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    Episode One: Introducing the Performance I Create Podcast

    in Management

    A new era begins for the Performance I Create team!  Sarah Williams, SPHR (@thebuzzonhr) & Kyle Jones (@kylemj6977) team-up to co-host the #PICHRSHOW.

    The Performance I Create Podcast is based on the website of the same name which consists of 12 HR professionals who share their knowledge and unique experiences about work, human resources, and life. The focus is on process improvement and, well,...performance. Our podcasts will offer more insight into our thoughts, lives and methods of operation. And of course, we are going to have a great time discussing what's really important in the real world today.

    This episode features the first installment of HR Buzz Topics. Sarah and Kyle welcome Dave Ryan, Tiffany Kuehl, and Heather Kinzie to the Buzz Topics Table.  


  • How to Create a Photo Essay

    in Entertainment

    How to create a photo essay and maximize your potential for publication as a writer and photographer.

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    Holding On To The Past to Create A Better Future??

    in Pets

    Do you remember the nano second you acknowledged that your dog or cat was house trained?  Remember....  that BIG sigh of relief and the expanse of ease that became your partnership with your animal companion!  What was it that allowed your animal to change their behavior?  Was it their capacity to hold on to the past and what was created by past choices or… was it something completely different?

    Join Charlie and Suzy as they explore how/what animals make the choice to create a different reality for themselves, which change the future of your partnerships with them.  What if what you think is necessary to create the future you truly desire with your pet is TOTALLY different than you thought it was?


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    Begin Self Employment and Create Economic Development

    in Entrepreneur

    Are you tired yet of job search, job fairs, filling out applications and no word. Getting good interviews but never getting the job? Well! your hard work all these years leave you hopeless. You never invested in yourself? Now you can create economic development in your neighborhood with Work for Life. No need to be jobless, friendless and pretty much penniless. Job search has turned into a super chore. You need a job somewhere soon or you will have to answer the call of the streets. Why not invest some time now with Work for Life. I guarantee you earnings in 30days. If you are ready to invest in you use my message board here to contact me and we'll get busy with a plan to have you making money in 30dyas or less. www.blogtalkradio.com/workforlife. Contact me on www.twitter.com/workforlifebea. Contact me by email wfl@workforlife.net. Working as a group will boost attitude and your  profits in the next 30days, guaranteed.

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    Finance Friday: Create a Business

    in Entrepreneur

    We are going to tell you how to start a business, get customers, and maintain your business in 30 minutes. If you ever wanted to be in business or yourself, and didn't know where to start? This is the program for you. 1) If you need an idea to start your own business, we will show you how to create ideas! 2) How to run your business with what you have! We will share some great ways to run your business with less and still get big results! 3) How To Build from a super small business to 'Moving On Up'! How to create steady growth! 4) What to do with your profits? Where to put the money you make?   --- Stop by and see us at 30MoGo.com

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    New Beginnings : How to Create and Sustain Them with the Angels

    in Spirituality

    Join me this coming Monday October 5th at 1pm EST  for my one hour show on Let's Ask the Angels.

    I will share the upcoming weekly angel messages from the Archangel Michael Oracle Cards deck by Doreen Virtue and also my topic of 'New Beginnings: How to Create and Sustain Them with the Help of the Angels'. I will take some listener cals for readings also!  Call in at 424-675-6837 for a readiing.

    Follow me here at BlogTalk Radio, at www.bcalvanocoaching.com and Facebook Bcalvanocoaching.

    Angel blessings, Barbara      bcalvano-coaching@usa.net




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    Why do we Create Illusions

    in Spirituality

    Why do we humans create such illusions in life? Most people clothe other people in their very own minds. In other words we see people as we think them to be but not how they actually are. Where did we learn to do this? Is this something that we have been conditioned to do? The simple truth is when we do this we are seeing what we think but we are not seeing what is actually there. We see things through our historical experience and then we compare it to the present experience. This creates the illusion. When we think something about another person we have the tendency to turn it into a fact in our own minds. By doing this it creates incredible dissagreements with others. Then some fall into the trp of denying another persons mind. If we live in objectivity then we see truth not the illusions of another. The human mind has the ability to think what ever it so chooses especially of others. Allow other people to be wimply who they are this allows you to be fully you as well by doing this. May we all awaken to the truth of who we are. Join Liara and Steven for another conversation about living life as our divine self. Call in and join in the conversation at 718-664-9735.

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    EP. 14 Patience

    in Self Help

    Monday Conversations

  • HEAVENLY ENCOUNTERS: How to Co-Create Your Life with Divine Assistance

    in Spirituality

    Not satisfied with your life? Keep going around in the same vicious circle? Our special guest is Eric Allen, author of "The New Awakening" and "The New Way" (www.change-your-world.com). As he so prophetically states, "To change the world around us, we need to change the world within us."

    On this show, you will learn how to change your circumstances, by reconnecting to the flow of the universe and co-creating a different vision.  You will be able to tap into your divine self and realize that YOU are the Creator of the world, in which you  live. Whether you are conscious of this divine process or not, you manifest your thoughts, feelings and actions into every minute of our your life.

    Are you ready for a new outcome?  Then tune in with hosts Mary Elizabeth & Janis Yakopovic and learn to create the life you always imagined!

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    EYM ~ Plan Create Reach

    in Entrepreneur

    Are you Hungry for Success?

    How are the plans different? 

    Today at 5:30pm Cen / 6:30pm Eastern / 3:30pm Pac Empowering Your Mind Blog Show Chatting on "Plan / Create/ Reach" Break is over, Time to Get to WORK! #EmpowerYourMind #SRWM Creating Greater lifestyles by Encouraging, Enhancing and Inspiring other to Change their Status by Changing their Standards in CHRIST!

    (347) 850 8831

    Or If you do not have a Blog (712) 775 7085 Access Code: 479358#

    SoRealWithMadelyn@gmail.com Online Blog For More Information: www.SoRealWithMadelyn.wix.com/madelyn-bass