension.
    Show airs live Tuesdays at 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern/7pm London (please check time zone converter for your region).
    Jill's "activation" which some would call awakening began as recently as 2008, allowing her to quickly access her higher dimensional abilities and personally interact with the higher realms.  Jill is a spiritual teacher, channeler, healer, published writer and inspirational figure for many seek-ing to access their God-selves in their current journey. Jill guides others to create and access their God Essence into all aspects of their personal realities.  She also offers a DVD "The Platinum Age:  Creating the New Earth", online classes, intuitive sessions and many videos and written articles.
    While helping others re-member their own multidimensionality, Jill is continuously nurturing her own continuous evolution, knowing we are never done growing as an infinite aspect of Source/God.

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    Emotional & Spiritual Intimacy with Doug Noll & Aleya Dao

    in Self Help

    Doug Noll, author of Elusive Peace, an award winning book, professional mediator and winner of this year's California Lawyer Attorney of the Year for his work teaching female inmates mediation and peacemaking skills at a California State Prison through his project Prison of Peace has teamed up with his wife Aleya Dao, energetic practitioner and sound healer to teach relationship skills to couples.
    Over dinner one night the couple discussed how so many couples are suffering from a lack of emotional intimacy. Through both of their different practices they discovered that they teach the same principles of emotional and spiritual intimacy but in different ways. They came together to offer a free video for couples teaching the principles of intimacy through empathy.
    “I find that when people in conflict feel heard by the other party, a shift happens and resolution can come easily after that experience,” Noll observes. Dao uses her skills as a sound healer and energy practitioner to teach couples about the energetic shift that can happen when couples experience empathy without judgment from their partners.  Using the combined skills and different approaches from our two practices merges the emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs for couples to create authentic intimacy that results in the joy and bliss most couples strive for but cannot achieve,” Noll says. 

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    Courtney Carroll - Author, Speaker, Financial Coach

    in Self Help

    Courtney is an author, professional speaker, real-estate investor and educator. He specializes in providing financial counseling and consulting both at the corporate and individual levels.  
     As an established athlete (College Football and 3-rd Degree Karate Black Belt), Mr. Carroll extrapolates his experiences from the athletic world to the financial world. His speeches while captivating and motivational are also educational and provide a clear path to financial fitness.
    Courtney provides Financial Fitness training for his clients by getting them to first look at their personal philosophy about money.  Through ongoing coaching and support he educates his clients on the importance of taking responsibility for their financial future.  His passion for helping others navigate the space of personal finance was born from watching his own family struggle financially. 
    Courtney now teaches others about the importance of saving more, reducing their expenses, protecting their money and investing in one of three vehicles for wealth creation in order to create a financially secure future.
    Courtney has taken clients from renters to home owners, from massive consumer debt to financially stability and peace of mind, from bankruptcy to real estate investors.
    In addition to being an author and motivational speaker; Mr. Carroll works to empower future leaders as a principal with the Toronto District School Board.

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    July 31, 2012

    in Business

    Gregg Viscuso is an owner of “bad genetics” and a self-proclaimed “work in progress” that has tried and used many methods of exercise over the years. After 27 years of using trial and error and the power of “Evidence Based Nutrition and Fitness” (the practice of using scientific studies to compare different exercise and diet protocols to determine which is the most effective) he now is ready to share all of his years of work and study to get you in the healthiest shape of your life!.
    Author Jeffery Hayzlett "How to Succeed in Business in 2012"   Andrew Lock is a maverick marketer who presents the popular free WebTV show, ‘Help! My Business Sucks!’    Chris Hurn is the Cofounder and CEO of Mercantile Capital Corporation, a three time Inc.500/5000 company, two-time SBA Financial Services Champion, and one of the leading SBA 504 lenders in the nation. As of June 30, 2012, MCC has closed commercial loans worth over $965 million in total project costs and helped create or retain 6,584 jobs in 37 states, plus Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.  Chris has become well-known for his advocacy on behalf of small business owners.

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    #70 "5 Secrets to Living a Great Life"

    in Finance

    Weekly Q&A session for those that really do desire change. Guess what? You will probably always have a burning desire for that "next." My hope is that I can assist you in this season and give you the tools necessary to prosper where you're currently planted.  Learn more at http://www.called2succeed.com 
    By the age of 27, Montina had already experienced domestic violence, financial abuse, divorce, bankruptcy, living in a homeless shelter and the birth of 3 children.  The book, Secrets of a Millionaire Mind equipped Montina with the knowledge necessary to rewrite her financial future.  She immediately began adopting new ways of thinking to support she and her children's happiness and success.
    Before the age of 30, she built her first home, finished her Master's degree and had already helped hundreds of individuals create a blueprint for success in their lives.  In 2009, by suggestion of her husband, she cut off all of her hair to join the natural journey that many women of color were seeking.  This awakening paved the way to Montina establishing Organic Life Products, Inc., Organic Life Consulting, Inc., Armpit Candy and opening business opportunities for individuals that were seeking multiple incomes. A new passion was born to "Teach Part-Time Entrepreneurs How to Achieve Full-Time Success!"

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    Find Your Voice with Bridgette Bryant

    in Art

    Bridgette Bryant, songtress and artist  joins Life Coach Ade to help you “Find Your Voice” on the Ask Life Coach Ade Radio Show.
    In a world where we are told to fit in and get along, this is the time to break out of the chains of conformity and sing our own song! Tune in for a powerful conversation about being Free to BE who you are meant to be!
    Bridgette Bryant's beautiful voice, soul stirring songwriting skills and electrifying stage presence will engage your heart, soul and mind.
    Bridgette has had the distinct honor and exciting privilege to record and/or tour the world contributing backing vocals and being featured with many industry greats such as Stevie Wonder, Phil Collins, Quincy Jones, Diana Ross, Will Downing, Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Patti LaBelle, Nancy Wilson, Sergio Mendez, Dionne Warwick, Burt Bacharach, Michael Bolton, Herbie Hancock, Sheila E., Maurice White, Bebe & Cece Winans, Mary Mary and more.
    Call in 347 426 3346 or post your questions on "Ask Life Coach Ade Radio Show" fan (Like) page on Facebook.   This show will shift your consciousness. Empowering to create a space and a place for inspiration, transformation and healing. For more information about Life Coach Ade visit www.LifeCoachAde.com

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