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    American Jihad, domestic terrorists more of a threat.

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    America has a long history of terrorism. But for some reason americans fear terrorism from those who are whole ocean away. For the longest time america has created its own boogeymen. Then used that trumped up fear to pass over reaching and privacy degrading laws. One such law is the NDAA. With the recent shooting in San Bernardino. Gun sales have spiked yet again. And even conceal cary classes have been filling up faster. More "white" people are grabbing their guns to fight terrorists they wont see anytime soon. But let the media tell it. The crazy muslims are plotting their next attack. Its funny how "white" americans are concerned with muslims who havent done anything. But show no concern for their own domestic terrorists. Such as Dylan roof/ruff? Or the man who just shot up a planned parent hood. But guys like that arent called terrorists. Hmmm.

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    Who Do You Want To Please? Yourself Or Others

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    So you want to put your product or service out there.  It's the greatest thing since sliced bread and you just know people will love it.  There is no greater thing men and women can do than to serve something greater than themselves.  But we don't have to become other people's doormat.  That is not serving anyone and it is degrading to the Self.

    This Episode of Enrichment Radio will focus on the importance of having a good sense of Self and why an overemphasis of helping others can lead to a whole lot of hurt for the helping person.  Helping oneself in the end helps others.

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    Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani

    in Politics

    The degrading, defacing tatoo and body piercing industries

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    Evil habits and practices are bringing upon men disease of every kind. Let the understanding be convinced by education as to the sinfulness of abusing and degrading the powers that God has given. Let the mind become intelligent, and the will be placed on the Lord’s side, and there will be a wonderful improvement in the physical health. But this can never be accomplished in mere human strength. With strenuous efforts through the grace of Christ to renounce all evil practices and associations, and to observe temperance in all things, there must be an abiding persuasion that repentance for the past, as well as forgiveness, is to be sought of God through the atoning sacrifice of Christ. These things must be brought into the daily experience; there must be strict watchfulness and unwearied entreaty that Christ will bring every thought into captivity to himself; his renovating power must be given to the soul, that as accountable beings we may present to God our bodies a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto him, which is our reasonable service. Medical Missionary Work

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    Voices InJustice - Emotional or Verbal Abuse - Is this a societal abuse?

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    Welcome to Voices InJustice, a continuing outreach program of Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery. We are here to share your public voice, without sharing your identity. You are able to share your thoughts by calling in live at 929-477-3163 or by loging into blogtalkradio.com with your Social ID and join the live chatroom. Sunday, Oct 11th, 7pm eastern/6pm central/4pm pacific time we are discussing the influence of Emotional and/or Verbal abuse. 

    TELL ME - Which would you find more influential in changing our behaviors; Is it what we constantly hear others say about us? Is it degrading words society uses to describe persons whom they don't even know? Is it what our children hear in the comments and condemnation from their parents or other kids at school? The key is that Emotional or Verbal Abuse can happen anytime, by anyone, it is how we pass judgement on others because of their lifestyle choice or certain ways they act. It is the comments by parents calling their child stupid, rather than saying, 'that was a stupid action, but you can do better'. Emotional & Verbal abuse is usually at it's worst in a dominating relationship; one your teen just might be tolerating to date the most popular person in school. It is something we think nothing about in our comments about the person or the family down the street, and it is what ends up being the constant bullying your child might be inflicting on others because its the only way people at home ever talk about them. This is a personally destructive abuse that targets how we see ourselves, the feeling of being worthy.

    Tonight we discuss how we teach our kids to see our society and how they will handle social/personal relationships. Join us live for open discussion to share any experiences or comments, because we definitely VALUE YOUR VOICE. Our shows are strictly for open discussion entertainment only. Thank you

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    What is Social Justice in United States of America?

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    Social justice can be defined as promoting a just society by challenging injustice and valuing diversity where all people  have a right to equitable treatment and support for their human rights. In conditions of social justice, people are not  discriminated against, on the basis of gender, sexuality, religion, political affiliations, age, race, belief, disability, location, social class, socioeconomic circumstances, or other characteristic of background or group membership.

