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    Defining leaders and leadership....

    in Education

    Leader- the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country.

    Leadership- the action of leading a group or organization.

    There is a definition of a leader, and leadership. How do you define a leader and leadership? Can parents teach their kids to be leaders? Does being passive means that you're not a leader? Is being a leader something you're born with, or can you be taught to be a leader? Why is being a leader so important?

    "Darryel's Daily Dialogue...where positive words, manifest positve action."

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    That Defining Moment as a Christian

    in Christianity

    Have you ever had one of those defining moments that clearly announces to you that Christ and Christianity is real? 

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    The Defining Light - With Craig, Lori and Tonia

    in Motivation

    The Defining Light
    Join in this group as they bring you unique guests and perspectives of what it means to live with a brain injury.  But more important how we define ourselves after a brain injury.  Everyone is different and everyone has their way of discovering the new person they have become.  This monthly panel will discuss things that have worked and things that were not so much of a good idea.  We hope to hear from you every third Monday as we move forward with a life that is purposeful.  A life that we can learn to appreciate and grow.


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    Defining Humility

    in Entertainment

    It's going DOWN on Sister Radio - We're Defining Humility and laying it ALL out on the tabel! We'll be talking about the good, the bad and the ugly sides of humilty. AND the truth about what it means to be humble. 

    Come find out how humilty plays a role in everyone's love lives and relationships OR Call In to SPEAK ON IT at (714) 816-4702

    And of course we'll be playing the best in old-school and new-school Hip Hop & R&B!

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    Defining Spiritual Hoarding

    in Spirituality

    Join us Monday May 4th, 2015 for a live discussion defining what Spiritual Hoarding is, with our hosts #StarzMayaMoon & #StarzCast.

    Call to join the conversation with your views, opinions or questions at 347-838-9736 and Press 1. (Or mute your phone to just listen). Also chat live in Text Chat room on the Show Page during the live broadcast.

    Most of us are familiar with people who hoard animals or even useless items, but a Spiritual Hoarder is unable to connect, share or interact in healthy ways with others even to the point of their own core disassociation. Join us as we talk about and define the spiritual hoarder and why, and how this can be damaging to ourselves and path; and what can be done to restore our spiritual energy or vibration.

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    Let's Talk About "Defining Moments" in "The Living Room" on AIL!

    in Entertainment

    Join host Tanya M. Dixon for another edition of ART Imitates LIFE Radio Show as she focuses on hot topics on Hot Off the Press!  Healthy Lifestyles will bring us health tips and information and in the 2nd hour of the show we’ll have The Living Room forum highlighting the topic: Defining Moments… Is there any event that has changed your life destiny (i.e. near-death experience)?  Do people tend to misunderstand you since the particular event or more supportive?  What is your theory on déjà vu?

    Call us during the live show at (347) 945-7191!

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    Defining A Code Of Ethics with Music, To Share or Not To Share?

    in Music

    Join us Tonight @ 8pm

    Today's Topic: Defining A Code Of Ethics with Music, To Share or Not To Share?

    To voice your thoughts, CALL: 213.559.2995

    So often innocent ears are exposed to music beyond their control. Usually, by way of noise pollution or by way some irresponsible adult, under aged children, are being exposed to explicit content and acting it out in public.

    Tune in tonight and share your thoughts!

    Show date, 6/9/2015 ,

    Show Times: 8pm Est| 7pm Cst| 6pm Mst| 5pm Pst

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    Defining ChRiStIaNiTy?? Part 3 "TrUth and NoThIng BuT!"

    in Religion

    How many of us will take the TRUTH and manipulate it just a little so it's easier to swallow?  How many have said ....Yeah, I love everybody.... but yet spoon feed the not so truth to people?  We "Christians" have a nasty habit of self defining what truth IS.  Truth can NEVER be SUBJECTIVE, it must ALWAYS be OBJECTIVE... Truth can never be based on personal feelings or interpretation but on absolute FACTS. 

    How do we love someone if we walk past them (ignoring the Great Commission) and don't care about where they may spend eternity??  Folks, that's not LOVE, that's HATE.  Tonight is part 3 of our month long series on "Defining Christianity"  Join us LIVE on the air 516-387-1513 with your questions, thoughts, comments... or post them in our LIVE CHAT PANEL - "The Sticks and Stones Zone"  ALL LIVE AT 9 PM EST!!  Dont MISS IT!!

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    Defining God!

    in Christianity

    In this segment I will be talking about God and His attribute of holiness. The Bible says, "God is Love." 1John 4:8. Have we misinterpreted His love towards man to be contrary to His word? I will be talking to you about what people say about God and who He is. Tune in because it will be interesting and eye opening of what people say about God.  I will also be giving you Scripture verses about who God says He is. 


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    Defining Love..

    in Spirituality

    As an empath and a channel I give soul readings. I read your soul to help you discover where you are on the love –fear scale and the: why, when, where and how’s of life’s problems. I help you discover any personal beliefs and fears that are limiting you and what love principles to apply.

     I delve into your past lives and what effect they have on manifesting what you want.

     The focus of readings and coaching is on how to manifest in these areas: I use my gifts and training as an empath, hypnotherapist, and channel. I use therapeutic meditations.  Assisting me to give you the guidance you need our spirit teachers and guides.

    Over the last 20 plus years I studied and received guidance and the nature of life: God, spirit, heaven, hell, judgment, and life between lives. I read hundreds of books, took shaman journeys, channeled various spirit guides, lead past life and between life regressions.  Now it is time for me to give to you the TRUTH as it has been presented to me.  You may not agree with all I say, but keep an open mind and heart to what resonates with your soul.

    I will also present articles from various sources that, give advice, inspire and entertain.  Laughter is a key in all healing.

    I am a medical and soul intuitive. Studied and practiced for over 20 years as an Intuitive, Shaman, Reiki practitioner, and Hypnotherapist. Have degrees in the study of metaphysics and hypnotherapy.


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    Defining Life As a Woman

    in Women

    We hear so many definitions for the term woman. But at the end of the day, you have to determine what being a woman means to you. Today's show is about defining your life as a woman, about becoming the woman you want to be. You were designed with greatness in mind and today's show is going to help you tap into it.