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    Defeat is only possible with your permission

    in Religion

    The definition says to win, overcome or beat but unless the person, place or thing that you win a victory over, overcome or beat feeling like they or it has lost, your defeat of it is only in your mind and not seen by anyone else or witnessed by history.  This may explain why so many of us tend to tout our accomplishments via a resume, personal conversation or over any media that we can get our hands on.  We use these mediums to demonstrate that we are winners because we have been conditioned to believe that the opposite is worse and no one likes to be called a loser.  But what if I told you that only you can actually tag yourself with that loser brand and no man, woman or child has the power or authority to label you that period.  This is where the immortal words of Eleanor Roosevelt comes in when she is quoted as saying “the only person who can make you feel inferior is you” 

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    BUSY PLAYING GOD! Clare Cowan of CAHILL manipulating Barbadians admits defeat!

    in Radio

    Clare Cowan of CAHILL, who was busy playing a white god while manipulating the docile black Barbadians, has finally admitted defeat!  She's defeated because Barbadians are SLOW to act!  She's defeated because the New White (Barbadian) Man wants the money, but don't want to take any heat from any fallout.  But luckily for her, all may not be lost.  Black lipped, bulldog Denis Lowe still holds hope out that some money may end up, and stay, in his pockets.  November 1, 2015 at 1:00 P.M. (daylight saving time). 

    Sheri Veronica.  Rawle Maycock.   Alex Mitchell

    Books:  Marc is Dying; The Khaki Boys; Naked Departure; The Men are Under her Spell; Boys in the Band


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    Facing Life’s Tough Challenges: Will You Live in Defeat or Fight to Overcome?

    in Lifestyle

    Rarely will you find a person who is excited about facing a struggle or challenge. Most of us whine, ask why me, and sometimes are even offended the struggle is interfering with our lives. Regardless if the struggle is health related, a financial loss, an addiction, an unexpected accident, the loss of a parent/spouse/child, etc., we have to decide if we will live in defeat or if we will fight to overcome the struggle. Struggles are as certain as death and taxes. How we deal with them and what we learn from them is not. Choose wisely.

    Melony Brown loves women who struggle. She loves them, because she knows what it is like to struggle. A stroke at age two and several mini-strokes in her 40’s, as well as wrestling with migraines for the last 18 years has been a struggle. With her own struggles and that of other women, she’s immersed herself in learning about why some facing struggles choose to live in defeat and others fight to overcome. Over the last five years, Melony has interviewed numerous women to learn about their struggles and the wisdom they gained when they chose to fight to overcome. To say she’s passionate about this topic is an understatement. She went so far as to have it tattooed on her left bicep!

  • Betrayal of Leadership: Which Elected Officials Need to Be Targeted For Defeat?

    in Women

    This weekend's mass gathering is an opportunity for organizing on a grand scale. Voter registration should be a top priority, with the intention of voting out of office those elected officials who have betrayed the public's trust. Who are they? Have we been keeping track of voting records in City Council, the State Legislature, the Congress, the Senate? Have we been paying attention to decisions by judges and actions of State's Attorneys? Have our civic organizations been diligent in tallying up the numbers of registered voters, unregistered voters, and the numbers of votes needed to elect a candidate? Have community leaders stepped forward to run for office and replace those we no longer want to serve in those capacities? Unless we use this time wisely, the gathering of an estimated two million people will be just another neighborhood rally, and we'll go back home just as powerless as before, with a bit less money than we had. So who do we really need to seriously plan to defeat in the next election?

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    NY Jets Suffer First Defeat of the Year as They Head to London

    in Sports

    Green Zone Radio Now available on iTunes and Stitcher:

    Welcome to the United Kingdom's premier podcast on all things New York Jets: "The Green Zone."

    Join your host Julian Carter (@greenzoneradio) and enter into the Green-Zone as he discusses the Jets defeat at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles as the team prepares to play the Miami Dolphins at Wembley Stadium in London. 

    Exclusive post-game locker room interviews and analysis with Jets players:

    Tommy Bohanon
    Leger Douzable
    Quincy Enunwa
    Lorenzo Mauldin
    Zac Stacy
    Leonard Williams

    Also interviews from:

    Former Jets Linebacker Greg Buttle
    Jets Reporter Kristian Dyer (@KristianRDyer)
    Senior Reporter from NYJets.com Eric Allen

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    Episode 2834 - The mind of a serial killer, the devil & how to defeat it-Ramirez

    in Spirituality

    Episode 2834 - The mind of a serial killer: the devil and how to defeat it - John Ramirez
    Evangelist John Ramirez www.johnramirez.org
    Recorded 9-21-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com

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    SDG 204 Armageddon and the Defeat of the Beast and His Armies

    in Spirituality

    Revelation 15-16

    This is part four in our seven part study of those things which must shortly come to pass (Revelation 1:1, 4) and now we at the Battle of Armageddon and the Defeat of the Beast and his armies.

    And after that defeat there's coming a victory celebration day that's going to make V-J day at the end of WWII pale by comparison.

    It's another V-J Day of sorts, Victory in Jesus Day that is, and what a day that's going to be when our LORD and Savior defeats the Beast. 

    Now this victory is the culmination of the seven bowl judgments of The LORD. 

    And they are loathsome sores, seas turning to blood, fresh water turning to blood, men being scorched, darkness and pain, The Euphrates drying up, and then the earth is utterly shaken and a loud voice comes out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, "It is done!".

    And we can read all about this in Chapters 15 & 16 of Revelation.

    But in this message we'll look at three Biblical principles about victory and how to gain and celebrate His victory

    So let's look at these three principles of victory from these two chapters of Revelation.

    And they are:

    1. The principle of the Word of God. 
    2. The principle of the Works of God. 
    3. The principle of the Wrath of God. 

    So turn in to learn more!

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    Never Give Up! 7 Secrets For Overcoming Defeat

    in Real Estate

    Feeling defeated, disparaged, or discouraged about your real estate career? Maybe you're just feeling like your production could be higher, or that you're not really being rewarded for all the hard work you're putting into your job. Most agents feel that way from time to time, but it's important not to let these feelings overwhelm you. Remember, real estate is all about peak performance and positive attitude - and if you're letting negativity weigh you down then you're creating future trouble for yourself. Today we're discussing 7 secrets to help you overcome feelings of defeat and move forward with a positive, service-oriented mindset that helps you achieve peak performance in your career. 

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    How to defeat your enemies.

    in Spirituality

    In this episode of Beauty for Ashes, Prophet Kyle shows you how to defeat your enemies by using God's most powerful weapon - worship.

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    5 Steps to Defeat Fear

    in Women

    All too often fear stops us from accomplishing goals, experiencing adventures, meeting new people, and several other opportunities this life can offer! Don't let fear stop you. In this episode Dawn and Freedom Team explore 5 ways to defeat fear and press through to a breakthrough.