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    Money is a Defense Welcome Back Show

    in Finance

    Join me John Sidney Martin Founder and CEO of MIAD Holdings LP also know as the MIAD Fund as we resume our weekly talk show. We wil have special guest each week as we discuss topics relating to the Church and Money and the god that's control it Mammon and how to escape the trappings of wealth through Biblical Stewardship. MIAD is a Private Equity & Wealth Management Fund created to Fight Poverty and Eradicate Lack through teaching the Biblical Principles of Stewardship and the correct management of our God given resources. The firm is founded and totally operated on Biblical Principles concerning Money, Wealth and the Ministry of Giving & Receiving. We believe that the Bible is the infallible word of God and is the greatest authority on the topic of finances. We have discovered and proven that the spiritual principles found in the word of God are not only true but they work. Our Mission is to defend our partners / investors with the power of our commonwealth. M.I.A.D Money Is A Defense Eccl 7:12

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    Department of Defense Podcast: Meritorious Mast Special

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    Personnel of the Department of Defense on Habbo (SECDEF-US) discussing the happenings of the Sixth Seasonal Meritorious Mast on 24 Aug 14. Others will be able to discuss these events with us throughout the show. A section of the show will be dedicated to those who are interested in asking questions to the members of the podcast, and overall discussion. Questions can be submitted to a member of the podcast or mentioned in headquarters at the time of the event. 

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    Contrinental Defense with Wes Yarborough

    in Marketing

    Talk show about personal defense products for more info go to www.continentaldefense.com

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    The Defense Rests

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    Well, I wish that the Department of Defense would at least take a rest and consider reverting back to the department that it was intended to be, defense.  Let's look at this issue logically and see if the hypocritical nature of this department is making us, well, defenseless.  Call in with your opinion now toll-free 888-773-4496.

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    Self Defense Training, The Realities

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    Self Defense and Reality
    on American Preppers Radio!
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to:
    Prepper Broadcsting Listen & Chat

    We all hope for the best and prepare for the worst. When it comes to self defense most preppers/survivalists would rely on their stockpile of weapons and ammunition. What if for one moment your weapon was not at your side and the unexpected happens? Would you have the ability to defend yourself? Would you know what to say or do when confronted by would-be assailants or would you cower down hoping for the best but not prepared the the worst that could now happen?

    This is a good time to also remember that your child or children may be with you. Who is going to protect them when accosted by a stranger or strangers? These are all possibilities we do not care to think about but exist and are very real. It does not have to be a societal collapse or disaster that brings on this type of scenario. This can happen today in the parking lot of your local grocery store or even in your own front yard.

    Learn what you need to know and as much as you can. Self defense, It’s not just about the fighting.

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    Mutual Defense Treaties

    in Politics

    Darrell Castle talks about the agreements the U.S. has made with other nations for mutual defense.

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    Defense Against The Dark Arts (Free DADA GIVEAWAY!)

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    We will be discussing Defense Against The Dark Arts!!!!

    Our mission is to encourage and connect people to the Powerful Spiritual Teachings of a Living Enlightened Master by being an example to His Teachings. Discussions of Healing's, Prayer, Devotion, God, under the guidance of Master Dr. Mitchell Gibson and Master Acharya Kathy Gibson.




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    The Theology of Self-Defense

    in Religion

    Is it okay for one to defend oneself? What did Jesus mean by one should "turn the other cheek"? Does a Christian have the right to own a weapon? Be sure to check out the website at http://pastorbrianchilton.wordpress.com. Call in with your questions or comments during the live show at (323) 784-9617.

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    In Defense of Freedom - We're back and still mad as hell.

    in Politics Conservative

    Join Ed and Ellie at 1am ET. Call in number is 347-826-9905

    We're back after a year and several months. And yes, still mad as hell. Not much has changed in the last year. It's still the same old same old and things are getting worse. We will be discussing briefly, for an hour or so, what we would like to talk about on our upcoming shows and basically doing a test run. We are still re-grouping and it may be a week to three weeks before we are back up and running at full speed. We will resume then at our regular time of 8pm ET.

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    Women Warriors - Emotional Self-Defense

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    Our special guest on Women Warriors for our first show in September (Sept 3rd, at Noon ET) will be Jennifer Riis-Poulsen.  Jennifer will discuss the topic of “How Emotional Self-Defense NOT ONLY prevents you from becoming a statistic, but can also lead to your success”.

    Jennifer Riis-Poulsen, Founder & CEO of Powerhouse Self-Defense, is from London, England, and moved to the United States in 2004.  She is a 2nd degree black belt in martial arts and has a Psychology background.  Jennifer formed Powerhouse Self-Defense in November 2011 as a response to the ever-increasing statistics on the number of females that are physically and emotionally assaulted each year.  She made reducing these statistics a passion and personal goal and has developed a comprehensive and holistic Personal Safety and Empowerment Program to ensure ALL girls and women live safe, healthy and empowered lives.  To find out more about Jennifer, visit her website at www.powerhouseselfdefense.com.

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    Inside the DoD #4

    in Radio

    This week's podcast features: Secretary of Defense, Sullivan1995; Chief Warrant Officer Five, Lt.Xinro; Chief Warrant Officer Five, Skando; Colonel, David-Rules; Lieutenant Colonel, Aljamaaheer; Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, -=Madara=-. 

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