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    Football player knocks out wife: Another episode in the dehumanization of women.

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    A video of football star Ray Rice knocking out his then fiance and now wife in an elevator has gone viral. The country is shocked and outraged by the violence of the act. But we soon learn that there have been 700 arrests of NFL football players in recent years for domestic violnce. The video makes real on a gut level what is normal and moral behavior toward women here and all over the world. We seem already to have fogotten the kidnapping of over 200 school girls in Africa and their fate to be turned into sexual slaves. We hardly know how to respond to reports from a town in Northern England where young girls have also been turned into sexual slaves and raped by older men while the police did nothing to stop or punish the perpetrators. Let's discuss some of the possible reasons that so many men can behave like zombies toward so many women and what could be done to change the current war between the sexes. I will begin with the question: Is God a Man!

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    Truf Bros. Radio: Rise of the Warrior Cop

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        In America there has always been this concrete distinction between the military and the police. When did the job of the police officer become the job of the solider? The job of a solider is to seek out eliminate and annihilate enemies of democracy and threats to the U.S. The police mantra is "To Protect and Serve" but with the brutal attacks and misconduct that has plague ours news like the recent incidents in Ferguson. Just who are the police protecting? We have seen time and time again the folly of government  when military tactics are used to deal with domestic and civil affairs. When the government dehumanize civil disputes and issues and cloak them under the guise of "The War Against _______" a mindset is created that initiates a police state. Has the dehumanization of people and increase federal incentives created a over militarization of the police ?

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    The Zombification of America: Nine Year Old Kills With Uzi

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    Tonight we explore some of the psychological and social meaning behind a news story that tells of a nine year old girl accidently killing a shooting instructor when she lost control of the Uzi machine gun she was firing at a range in Arizona. The child was on vacation with her family when she was brought to a facility that often allows children to act out our collective fantasy to shoot deadly weapons. The range then offers helicopter trips to see the grand canyon. The story is gererally presented in the media as just another tragic accident in the normal, moral life of an American family. We will try and explain why it is normal and moral for children to fire weapons of mass destruction as part of our ongoing dehumanization and zombification. I will also retell the story of the beheading of two reporters in Iraq and the trouble in Ferguson ans why these incidents are also normal and moral. Finally, we will discuss the cliche and myth that there are "good" people and "bad" people.

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    My Mans' & Them

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    Topics include





    ...and as always your thoughts...

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    Part 2 The Dehumanization Of Black Children From Preschool to Prison Piepline

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    Its been all over the news about the L.A. Clippers owner Don Sterling's racial comments concerning his veiw on African Americans.  But what about the rest of the world, is Mr. Sterling thoughts and opinions isolated, I begged to differ, and we will discuss in depth on how this mindset is still in our country and is more relevant than ever!




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    The Dehumanization of Black Boys From Pre-School to the Prison Pipeline

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    More and more studies have proved that the United States Department of Education sytsem is designed to place the majority fo African American males in the custody of the state.  It is a slave mentality that has been the driving forces to have cheap labor for the major manufactures and big wealthy businesses. Join us to discuss just how they are doing it and getting away with it.




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    Two Stories: "The Son" by Philip Meyer and "My Promised Land" by Ari Shavit

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    Meyer's historical novel details the settling of Texas while Shavit's essay describes the Zionist settling of Israel. Both books are clear eyed attempts at exploring two important historical events free of the idealizations and myths which so often frame similar discussions. I will frame my telling of these stories with a discussion of how self and group idealization, dehumanization and demonization of others with whom conflicts exist, and the wearing of the mantle of victimization to achieve moral superiority and justification of political action lead to intractable conflict, human atrocities and other serious unintended consequences. Finally, I will try to create a framework based on psycho"therapy" that lead to positive resolutions of future similar stories. 

