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    Joellyn Sargent: The Solopreneur School Project

    in Jobs

    Video version available at https://youtu.be/FW8gaMA_W4I


    Beyond The Launch Book




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    Valerie Sargent tells how she reads Akashic records & then she reads yours!

    in Spirituality

    Valerie is a certified hypnotherapist, Akashic Records reader and Intuitive healer. She has been practicing Reiki and other healing modalities for almost 20 years, and has been working within the Akashic Records for the last 4 years. "Akasha" is a Sanskrit word meaning "primary substance, that out of which all things are formed." The Records contain the record of your soul's existence; you can think of it like a library where all of the books are about you. Work done in the Records offers powerful soul level healing, and enables us to have a more conscious relationship with our own soul. 

    You can also schedule a hypnosis session with Valerie. She is a pioneer in working with hypnotherapy within the Akashic Records.

    Valerie holds workshops and seminars focused on conscious living and enjoys writing about energy healing and how it helps us to help ourselves.  Valerie is a member of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, and currently sees clients at Shala Center for Healing, Art & Community (http://shalacenter.com) in Charlottesville, VA and via Skype or phone. She travels to Northern VA regularly to see clients as well.

    More information about Valerie and her work can be found at: 



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    Tips on Balancing a career and a Relationship

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    Deirdre Simmons, PHR, SHRM-CP, entrepreneur, past president of SHRM Gateway, and most important role -wife, began Cast Your Net On The Right Side ?#‎NowWhat? non-profit to bring a relationSHIPS dialogue to the community. This God-given vision provides biblically based practical instruction for men and women on everyday living while edifying participants. There are 2 other businesses: Cast Your Net Travel and Smoove Stones.
    This graduate of Purdue University is also an EEO Advisor, has a certification in HR and is currently enrolled at UCONN.
    The former Deirdre Cash has been married to chef, trainer, chaplain, Minister Jerry Simmons, for 6 1/2 years. She has worked as a servant leader in several ministries however, wife is her first ministry.

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    OUReality ... Name Your Bitch ,,, Open Mic, ALL Rants Welcomed!

    in Higher Education

    Name Your Bitch ,,, Welcome to OUReality's very first, Open Mic Rant Show.  PLEASE ,,, Join Eva, Kitty Wolf and The Angry Marine, Staff Sargent Sanders, for those rare WTF moments ,,, ALL Rants Welcomed!  Allow us to be your sounding board, from the smallest complaints to the more large atrocities caused by the very own people we employ, also known as the government!  Hoping this will be one of many open mic shows to come, everyone needs to let off steam ... right?! 

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    THE ROBERT DOUGLAS DRAKES III SHOW- Vincent Trilagee Sargent

    in Education

    THE ROBERT DOUGLAS DRAKES III SHOW- Vincent Trilagee Sargent

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    Jesse Tischauser
    3 Gun Nation Pro Series
    Generation III Gun

    Staff Sargent Jesse Tischauser served 9 years in the U.S. Army. Jesse has been his competitive shooting career in 2009 and has been competing on the televised 3-Gun Nation Pro Series since 2011. Tischauser is an active member of just about every competitive action shooting organization including IDPA, USPSA, SCSA, USCA, and ICORE. Tischauser is a member of Team J. Dewey Rods, Team Rhino Arms, Team Optics Planet, and the Freedom Munitions Shooting Team.

    Joshua W Shinlever
    US Army Veteran
    Machine gunner 25th Infantry Division. AIR ASSAULT QUALIFIED....
    Served on Reserve Unit with Knox County Sheriff's Office. Has been a special deputy for KCSO for twenty years.
    NRA basic pistol instructor
    Police Firearms Instructor
    Law Enforcement/ Security Firearms Instructor
    Glock Firearms Instructor
    Glock Armorer
    Patrol Rifle Instructor
    Tactical handgun Instructor
    Tactical Shotgun Instructor
    Select-fire, submachine gun instructor
    C.A.R. Center Axis Relock tactical C.Q.B. Instructor
    State of Tn. Department of Safety and Homeland security handgun Instructor. # 197/20/9300
    Handgun school #247-28
    Asp tactical baton instructor
    Asp tactical handcuffing instructor
    Defensive tactics instructor
    O.C. Pepper spray Instructor
    Taser Instructor
    3rd degree black belt isshinryu karate.
    State of Tn Certified Trainer #00930745 for Unarmed and Armed Security
    Taser/ stun gun
    I.A.L.E.F.I. Master Firearms Instructor
    Member N.R.A. ( National Rifle Association)
    Member I.A.L.E.F.I. ( International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors)
    Member I.L.E.E.T.A. ( international Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association)
    Member A.S.L.E.T. ( American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers) ( Former)

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    Authentic Enlightenment -Ep#116 - Flat Earth Theory Decoded w/Guest Mark Sargent

    in Entertainment

    Show starts at 9:05pm EST

    Tonight we will be joined by researcher Mark Sargent to talk about the 'Flat Earth Theory' and more. 

