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    Defining Humility

    in Entertainment

    It's going DOWN on Sister Radio - We're Defining Humility and laying it ALL out on the tabel! We'll be talking about the good, the bad and the ugly sides of humilty. AND the truth about what it means to be humble. 

    Come find out how humilty plays a role in everyone's love lives and relationships OR Call In to SPEAK ON IT at (714) 816-4702

    And of course we'll be playing the best in old-school and new-school Hip Hop & R&B!

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    Defining Who You Are

    in Entertainment

    In this Sister Radio show we're talking about "Defining Who You Are" !

    Listen in as we talk about what it means to "define" yourself and how you can embrace ALL that you are! Hear how you can enjoy the journey of discovering and creating YOUR Self.

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    Episode 57: Defining the Christian - Part II

    in Christianity

    This week Pastor Danton continues his series, Defining the Christian. This series help listers understand what discipleship looks like and how to live a life that pleases God and impacts others. you do not want to miss this show.

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    Defining Spouse Under the FMLA

    in Business

    Join BluPrint Radio at 7:00 P.M. Eastern to hear our interview with Jay Holland, Equire.  Jay will talk with us on the topic "Defining Spouse Under the FMLA" and proposed regulatory changes that the Department of Labor is considering related to same-sex marriage.  A principal in Joseph, Greenwald & Laake’s Civil Litigation Group and chair of the firm’s Labor, Employment, and Qui Tam Whistleblower practice, Jay Holland is a renowned employment and qui tam litigator known for taking on tough cases and achieving exceptional results. Jay counsels clients in individual and class action cases involving gender and race discrimination and sexual harassment, violations of the wage and hour laws, and wrongful termination. Jay has an active qui tam practice, representing whistleblowers in actions under the federal False Claims Act.

    Join us at 7:00 P.M. to learn about the Department of Labor's decisions, definitions and proposed regulatory changes. 

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    Defining Success In Your Career

    in News

    WSJ's Mike Weinstein looks at defining success in your career -- it's not all about the money. Also, why baby boomers may need a birth certificate to buy their next home.

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    Defining Who you are from the inside out.

    in Self Help

    Live on the air this Thursday December 4th at 9pm is your hosts of "COACHING CONVERSATIONS", Life Coach Shawn Marie Cicchowski and August Schilz. We will talk about defining ourselves from the inside out. Instead of asking "Who am I" we will define  "What am I".  Join our conversation by calling in at 657-383-1996.

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    Dave McGillivray - The Boston Marathon - Defining Moments

    in Self Help

    Dave McGillivray is the Race Director of the BAA Boston Marathon and has directed many of the country’ most prestigious races such as the 2004 and 2008 US Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials, the TD Bank Beach to Beacon 10K, the Mt. Washington Road Race, the Harvard Pilgrim 10K at Patriot Place, the Run for the Dream in Williamsburg, Va. and now the famous New Balance Falmouth Road Race on Cape Cod. Dave translates his extraordinary life journeys and athletic achievements into life lessons in a motivational presentation entitled “Defining Moments.”  

    That 80-day trek in 1978 across the United States led McGillivrary to a life of pushing himself both mentally and physically.  He addresses audiences with a motivational account about what’s possible if you believe in yourself and your own ability to do the seemingly insurmountable. Dave McGillivray has inspired thousands of people, of all ages and backgrounds, to be their best and to pursue their dreams.

    For more information visit: http://www.dmsesports.com

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    Marketing Strategy: Accurately Defining Your Target Market

    in Entrepreneur

    What is your product? Who needs, wants, or cannot live without what you do for them? How do you undeniably know, with pinpoint accuracy, who your target market (audience/buyers) is and where this invaluable group of buyers hangs out? What is their age range? Where do they reside? What are their habits? What is their income level? How do they think, feel, and act? What are the needs, goals, or problems? What do they want and when do they want want it? How do you go about accurately defining your unique target market? That is our focus on this edition of, “The Strategist Radio LIVE."

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    Fresh Manna Our Daily Bread: The defining of a Man, from a Woman's point of view

    in Religion

    STRENGTHENING THE FAMILIES:  Apostle Williams is available for Conferences, Seminars and Workshops that will build your ministry or church group.  Our Ministerial Team is comprised of educational and motivational speakers for your church meetings and special events to strengthen members, individuals and families, within the community or church. 

    Today’s Topic: The defining of a Man, from a Woman’s point of view.

    Sub Topic:  From boys to men, sons to fathers.

    Discussion:  It’s time that women allow the men in our families to stop hiding behind our apron strings, and more importantly our wallets and purses and let them strive to become  men who are accountable to God, responsible for their own survival without always depending on some woman (mothers and wives) to do what God pre-ordained from the beginning of creation; to rule and take dominion over the earth and subdue it.  This can be done when they realize who they are in mind, body and spirit, and cease to act like children and become mature adults not by age, but by their trials and experience in this life, which is the true defining of a man.

    Scripture Text: (Job 7:17) What is man, that You should magnify him, and that You should set Your heart on him,  (Job 7:18)  and visit him every morning, trying him every moment?

    You can follow Apostle Loretta Williams on Face Book, Google + visit the Oasis World Wide News Publication Website to learn more about her ministry at www.oasisnewspublication.com

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    Alysha Live! Woman's Empowerment Defining Women

    in Entertainment

    Join me for a re-broadcast of the Alysha Live! Woman's Empowerment Defining Women, with guest Cyntthia Stevens and Ronsha Dickerson, with host Alysha Jefferson Riley.

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    Defining our Religious Differences

    in Religion

    Judaism is the religion, philosophy, and way of life of the Jewish people, with the Torah as its foundational text and is considered by religious Jews to be the expression of the conventional relationship that God established with the Children of Israel.  Christianity is the world's largest religion and believes that Jesus is the Son of God, fully divine and fully human, and the savior of humanity whose coming was prophesied in the Old Testament.  Islam is articulated by the Qur'an, a book considered to be the verbatim word of God and by the teachings of Muhammad considered by them to be the last prophet of God.

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