    Social justice assures the protection of equal access to liberties, rights, and opportunities.Human rights include general freedom; dignity; life; liberty; security; equality before the law; presumption of innocence until proven guilty; freedom of movement and residence; right to seek and gain asylum from persecution; right to a nationality; the right to marry and have a family; right to own property; freedom of thought, conscience and religion;  freedom of peaceful assembly and association; the right to participate in government; the right to work by free choice and to have protection against unemployment; the right to equal pay for equal work; the right to rest and leisure; the right to an adequate standard of living with food, clothing, housing and medical care inthe event of sickness, disability and old age; the right to education; the right to participate in the community and "to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits"; the right to the "protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which [one] is the author.  Additionally, people enjoy freedom from slavery or servitude; torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment; discrimination; arbitrary arrest, detention, or exile; arbitrary interference with privacy; among many others.

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    The Truth About Extra-Terrestrials (God)

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    The Bible was written to create a new world and erase a perverted past and was infused with an incredible amount of psychic power to unite the world. Human beings with ignorant beliefs and practices (Freemasonry, Satanism, etc.) were labeled as “witches” and “heretics” and mass murdered along with their families, as this is often horrific and degrading that no right-thinking person would (or should) have anything to do with them. Those occultists were condemned to live their entire lives and die without ever rising above the level of material existence. In order for Socialism to thrive and flourish, all spiritual knowledge must be replaced with the material. This is no different from satanism, which fanatically removes anything spiritual. Truth be known, Satanism, though discouraged, is allowed to operate under socialist regimes, as there is very little if anything that is spiritual that remains in them, and this is why, ideally, socialist regimes seek to remove the Bible, as it still carries baggage in regards to spiritual concepts.

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    #98 Miracle of Forgiveness Degrading Shows

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    Do we even recognize what is degrading any more?
    Do we even care? It is going to happen anyway, right!
    You are not going to stop it right!
    Do you realize you are telling Heavenly Father what kind of eternity you want when you respond like this? This life is not about the "here and now", it is about what we were really created to do and that is beyond what is here...

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    The P.Missick Encouraging Show#43/ Hear Two Hours Of Prayer That Will Bless Y

    in Spirituality

    Have you ever said to someone:(1) Please pray for me, or (2) I need your prayers. Today, there are many people who need prayers said for them, for their friend and for their family. Prayer is the soul's sincere desire. Sometimes we need prayer help. There are times that we feel nobody really cares enough for us to pray for us. We may go to the people of God and they have so many problems they need prayer. Then, there are the people that say, "I will pray for you" but they never do. We have so many problems and so many people try to hurt us we feel like giving up. People who use to pray for us are going through crumbling or crushing situations. They no longer carry a smile on their face.  We can not blame them sometimes. Life can be like a nightmare. So, now we will have two hours of straight prayer. Assisting in prayer is Evangelist Danelle and Evangelist Michael. So, come on and listen to the prayers that will uplift you and give you a sense of direction.

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    Is Reality TV & Pop Culture Degrading Our Society?

    in Relationships

    Is Reality TV and Pop Culture contributing to the moral degradation of society as a whole? For example tv shows such as The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Orange County, Basketball Wives, Love & Hip Hop, and Scandal. Is it garbage in, garbage out? What are the ramifications of watching shows like the ones mentioned above?

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    Renovation Report: Master Plan Renovation at Copperleaf Golf Club

    in Science

    In this episode of the TurfNet Renovation Report -- presented by Golf Preservations and Jacobsen -- host Jon Kiger talks with David Dore-Smith about the ongoing renovation started in April of this year at Copperleaf Golf Club, Bonita Springs, FL.

    Copperleaf was scheduled to be renovated in 2020, but due to an overwhelming response to a membership vote in 2014 regarding the Master Plan, the renovation was accelerated to 2015.  Agronomic issues being addressed include drainage, the overall elevation of the greens, inconsistencies within the bunkers, and degrading cart path surfaces. Fairways are being regrassed to Celebration Bermudagrass.

    Architect: Kip Shulties

    Contractor: Landirr, Inc.

    For further information on David's project, visit his blog at http://www.copperleafgcm.com/.