    Growing up on South Whidbey Island, Washington, Mark K. Sargent started his career playing computer games professionally in Boulder Colorado. From there he spent the next 20 years training people in proprietary software. In 2014, he looked into what is no doubt the most ridiculous conspiracy ever, called "Flat Earth Theory", and through extensive research, discovered that it wasn't so laughable after all.

    Early in 2015, he released a series of YouTube videos titled "Flat Earth Clues", which delves into the possibility of our human civilization actually being inside a "Truman show"-like enclosed system, and how it's been hidden from the public since 1956.

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    The Life and Times of Deirdre Franklin and the Pinups for Pitbulls Model Call

    in News

    Attorney Fred Kray and the PBLN crew will discuss the life and times of Deirdre Franklin and Pinups for Pitbulls model call. Regular show episodes include:

    Recap of last week's show
    Weekly news update
    BSL updates with Kris Diaz from StopBSL
    Chat with Denise
    Dog Training with Yvette Van Veen

    Don't miss our newly designed network website PBLNN.com where you can see all the latest updates from Pit Bulletin Legal News, Pit Bulletin Legal News Radio, StopBSL, K.C. Dog Blog, Canine Agression with Jim Crosby, the Doglawreporter and Dangerous Dog Law. New content every day. Bookmark it!

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    Replay - Transforming Your Shame Into Worthiness Part 1

    in Spirituality

    Replay from 5/20/2015

    Transforming Your Shame into Worthiness,  Part 1: The Faces of  Shame Hosted by:  Dr. Deirdre J. Burrell, DAOMc, LAc   With Guest: Patricia A. Parham, Ph.D.             Our guest for the series, Dr. Pat says that America is a shame-based society. Most of us hide something about ourselves of which we are ashamed. How do you know if you have shame – what names do we give to it? What does it feel like? What kinds of behaviors show that we are ashamed? And, most importantly, if we find shame within ourselves, what can we do about it? How do we get rid of it and become whole? A first step to healing is starting to have a positive mental attitude and practicing the Science of the Spoken Word to increase the pure Light energy in and around you. Our guest, Patricia Parham, PhD. is an Organization Development Practitioner and Leadership Coach, who has more than 20 years experience working with private, non-profit and government organizations. She specializes in leadership development, coaching, and organizational change. Please join us Tuesday evening as Dr. Pat reveals part one of a four part series on Transforming Your Shame into Worthiness.

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    The G.O.O.DLIFE Online Radio Show- Living Bold Part II w/ Deirdre Simmons

    in Entertainment

    The G.O.O.DLife Online radio show promotes a commitment to a lifestyle of resourcefulness. Hosts Adiagha and Shea provide a platform for "out of the box discourse" that compels their audience to confront life challenges in an innovative fashion. Guests will include a range of enterprising individuals who have turned setbacks into triumphs. This episode features Deirdre Simmons. Deirdre Simmons is a graduate of Purdue University with a B.A. degree in Organizational Communications with minors in Management and Supervision.  She has a certification as a PHR-Professional in Human Resources and as an Equal and Civil Rights Advisor.  She is the immediate past president for the Gateway Chapter of the Society of Human Resources Management garnering the Silver Award for Excellence under her leadership and formerly served as the workforce readiness chair where she delivered seminars to ex-offenders through United Way.  At St. Paul Baptist Church in Montclair, NJ, she worked with the health ministry, women’s ministry and as a missionary. Her mission trip to Ghana was one of her first true experiences in being able to shape the lives of youth. She has been a guest speaker at Achievement First Charter School on their career day and delivered workforce readiness seminars for students. Deirdre has also worked as servant leader at her current St. Paul Comm Baptist Church in Brooklyn, as a volunteer in the multi-media ministry, Griot (photographers), LinkedIn network (workforce readiness initiatives) and the youth ministry. Deirdre has been married to her husband, Minister Jerry Simmons for 6 years.  Deirdre Simmons also works with Streetwise Partners, an organization that assists people who are unemployed or underemployed and is currenlty launching Cast Your Net on the Right Side #‎NowWhat Conference which will take place May 2nd 2015 in Brooklyn, NY.

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    Transforming your shame into worthiness

    in Spirituality

    This is a rerun Part 1 of Transforming your Shame into Worthiness

    Host:  Deirdre J. Burrell

    Guest:  Patricia Parham, PhD.