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    Class is in Session

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    Our Mission is simple to build a reality for our people and to conduct WAR on anybody that comes against what we have decided to build. We must provide a fertile ground for black People to be able to do for self. And by any means necessary stop, the defamation and dehumanization of Black people. Our ultimate purpose is to secure justice and fair treatment to all of our people. And end forever unjust and unfair discrimination and ridicule of Black people throughout the earth. There is no better time to mobilize and organize our people locally, nationally and, put systems in place that will permit a successful programmatic thrust to bring to fruition what we envision for ourselves and our people. Nobody will ever change the condition of a people until they change within themselves. Family the burden is on us to change our behavior; to build love, trust and confidence in each other and in our people for us, then, 95% of our problems will be solved. We, as leaders must declare that we will never sell out the aspirations of our people for personal wealth, position and advancement in the society of our former slave masters and their children. We must make a covenant with our people to work and sacrifice and be willing to be the good shepherd (leaders) who will lay down our lives for our people. Let us accept our responsibility and change our behavior to that, which will make us more than comrades and brothers and Sisters, but a behavior that will make us friends and companions in the struggle for the total freedom of our people here and wherever we are found on this earth. 

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    My Day at Aushwitz and Birkenau: Fun in the Killing Fields of Europe

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    I have just returned from a tour of the major cities of Poland, Hungary, Austria and The Czech Republic which included Warsaw, Budapest, Vienna and Prague. My visit to the Polish city of Cracow included a tour of the infamous concentration camps of Aushwitz and Birkenau. In each of these great cities I ate large quantities of good food, drank copious glasses of good wine while visitng magnificent castles and memorials to the tens of millions slaughtered by the Nazi's the Communists and citizens of these countries whose children go to school, get married, have babies of their own and eat and laugh in the same way as the millions of visitors who come to their homelands. The trip therefore had a surreal quality that now has me asking myself how I, and my fellow travelers could have had such a good time in places that are vast graveyards and killing fields. How do I tell a story of my adventures that can shed some light on how these horrors could have happened without uttering the nearly universal words "It's Unbelievable" and "How could this have happened" while then enjoying a fun filled evening of good food and fellowship. How can we explain Mozart, Beethoven Tchaikovsky and Dvorak along side of Hitler and Stalin. In my story this evening I will offer some suggestions of explanation that will certainly be inadequate and which will certainly not have a happy ending. I will employ some of the themes used in past broadcasts including self and group idealization, dehumanization and demonization, and victimization.

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    FREEDOM FRIDAYS- The Demasculinization Of America

    in Spirituality

    Nigger/Bitch: An exploration of the terms, the cultural connotations of these terms, their connection to White Supremacy and finally a plan to combat their popular use.

    Misogyny, Exploitation of Women: An investigation into the patriarchal and white male dominated music industry and their historical view of women in general and Black Women in particular, the current images of Black Women in Entertainment (Film/TV/Music/Videos, etc), the Historical context of the exploitation of Black Women Rape, Breeding, Slavery, Hottentot Venus, the Historical images of the Black Woman as mammy, jemima, vixen, jezebel. The hyper sexualization of the Black Woman.

    Dehumanization and Demasculinization of the Black Male: The Dehumanizing image of the Black Man as a Thug or Gangsta, unfeeling and unemotional, cold blooded killer, absentee father, baby daddy and sexually unbridled are all parallels to the Historically negative images of the Black Man as savage, boogey man, coon, black buck run amuck, and Mandingo. If the Black Man is not dismissed as invalid by his projected uncontrollability and violent nature then he is made unthreatening by a softening process which parallels Black Male Castration. This Demasculinization of the Black Male is why most conscious or intelligent rappers are often ‘softer’ or become so after time. This is part of Acceptability and Mainstream Appeal Ex: The Bohemian projection of Common Sense, the friendly boy next door and non threatening projection of Mos Def, the clothes and hair and metamorphosis of Andre 3000. We can see this more clearly displayed in R&B where there is a certain level of Androgyny and Racial Ambiguity where artists become neither Black nor White nor Man nor Woman Ex: Michael Jackson, El DeBarge, Prince, Cisco.

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    Feed Your Head w/ Ruthann Amarteifio

    in Current Events

    Nutrition For Your Brain

     Ole Dammegard, www.lightonconspiracies.com, joins us, speaking about his book 'Cude'ta in Slow Motion'.
    For almost three decades Ole has been researching the assasination 'conspiricies' from around the world----- And he has found that most of these murders were committed by the same group of people.  From Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, North America, etc. the same faces show up.  Hear how he has put it all together!

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